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A nice guy walks into a bar...

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.


-Ephesians 4:32




The sun was sinking into the sky, and the city slowly emerged into the night. Anthony Wright threw on his jacket and looked into the mirror. He was wearing his favorite suit, which made him look his best. It was grey with a white dress shirt, and his shoes were brown, matching his belt. Anthony felt good about himself, which was a very rare occurrence. He threw on his glasses and left his apartment, making his way into the night, as the man in the black suit watched him.


The local bar was just a couple blocks away, so Anthony decided to walk there. The bar was having a singles night for both men and women. Anthony had never attended one before, but he figured there was no harm in trying. He had faith that a nice guy like him should be able to impress a few ladies. All it took was a little kindness, which was one of his mottos in life. Anthony Wright lived by the golden rule, Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

As Anthony was walking along the sidewalk, he noticed his dog in the alleyway. She wasn’t really his dog, but he treated her like she was. Anthony would always see her wandering around, so he took it upon himself to take care of her as best he could. He even gave her the name, Hope. Hope was a Golden Lab, and no matter what kind of day it was, she was happy.

Hope instantly recognized Anthony and made her way towards him. He pet her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll try and bring you back some food. I’d have you look after my apartment, but they don’t allow pets.” Hope licked Anthony’s face and sat down in the alleyway. Anthony turned around and gave her a thumbs up. “Wish me luck.”


Anthony finally spotted the bar, and he was about to make his way inside, until a homeless man on the sidewalk caught his eye. “You okay man?”

The homeless man looked at him with sad eyes. “I’ve been better brother. I’ve been better.” The man had a brown blanket over his lap, which he had to keep shewing the flies off of. His beard was a mess, and his clothes looked like they had seen better days as well. “I don’t suppose you could a help a fella out?”

Anthony already had his wallet in his hand. “Well, I don’t keep much cash on me, but I’ll give you what I can.” He handed the homeless man the only bill he had in his wallet, which was a twenty. “There you go my man.”

The homeless man took the twenty and smiled. “Thank you brother. This goes a long way. God bless you.”

“And you too. Good luck to you.” Anthony shook the man’s hand, and he made his way into the bar, as the man in the black suit continued watching him.

Anthony entered the bar and was instantly intrigued at the number of people. He didn’t expect there to be so many. He was even more surprised at how many attractive women were in the room. Anthony smiled at a few and made his way to the bar.

The bartender looked at him, as he sat down. “What can I get you man? A beer?” The guy behind the counter wore a tight V-neck shirt, and he had a few tattoos to show off. The shirt seemed like a sad excuse to tell people that he worked out, but Anthony didn’t judge.

Anthony looked at the bartender and laughed. “No thanks. I’m not much of a drinker. Just give me a coke.”

“A coke?” The bartender gave an obnoxious laugh. “Come on. You got to drink if you want to get these ladies’ attention.”

“No. I’m good.”

“Come on. At least a beer.”

Anthony just shook his head. “A coke man.”

The bartender shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever man. It’s your virginity!” He gave another obnoxious laugh, as he poured Anthony his coke.

Anthony felt that the bartender was a bit rude, but he brushed it off and began looking around the room. Anthony knew he would have to find the courage to talk to someone. That was whole point of the night. He sipped his coke for a few more minutes and waited. He didn’t know what he was waiting for though? Maybe he was just too shy? Maybe one of the girls would have to approach him?

A few minutes went by, and a girl finally approached Anthony. “Is this seat taken?” She pointed to the chair next to him.

Anthony smiled and held out his hand. “It’s all yours.”

The girl smiled and looked at him. “What’s your name?” She had on glasses like Anthony and wore a tight white shirt with some even tighter pink shorts. Her hair was brown, and she definitely seemed a couple years younger than him.

“I’m Anthony.” Anthony held out his hand. “And you are?”

“Ashley. Nice to meet you.” She smiled, as she sipped on her drink. “So what do you do, Anthony?”

“I’m a manager at a grocery store.”

“Really?” Ashley seemed surprised. “I work at a grocery store too.”

Anthony laughed. “Oh, you serious? That’s great.” It was early in the conversation, but he felt some chemistry with this girl.

“So, what kind of guy are you?” Ashley asked her question, while going through her purse.

“Oh, now there’s a question.” Anthony smiled, as he watched her go through her purse. “Well, I’m really a nice guy.”

“A nice guy? Sounds promising.” Ashley continued to look through her purse like she had lost something.

“Yeah, I’m basically a romantic type.” Anthony began telling the truth about himself. “I enjoy giving compliments, holding doors open, giving gifts, giving flowers, and just making a girl feel like she is wanted.”

Ashley gave a big smile. “You are the sweetest.” She pulled out what Anthony thought was a cigarette at first, but it turned out to be a joint. “Sorry, I just need one of these.”

Anthony became instantly concerned, as he looked around the room. “You’re going to do that here?”

“Yeah, why? You want a hit?” Ashley held the joint towards him.

“No.” Anthony held his hand up. “I don’t do that, and you shouldn’t either.”

“What? You’ve never tried it?” Ashley seemed shocked and disgusted with Anthony. “Well, you could try it now if you want?”

“No. I’m good.” Anthony could feel the disappointment hit him. He could tell Ashley had lost all interest in him.

“I’ll take a hit,” a voice suddenly said. A guy with tattoos on his body and piercings on his face came and stood by Ashley. “My name is Jake. Can I get some of that? I love it too. I’ve got even more at my place.”

Ashley smiled with interest. “Really? What kind of guy are you?”

Jake laughed and grabbed Ashley by the ass. “I’m the kind of guy that’ll smoke weed with you, fuck you for a little bit, and basically make you feel unwanted.”

Anthony became concerned with Jake. Ashley shouldn’t be treated that way. “Hey, can you excuse us. I don’t think she’s interested in a guy like you.”

“I’m actually going to go with him.” Ashley stood up and grabbed her purse. “Your place, right?”

“Wait, you’re going with him?” Anthony’s face flooded with confusion. “He just grabbed your ass and basically said how he is going to treat you like trash.”

Ashley rolled her eyes at Anthony. “Goodbye.”

Anthony sat at the bar with nothing but confusion. He didn’t understand what had just happened. After what he said to her, and what Jake had said to her, how could she choose Jake? Anthony didn’t understand it at all, but Ashley seemed happy when she left, and that seemed most important. He took a few minutes to forget about it, while the man in the black suit watched from the corner of the bar.


Abstain from every form of evil.

-1 Thessalonians 5:22


About ten minutes had gone by, and Anthony was still alone at the bar. He brushed off the whole incident with Ashley and continued to try and keep his head up. A young blonde had taken the seat next to him, and he couldn’t help but glance at her. The girl seemed nervous and shy, just like Anthony was.

The blonde quickly glanced at Anthony and spoke. “Hi.”

Anthony looked at her and smiled. “Hello.” He knew that she was a shy girl, and that he would have to get a conversation going. “What’s your name?”

The blonde brushed her hair back. “Vanessa.” She took a deep breath. “What’s yours?”

Anthony held out his hand gently. “I’m Anthony.”

Vanessa took his hand, and they both laughed nervously. She was the opposite of Ashley, and Anthony noticed it right away. That was what he liked about her. He liked her shy personality and how nervous she seemed. He was still able to get a conversation out of her though. They talked for a good twenty minutes, and Anthony realized how much he had in common with her. He had a good feeling about Vanessa. He knew he wanted to at least date her.

“You are fun to talk to,” Anthony said.

“Thank you.” Vanessa accepted the compliment with shyness. “You are too.”

“We should definitely hang out some time. Dinner, or maybe a movie if you want?” Anthony stared at Vanessa, waiting for a reaction or a response.

She took a deep breath and shook her head. “This is actually too fast. I barely know you.”

“Oh. I didn’t mean to seem forward. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I just need some space right now.”

Anthony was surprised, because he thought he was taking things slow. All he asked for was a date, and Vanessa seemed so offended. “I’m really sorry. I’ll give you some space.” Anthony stood up and moved a few seats away.

“Wow. Really?” Vanessa had anger in her voice. “You are just walking away?”

“Yeah. You said you wanted space.” Anthony squinted his eyes with confusion.

“And you just walk away like that?”

“I’m giving you what you asked for, Vanessa.”

Vanessa stood up from her chair and walked towards Anthony. “You know what? Fuck off. I hope next time you meet a girl you won’t waste her time like you did mine.”

Anthony felt a sharp pain in his chest, as Vanessa walked away. All he did was what she wanted him to do, and she treated him like garbage. How could she have said such a cruel thing? Anthony placed his hand on his forehead and started taking deep breathes. He thought he was doing everything right. He was being nice, kind, and courteous like he always was. That was the second girl in a row, who didn’t appreciate his kindness.

Anthony kept feeling that same sharp pain, but he tried to brush it away like before. He sat back in his chair, ordered another drink, and stared into space. As Anthony stared, the man in the black suit watched and smiled.


You give your mouth to evil, and your tongue frames deceit.

-Psalm 50:19


Almost a half hour had gone by, and Anthony remained alone. There were times when he wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to give up. It was only two girls, and there were plenty more in the bar. He kept telling himself to just be nice, which was really the only strategy he knew.

Anthony stood up and started making his way to the restroom. As he was walking, he accidently bumped into someone. “I’m sorry.”

A girl with dark brown hair and a beautiful smile turned around. “It’s okay. My bad.”

Anthony’s face got red instantly. “I was just heading to the bathroom. How are you?”

The girl gave a bright smile. “I’m good. What’s your name?”

“I’m Anthony.” Anthony felt nervous on the inside. The girl with the beautiful smile was starting a conversation with him, and it seemed hard to believe.

“I’m Brianna.” She continued to smile. “Do I know you? You look familiar.”

Anthony engaged in the conversation with no hesitation. “Perhaps. You look kind of familiar too.”

Anthony and Brianna stood and talked for a long time. They talked about their past, and what they wanted to do for the future. Brianna even mentioned how she was becoming a doctor. He was nice, courteous, and he listened to every word she said with care. Anthony felt that she was too good to be true, but the chemistry and their conversation couldn’t lie. It just couldn’t.

“Oh, I forgot.” Brianna placed her hand on Anthony’s shoulder. “Did you still need to use the restroom?”

Anthony chuckled at how she said it. “I think I do. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay. You better be.” Brianna pointed at him in a playful way. “I definitely want to keep this conversation going.”

Anthony smiled and walked into the restroom. After he used it, he looked at himself in the mirror with confidence. He really liked Brianna, and he thought that they might have something. “I got this.”

Anthony made his way out of the restroom and back to his spot, but Brianna wasn’t there. He looked around the bar and finally spotted her. The sharp pain entered his chest, as he gazed upon her. Brianna had her arms wrapped around another guy, and she leaned in for a kiss with him. Anthony had no idea who the guy was, but he knew that Brianna was no one now. All she did was lead him on. She couldn’t even be honest and tell him anything. Anthony knew they only had one conversation, but she still could’ve been honest. Her honesty could’ve lessened the pain, but the damage was done, and the man in the black suit was enjoying every minute of it.


Does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.

-1 Corinthians 13:6


Anthony found himself back in his spot at the bar, and he was feeling completely lost. What was he doing wrong? The girls just kept throwing him aside like nothing. Was he that bad? Was he that unattractive? These thoughts flooded his mind, but he did his best to get rid of them. Anthony picked his head up, stayed focused, and told himself that the next girl would be right. 

It wasn’t long before another girl sat next to Anthony. She immediately caught his eye, and it looked like he had caught hers as well. She looked about his age and had a few tattoos on her body. Her hair was short, and she gave off a very calm, yet cool, vibe. She was probably the prettiest girl he had seen all night. Anthony knew there was something special about her.

“How are you?” the girl asked.

Anthony cleared his throat. “I’m good. How about you?”

“I’m great. Here to have a good time.”

Anthony raised his glass. “Same here. Mind if I ask your name?”

“Oh, I’m Ally.” Ally held out her hand and grabbed Anthony’s. “And you are?”

“Anthony.” He shook her hand and smiled at her calmness. “What brings you here by me, Ally?”

Ally smiled and gave a small laugh. “Well, I’m looking to meet someone new. Someone better.”

“Someone better?”

“Yeah, better than my ex.” Ally took a deep breath and shook her head. “We broke up and got back together numerous times. He always found a way to break my heart.”

Anthony raised his hand up. “You don’t have to talk about it. I didn’t mean to bring it up.”

“No. You’re good.” Ally swatted his hand down playfully. “He just didn’t ever want to spend time with me. But now I’m free. And I’m never going back to him again.”

“Well good for you.” Anthony gave Ally a nod of respect. It was nice for him to hear that a girl actually knows how to leave a bad guy. “You seem too smart for a guy like that. You look like you need a guy who treats you right.”

“Oh, I agree with you. That’s why I’m here.” Ally gave Anthony a flirtatious look. “So, tell about you, Anthony.”

Anthony and Ally began having one of the best conversations Anthony had all night. He couldn’t believe how much chemistry they both had. Part of him felt like the whole night led him to Ally. Anthony told her the kind of guy he was, and she was instantly impressed. She seemed to actually like the nice guy in him.

“So, did you get a date tonight yet?” Ally asked Anthony.

“No. Not yet.” Anthony looked down, as he remembered his last few failures. “I don’t think I’ve caught anyone’s eye.”

Ally just shook her head and smiled. “You seem like a good guy. I would definitely go on a date with you.”

The words hit Anthony like a great song. He couldn’t believe that a gorgeous girl like Ally was flirting with him so much. He was even more amazed at the chemistry they had. Anthony felt like he had already known her for a few years. He knew he had to ask her out, before she lost interest. Ally was too great to lose.

Anthony took a deep breath. “So, I just had a thought.”

“Oh, what is it?” Ally began looking at her phone. “Actually, before you go on, I got to take this. I’ll be back.” She got up and made her way to a corner in the bar. She started having a conversation with someone, and it looked important.

The longer Ally talked on the phone, the worse of a feeling Anthony got. He didn’t want to over think it, but he had a strange feeling about what was really about to happen with Ally. He knew he had to try and stay positive though.

Anthony watched Ally, as she came and sat back down. “Everything okay?”

“Oh, everything is great.” Ally smiled and nodded.

Anthony decided to continue and ask her out. “So, as I was saying, I had a thought about us.”

“Actually, I should be honest with you.” Ally held her hand out to stop Anthony. “That was my ex on the phone. We are going to go ahead and try again.”

Anthony’s face fell. “What? But you were just talking about how he breaks your heart and doesn’t want to spend time with you?”

“I know.”

“And you said you were never going back to him? I mean, I appreciate your honesty, but I just don’t understand?” Anthony was broken and confused at the same time. “You shouldn’t go back to someone who doesn’t know how to treat you right. People don’t change, Ally.”

“You don’t understand.” Ally shook her head. “I love him too much. Plus, if he does it again, all I got to do is just run back and give him another chance.”

“What?” Anthony squinted his eyes and shook his head. “Do you hear yourself? I guess as long as your happy, but still. You need a good guy. You’re too smart and pretty, Ally.”

“Goodbye Anthony.” Ally placed her hand on his shoulder. “Good luck to you.” She stood up from the chair and left the bar, leaving Anthony confused and heartbroken.

Anthony sat in silence for a few minutes and kept going over what had just happened. Why would she keep going back? Why wouldn’t Ally just give Anthony a chance, or at even one date? What was wrong with him? And what was so great about her ex?

Anthony felt awful, and he felt that Ally hurt him the most. He knew she didn’t mean it though. She couldn’t help how she felt, and at least she was honest with him. The pain, however, was still there. Anthony had gotten so close, and now he was so far again. He really liked Ally, but he knew he couldn’t force her to be with him. He would’ve even been open to being just friends with her, but it was too late. He knew that he would just have to let Ally go.

Anthony sat at the bar in silence, and he let the pain take control. The man in the black suit was watching Anthony from a distance, and he began smiling.


From their callous hearts comes iniquity; their evil imaginations have no limits.

-Psalm 73:7


Anthony was ready to give up and leave. The night had not been going like he thought it would, and it felt like there was no point in staying. He couldn’t handle anymore rejection. His heart couldn’t handle any more rejection.

Anthony called the bartender over, so he could pay what he owed. “What do I owe you?”

The bartender gave Anthony a surprised look. “You leaving already?”

“Yeah man.” Anthony started shaking his head. “This night didn’t go as I planned.”

“But that girl was asking me about you.” The bartender pointed at a table behind Anthony.

Anthony turned around and gazed upon a beautiful girl with short dark hair. She had on a grey sweater with some blue jeans, and Anthony was instantly blushing at how pretty she was. “She was asking about me?”

“Oh yeah.” The bartender nodded his head. “She said her name is Macy. She’s definitely interested. I think she wants you to go talk to her and start something.”

Anthony paid the bartender and stared at Macy. He wasn’t sure what he should do? All the girls that he encountered had tortured him in some way. How could Macy be any different? Anthony knew that that was the wrong way to think, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to talk to her a lot, especially since she was already interested, but was it worth the risk? Could she really be different? There was only one way for him to find out.

Anthony made his way to the table and sat in front of Macy. “Hi. I’m Anthony.”

Macy instantly smiled with excitement. “I’m Macy.”

“How are you, Macy?”

Macy blushed, as she looked at Anthony. “I’m doing very well.”

Anthony felt his face getting red. Macy seemed like she was really interested in him, which hadn’t happened all night. They began having an in depth conversation about each other. They talked about their hobbies, passions, and choices they’ve made. He ordered her the most expensive drinks, and she gladly took each one. Anthony never felt so close to someone before, and he knew that Macy was different than the others. The only part that Anthony didn’t like was how she would sometimes contribute to the conversation. Macy would sometimes give one word answers, making Anthony have to come up with something new to say. That was a very small flaw that Anthony had already overlooked. He liked Macy too much, and he was going to whatever it took to make it work with her.

After talking for over an hour, Macy suddenly asked, “So, would you maybe want to go out sometime?”

Anthony was very surprised at how quickly she asked it. “Oh, wow. Yeah, that’d be great.”

Macy held out her hand. “I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.”

“No. It’s okay.” Anthony chuckled at Macy’s doubt. “I’d love too. I’ve got nothing tying me down.”

Macy couldn’t help but laugh. “Based on this conversation, I’d say you might be a keeper, Anthony. I might just have to keep you.”

Anthony smiled when he heard those words. “Thank you. I’ll have to keep you too.”

“You want to maybe go somewhere else? We can go anywhere together.” Macy started talking about traveling, and how her and Anthony should travel together one day.

Anthony loved every minute of it. He even had to ask himself, “How’d I get so lucky?” Macy was great in every way. The whole thing was moving fast, but it still seemed real. All the dates and travelling that Macy mentioned really got Anthony excited. Macy was definitely a special girl.

“Where should we go first?” Macy asked.

Anthony shrugged his shoulders, as he thought of a place. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy.”

Macy got excited by the idea. “Italy it is.”

They both laughed and smiled at each other. Anthony stared into her eyes, as she stared into his. They both leaned across the table and shared a passionate kiss. As the kiss ended, they both pulled away, and Anthony knew that he really liked Macy. He could even grow to love her.

Macy took Anthony’s hand and smiled at him. “I’m glad I met you.”

Anthony squeezed her hand. “I’m glad I met you too.”

“Hey Macy!” A female voice yelled.

Macy turned her head and smiled. “Oh, those are my friends. I didn’t think so many of them would be here.”

Anthony turned and looked at the group. There were four girls and one guy. “Wow. You’ve got a lot of friends. Who’s the guy?”

“He’s just a friend.” Macy smiled and waved at the guy. “I mean, he probably wants to just fuck me, but he’s still no one to worry about.”

Anthony rubbed his eyes. “Excuse me?”

“Come on Macy. Let’s go get drunk and party or something!” one of the girls yelled.

“Okay!” Macy stood up from the table. “Bye Anthony.”

Anthony stood up with her. “Wait, you’re leaving?”

“Yeah. I’m going with my friends.”

“But what about you and I? I mean, it seemed like we had something special here tonight.” Anthony could feel his stomach turning, as he spoke.

“Well, I was just lonely, and you seemed easy to get.” Macy shrugged her shoulders. “But now my friends are here, so I don’t really need you anymore.”

“What?” Anthony ran his fingers through his hair. “You approached me. You started talking about travel plans, you said you liked me, and you even kissed me. Now you’re just leaving?”

Macy rolled her eyes. “Jeez. You’re being kind of clingy, and it is kind of irritating.”

“I’m not trying to be clingy, Macy. I just don’t understand how you lost interest that fast.” Anthony was trying his best to stay calm and be kind to her. “I mean, it is really great that you have friends, but I don’t think I deserve to just be thrown away.”

“Okay, well I’ve been planning a night like this with my friends for a while. And I’m not about to feel guilty for hanging out with them.” Macy started to have a heavy attitude with Anthony. “And my friends are way more important than you. No matter how great you treated me.”

Anthony felt like he had just been punched in the stomach. He couldn’t believe the way Macy was talking to him. He was in shock at how quickly she changed, and he actually felt a bit of anger. There was a lot that he could’ve said to her. Anthony knew there were a lot of cruel things that he could’ve said, but it wasn’t like him to say those things. He still felt like he needed to be good to her. “Just go with your friends. Good luck to you, Macy.”

Macy walked out of the bar with her friends, and Anthony could feel his heart breaking even more. She was no different than the rest of the girls. She was very immature with a lot of growing up to do. Anthony thought Macy was special, but in the end, she was more worried about being with her friends and partying. She wouldn’t even fully listen to what he had to say. Even after he treated her so great and bought her all of those expensive drinks, she still didn’t care about him. None of the girls did.

Anthony stood up from the table and stared at the door. He was done. He had given up on the bar and the girls. Anthony started to make his way out of the bar, as the man in the black suit watched him, knowing that he was right.


Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

-John 3:20


Anthony walked out of the bar and stood still on the sidewalk. He rubbed his hand on the back of his head, as he thought about everything he had just been through. He was nothing but good, and all he got in return was bad. “What is wrong with me?” Anthony silently asked himself.

The homeless man from earlier that night watched Anthony. “Excuse me. Could you spare a little something?”

Anthony looked at the man and remembered that he already gave him all of his cash. “Sorry man. I don’t have anything.”

“You don’t have anything? What the fuck you mean?” The homeless man got angry. “You too good to give something to me?”

Anthony raised his hand up gently. “Sir, I already gave you twenty dollars. That was all the cash I had in my wallet. I think that was pretty generous.”

“Twenty dollars? I need more than that.” The man held out his hand. “You need to give me more. How could you be so cruel?”

Anthony shook his head. “I don’t have any.”

An older couple, who was walking by, stopped and stared at Anthony. “Have a heart,” the older man said. “Why are you being so mean?”

A few other bystanders joined the older couple and surrounded Anthony. They all started to yell at him.

“Give him some more you cheap fuck!”

“What kind of fucking douche are you?”

“He’s fucking homeless you dick!”

“Twenty dollars? That’s it!”

The bystanders all started screaming and shouting at Anthony. A couple of them even spit in his face. Anthony felt like he was going to break in half. What was wrong with these people? He wiped the spit from his face and tried to walk away, but the people surrounded him. They wouldn’t let him pass, so he had no choice but to walk back into the bar.

Anthony pushed open the door and found himself back in the bar. He placed his hand on his head and looked around the room. He saw all of the girls from earlier back in there. Ashley, Vanessa, Brianna, Ally, and Macy were all still there. Anthony felt confused, because he thought some of them had left.

Anthony continued to stand still with his hand on his forehead. A random girl that he never spoke to before suddenly approached him. “So, what kind of guy are you?”

Anthony was instantly confused. “What? Who are you?”

The girl ignored his confusion. “Do you work out at all?”

“What? No.”

“You don’t work out?” The girl seemed disgusted. “You don’t have any muscles at all?”

Anthony wiped his eyes and shook his head. “No. I don’t.”

“That’s all I care about.” The girl looked at Anthony again. “You know what. Get the fuck out of my face you fucking pussy.”

Another girl then approached Anthony. “How many tattoos or piercings do you have?”

“What? None.” Anthony answered quickly.

“You don’t have any tattoos or piercings? Get the fuck out of here you stupid fucking nerd.” The girl than walked away.

A third girl taps Anthony on the shoulder, so he turns around. “How much money do you make? Are you rich?”

Anthony was shocked at the question. “No. I make a good amount, but I’m not rich.”

“Ugh. Get the fuck out of my way.” The girl pushed passed him and stormed off.

A fourth girl stands in front of Anthony and smiles. “So, do you have a good job?”

Anthony nodded. “Yes.”

“Would you treat me good? Would you love me?”

“I would treat you great and love you no matter what.”

“So you have a good job, and you would love me?” The fourth girl laughed. “Why are you even talking to me?” She then turned and walked off.

Anthony walked over to a table and placed his hands on it. He started breathing heavily, and he could feel the shock going through his body. What was the night turning into?

A fifth and final girl approached Anthony. “Hey you.”

Anthony turned around. “What?”

“Are you a nice guy?”


The girl shook her head. “Could you say that louder.”

“Yes.” Anthony raised his voice.

“Yes what?”

“I’m a nice guy.”

The girl leaned in closer. “Say it louder you pussy.”

“I’m a nice guy!” Anthony screamed.

Everyone in the bar, including the girls Anthony met, got silent, and they all turned and looked right at him. Anthony just turned and stared at them all. “I’m…I’m a nice guy.”

A beer bottle came flying from across the room and hit Anthony right in the face. Suddenly, everyone started throwing their drinks and cursing at him. Anthony was getting hit left and right with alcohol and glasses. He tried to cover his face, but the glass was still hitting him, along with the cruel words of the people.

“Fuck you you pussy!”

“We don’t want you around!”

“Kill yourself you loser!”

“You don’t belong here!”

The bartender behind the counter than threw an empty beer bottle right at Anthony’s head. It hit him, and he went down instantly. Anthony wasn’t even on the floor for two seconds, and the people grabbed him by the arms, holding him up. They all started punching and kicking him. They tore off his shirt and jacket with force, and they even broke his glasses. All of them continued beating him and spitting in his face, while yelling loudly.

“Die you little bitch!”

“Fuck you Mr. Nice guy!”

“You should’ve just killed yourself!”

“Fucking pussy!”

All five of the girls from earlier stood in front of him, as he bled. Anthony’s face looked like raw meat, and he was spitting up nothing but blood. Ashley then kicked him right in the stomach. Vanessa followed her with a kick to the jaw. Brianna then slapped Anthony right across his face. Ally took the lead and gave three giant kicks to his groin. Macy was the last one up, so she closed her fists and gave three big punches right in Anthony’s face. He spit up more blood, and the people released him, causing him to fall flat on the floor.

Anthony could barely breath. The people had nearly beaten him to death, and he had absolutely no energy left. He tried to stand, but he just ended up falling back on the floor. The people began taking all of his stuff. They removed his wallet, his watch, and even his shoes. Anthony had nothing left. They took it all.

The people pulled Anthony back up on his knees and forced his head up. Anthony began looking around with what energy he had left, and he noticed a group of people with a leash in their hands. He then heard a dog’s cry, and he knew what was happening.

“Kill it!” the people in the bar yelled. “Don’t let him have it!”

They pulled on the leash hard, exposing Hope, Anthony’s dog. Anthony started screaming and crying, when he saw her. “No! Stop! Don’t hurt her!”

The people gathered around Hope and started kicking and beating her. Hope cried out the loudest she could. The people stomped on her, spit on her, punched her, and kicked her. They weren’t going to stop, until Hope was dead.

“Stop! Leave her alone! She’s all I have!” Anthony cried, as he watched her suffer. Hope was dying, and there was nothing he could do about it. He had no control over how the people were acting.

One of the men in the crowd pulled out a knife and stabbed hope right in the chest. She gave one last cry and fell to the floor. The people then picked up her body and threw it in front of Anthony. “No! Hope!” The people loosened their grip and released him.

Anthony crawled over to Hope’s body and held her in his arms. She was still alive, giving very small breathes. “No Hope. Please don’t die.” He held her closer to his heart. “You can still make it. You’re still alive.” Anthony looked around at all the people, who were just staring at him in silence. “What is wrong with you people! Why are you doing this to me? I’ve been nothing but good to you, and you hurt me like this! You’re killing Hope! You’re killing me!”

As Anthony continued holding Hope, the five girls from earlier all stood behind him. Ashley, Vanessa, Brianna, Ally, and Macy all held a knife together and hovered it over Anthony’s back. Anthony had no idea what was about to happen. He was too busy holding onto Hope. The five girls gripped the knife and thrusted it forward into Anthony’s back. He screamed, as the knife hit him, and fell to the floor.

With the knife in his back, Anthony let go of Hope and shut his eyes. The people in the bar all started leaving and making their way out, while the man in the black suit stood over Anthony.


For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.

-Proverbs 4:16


The man in the black suit took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves. He kneeled down by Anthony and gripped the knife that was in his back. The man pulled it out slowly, and Anthony gave a deep breath, while opening his eyes. Anthony rolled over and tried to sit up as best he could. He gazed upon the man’s shoes and pants, which were black. He looked at the man’s body, and it was strong, while his arms were covered in tattoos. Anthony looked up further towards the man’s face, and he realized that the face was his own. “Who are you?”

The man kneeled down, getting face to face with Anthony. “I’m who they want you to be. I’m what they made you.”

Anthony started sliding away from the man. He noticed that the man didn’t have his glasses, and that his hair was darker. There was something dangerous about this version of himself.

As Anthony moved away, he noticed Hope’s lifeless body still on the ground. He moved closer to it and placed his hand on her.

“She’s gone,” the man said. “Hope is dead.”

Tears began falling from Anthony’s eyes, as he looked at Hope and touched his own face. “Why? Why would they do this?”

“It isn’t your fault.” The man stood over Anthony and watched him. “It is the way the world treats guys like you.”

Anthony wiped his face and took a deep breath. “I just try so hard to be a good guy. I’m nice to everyone, I treat them all with respect, and I’m never mean. Never. Why do they treat me like I’m garbage?”

“It isn’t your fault.” The man knelt down and placed his hand on Anthony’s shoulder. “You were too good for this world. You had too good of a heart. They want you to be the bad guy, but you can’t. It just isn’t you. But that’s why I’m here.”

Anthony turned around and looked at his own face. “I can’t change who I am.”

“I’m not asking you too.” The man reached behind his back and pulled out a small silver pistol, handing it to Anthony. “It is time to put the nice guy to rest.”

Anthony looked at the pistol with sadness in his eyes. “There isn’t another way?”

The man stood up slowly. “Look around you. Look around us. If you stay, they’re just going to beat you down some more. The girls will break you, and the guys will make you want to break yourself.”

“They can’t all be like that.” Anthony stayed staring at the pistol. “The girls. They can’t all be the same.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” The man threw his arms in the air. “I’m sure there are some good girls out there. Guys too. But the damage has been done, and I won’t let you give another one the satisfaction of hurting you again. No one will ever hurt you again.”

“Maybe the world can change?” Anthony looked up at himself for an answer.

“You still don’t get it.” The man shook his head. “You give a man twenty dollars, and he’ll just demand forty. You buy someone one drink, and they’ll demand a second. You give a girl the world, and she’ll just demand the universe!” The man’s voice got higher. “Nothing you ever do will be good enough! Understand?”

Anthony just continued staring at the gun. “What are you going to do? What are you going to turn us into when I’m gone?”

“I told you. I’m what they want you to be.” The man pulled out a cigarette and lit it. “I’m going to treat them how they treated you. There will be no more Nice Guy or Mr. Romantic. It is time we gave them what they’ve been asking for. And who knows, the day might come where they actually miss the old you.”

Anthony gripped the gun in his hand. “But it’ll be too late.”

“That’s their own fault. Not yours.” The man put out his cigarette and kneeled in front of Anthony, placing his hands around his other face. “You did everything you could to please them. Now it’s my turn.”

Anthony shut his eyes. “Please. Don’t be too cruel.” 

The man smiled. “After everything they did to you, you still want to forgive them. You really are a good man. That is why you can’t be here to get in my way.”

Anthony raised the gun towards his head. He gave one last look at Hope, and then one last look at himself. He knew that he couldn’t stay any longer. It was time for the nice guy to leave. Anthony shut his eyes and pulled the trigger. He was dead. The nice guy was dead.

The New Anthony stared at his old self, while taking the knife out of his pocket. It was the same knife that stabbed The Old Anthony in the back. He stuck the knife in Old Anthony’s chest and began to cut through. The New Anthony finally cut deep enough, and he was almost at his heart. He stuck his hands in his own chest and pulled out what was left of his own heart. As he pulled his hands out, there was nothing but bloody pieces. Anthony’s heart had been shattered, and there was nothing left. The New Anthony dropped the pieces and smiled. He was now free.

The New Anthony rolled down his sleeves and put on his coat, while the five girls and the rest of the people from the bar came back in and watched him. He looked at all of them and pointed to the bloody pieces of Old Anthony’s heart. “Congratulations.” As the people cleared a path for him, he placed his right hand over his chest and made his way out of the bar.

“There’s nothing there anymore.”


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

-Isaiah 5:20






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