Loving you = fast food

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It's a small conversation of loving couple and the fast food love.

Submitted: February 12, 2018

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Submitted: February 12, 2018



She-Plz be in my life and I will be having all my favourite things for all 7 days.

He- but all your favourite things means chocolates and ice creams that's what I know.

She- yeh thts right but in other ways as well.

He- like what and how????

She- Monday- chocolate- your accompany is more sweeter than chocolates

Tuesday- lays chips- talking with you is more crispy than having lays alone

Wednesday- doughnut-enjoying your smiles is more tasty than to enjoy strawberry cream doughnuts

Thursday- biscuit sandwich- I loves the way when you fights with me for stuffing of your choice in sandwich than eating it alone with my choice.

Friday- popcorn- pretending to have Popcorns while watching movie with you is much peaceful than to tell myself that I really don't like popcorn than why I have to pretend.

Saturday- coffee-having hot coffee on flyover with you is more amazing feeling than to enjoy coffee alone

Sunday-ice cream- let my ice creams falls on your shirts is more happiest feeling than having ice cream alone.

He- ohh my God and you never told me that I eat all popcorn and you didn't like it. Come on let me hug you and I promise to be with you to enjoy all weeks rest of my life like this..

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