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Using drugs was the biggest mistake of my life, but there nothing I can do now. I just hope my friend won't push me away after he finds out, I can only tell him and hope he forgives me.

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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I woke up to my friend Steven calling my name. John, John hey John get up, are you ok do you remember what happened. As I came around, I saw that there were people with white coats staring at me, I looked around the room I saw that there were many types of medical equipment like heart machines and IV's, continuously beeping, my head hurt so much it felt like someone hit me with a hammer right at the back of my head, I looked at my friend Steven and answered him. “I don't remember what happened. Why am in the hospital? ”.

A tall man with eyes like a hawk came to the bedside took out a pen that was a light an shined it in my eyes, then he looked at the nurses and said he seems to be ok now just continue to administer the IV drip and let him rest a little longer. Then he looked at me and said "hell my name is Dr. Jones you were brought in a few hours ago due to a drug reaction do you remember what happened and what drugs you took" I told him "sorry I don't remember what happened". Dr. Jones looked at me and said "it's perfectly natural to not remember just get some rest." he then left the room. Steven looked at me with his eyes squint looking at me as if he thought I was lying, he said “ you don't have to lie to me I know what you did last night ” I looked at him confused thinking what is he talking about, I really don’t remember how I got here. He then said “ look, Michael is still sleeping, the doctor said he will need to stay in the hospital for a couple more hours to flush the drugs out of his system", I looked over at the bed that Michael was laying on with a nurse a checking his condition. I remember now dammit I knew it was a bad idea to take that thing again.

I looked at Steven and told him “ now that you mention it I remember what happened but it's still a little fuzzy and I can't remember it all clearly, my head still hurts so I want to rest a little more then I will tell you later” he looked at me shaking his head. Probably thinking that I don't want to tell him the truth, and said my head hurts just so I could think of a story to tell him later. Even though he looked reluctant he said “ ok get some rest I will be waiting outside” he left the room without looking back. As I watched him leave I lay back on the bed looking up at the white ceiling thinking to myself when did it start when did I become so used to taking drugs that it became normal for me to use them like it was a natural thing to do every time I go on a night out. I thought to myself, right that's it that is when it all started, about three months ago when I finished work on Friday night and Michael invited me to go out but I declined, telling him I had something else to do. I really didn't have much do it's just that I was tired and didn't want to party all night. That was it that was the first night I took drugs, my head still hurt so I decided to get some sleep and tell Steven about it when I wake up. I woke up with the machines still beeping, a nurse with blue scrubs came to me and said with her soft voice "the doctor will be here shortly so please don't move too much".

The same Hawke eyes like doctor came into the room shortly afterward and said "everything seems to be ok, you can leave the hospital now, your friend Michael has already been discharged, just let the nurse take out the IV drip from your hand and you go home, also your friend Steven is waiting for you in the waiting room. The same soft voice nurse came to me and took out my the IV drip, with some instructions. I thanked her and left the room to go look for Steven. When I entered the waiting room it was full of people waiting to be seen by the doctors, I looked around the room for steven. He was at the back of the room on his phone, I called his name "Steven" he came to me and said " finally your out, I've been here for hours lets go home" we went out to the car park that was still very busy even in the early hours of the morning.

We walked to Stevens white car that was in the middle the car park. While I was in the front seat I look at steven that was driving, then looked out the window as I looked out the window and saw the things pass by I thought how am I going to tell steven everything, during the journey Steven didn't say a word which mad me worried. The drive home wasn't very long about half an hour, Steven parked in the driveway. We got out the car and entered the house. The first thing I did was take a hot shower, as I stood there under the steaming hot water I was thinking its finally time to tell Steven everything but I was worried he would judge me for using those things, Stevan has been my best friend for about fifteen years now, we first met when we were 9 years old he had just moved in to the neighborhood with his widowed father, his mother was killed in a hit and run, the driver was driving so fast she died on the spot. When the police found the drive he was being taken to the hospital he had crashed the car into a lamppost, the car was split in half from the front bumper right to the front seat. Just imagine how fast he must have been driving the car to end up in that state.

When the police arrested the driver they were told by the doctor in the hospital that the driver had been on some extremely strong drugs, and will probably not remember what happened. The driver ended up doing only 4 years in prison because he was under the influence of drugs and couldn't remember what happened. Since then Steven has hated anything to do with drugs, when I had met him he was very quiet and wouldn't talk much, but as time went on we became really close we did everything together went to the same schools liked the same things and even lived together. Because of his mother and our friendship, I'm worried he will push me away after I tell him I used drugs, but I can't do anything other than telling him. after I finished taking a shower I put some black shorts and a green t-shirt on then headed downstairs. As I went down the creaking stairs I was wondering how I should start the conversation, but when I entered the dim lit livingroom steven was sitting on the soft suede sofa with two white mugs of coffee on the wooden table in front of him.

He looked at me then pointed at the brown armchair with his head as if to say sit down, after sitting in the armchair. I took a sip of the coffee that was on the table, the taste was very bitter with no sugar or milk just how I like it. "hows the coffee" he said, "good, thanks" I said. " Steven picked his white mug up and took a sip then looked at me and said " so are you going to tell me what happened last night" I slowly nodded in acknowledgment, "I want to tell you what happened but I want to tell you from the beginning, not just from last night, is that ok with you" "yes tell me everything", "ok," I said. I took another sip from the hot bitter coffee hoping it would calm my nerves. It all started three months ago when Michael came to the house after I finished work he asked me to go out that night but I didn't want to go, he tried to persuade me to go saying he had some MD which is a drug I said no I don't want to take any drugs, he stayed for a while and asked if he could leave his jacket at the house i said it was fine he then left. as I was putting his jacket in the closet a little transparent packet fell out I picked it up and noticed there were some small wrappers in the packed probable the MD drug he was talking about.

I called him to let him know that he had forgotten the drugs he said he would be back in a bit, as I was waiting for him to return I took one of the wrappers out from the packet and put it in my pocket I don't know why I did that I guess I was interested to see what it looked like. when Michael returned I gave the packet to him and asked him how to take the drug, he said just swallow the wrapper with some water and stay hydrated. He thanked me for telling him about the drugs and left after he left I took out the wrapper from my pocket and put it on the table and wondered what it felt like to take it. I heard that some people jump off roofs and walk into roads when they take some drugs so I thought to myself that I'm home so I'm safe from anything dangerous like that. After thinking about it for about an hour I decide to take it I did what Michael said drank lots of water then sat on the sofa and waited after about ten minutes my body started to become really light like I was floating, then I blacked out, when I came to I was standing in the garden with a water bottle in my hand my cloaths were wet probably from sweating. my jaw wouldn't stop clenching.

The inside of my cheek was sore from bitting it continuously. I went back into the house and took a shower, I tried to go to sleep but just couldn't fall asleep I thought to my self what happened to me I couldn't remember anything. I watched some tv and tried to relax but it didn't work I was still clenching my jaw that continued for a few hours, by the time I fell asleep it was 2 pm in the afternoon I slept for a few hours. when I woke up I saw that I had some missed calls from Michael I thought ill call him later, my stomach was in pain and I realized I haven't eaten anything in a while. I went into the kitchen to cook some food but then heard a knock on the door so I went to open it and saw I was Michael so I let him in, he sat down and looked at me then said are you ok, I said yes he said did you take it last night I said take what. John don't do this with me I know you took some of the drugs from the packet there was a wrapper missing the one you took was a big one too, so did you take it.

I looked at him and told him yes, he then went on about how stupid I was taking something I don't know about saying the one I took was too big to take for the first time. I told him about what happened last night, he told me to never take it alone again only when he is with me. "STOP!" "whats wrong Stevan" as I was telling Stevan about how it all started he told me to stop I was confused. "listen John I told you to tell me happened I don't want to hear every little thing just tell me the short version of it". "Ok sorry" I was quite happy that he said that as I didn't want to tell him every detail. "So I and Michael went out a few time I started of saying I wanted to just drink but it was never enough it became normal to take MD every time we went out until the day you came the hospital that night we took some other drug that I haven't heard of I thought it was safe thinking that if a few of took it the same time we would be fine but look what happened I want to stop but its difficult drinking just isn't the same" "Ok John, I understand the first thing I want you to do is to stop meeting john don't call him or anything like that stop all contact whim him is that understood". "yes Stevan", "I will call your work and tell them that a family emergency came up and you won't be at work for a week or two.

I will take you to go see a doctor and see if there is anything he can give you to help you with the drug problem, you know how I feel about drugs if this was anybody else I wouldn't even give them a second thought but you are my best friend a so I will help you but just this once if I find out that you were talking to Michael or you took any drugs I will throw you out and cut off all contact with you understood". I didn't know what to say he thought of all that in just a few minutes I realized then that Stevan was more worried about me than I myself was. "Yes, John, I understand I will do everything you said and thank you for helping me" "don't thank me yet thank me when you get better" "it's late I'm going to bed I will take you to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning so be ready" "ok John Goodnight".

I was very happy that John gave a chance I thought to my self I have to get better if not for me then for John, that night I deleted Michaels number after telling him not to call me again. I lay in my bed thinking about tomorrow and was happy that I can finally get my life back on track.


The End

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