Judges 21 vs 25.Right inHis Own Eyes

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Everyone does right in their own eyes. Friends for Justice in Vermont would like toreview a decision in 2004 Caledonia County Vermont filed June 16 2004 CALEDONIA FAMILY COURT Dkt. #101-5-03Cadm. A
Civil right violation has occurred where a widower from 1st marriage was allegedly mugged by Joe Benning and Caledonia Dsitrict Attornys office personnle.Lisa Warren ,Kile Sipples and Rose Hoode

Submitted: February 12, 2018

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Submitted: February 12, 2018



To Caledonia District Court

Fom ; Freinds for Justice in Vermont

Subject: A widower lost 2 homes at 8601 rt 122 Scheffield Vermont to the shinanagins and influence peddling of Joe Benning ,Lisa Warren,Kile Sipples, Rose Houde in 2004.

The man's second wife recieved notice of million dollars settlement from a family member was resolved with funds in excess of 3 million dollars. She hired Joe Benning a lawyer ,biker,from lydon Vt who used influence peddling to assure there wa no alimony and all assets of 5 year marriage went to his client after a 30,000 dollar cash payment went to the above people for their help in swindling a widwed father of 8.

relief: 3000.00 a month alimony backpayed since jun 2004 plus the remaining home at 8601 rt 122 scheffield vt  since the x-wife sold 1/2 of the real estate for 225,000.00 in 2007.

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