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A letter written by Xavania Zander, a woman from future Earth.

Submitted: February 12, 2018

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Submitted: February 12, 2018



The world does not remain whole, and everything does not align as it should. Don’t trust anything, or anyone except yourself. Whoever receives this, whoever finds this note, the world is in your hands now. Even as this blunt pencil dents the torn paper and traces steel gray marks across the page, I hear them coming. I am certain my time shall end soon, and I am certain that time quickly runs out for all of us. But you, I believe in you. Watch your step carefully, don’t ignore the warning signs. They’re everywhere, if you can only see past the illusions. And the illusions, the world overflows with them.

Trust me, I understand. The world seems solid enough, although there may be the occasional shift or imbalance, and the Earth’s crust continues to shift, it appears to be steady and secure. But they are lies. Everything you see and love lies to your senses and your mind. Only trust your heart, the little doubts whispering in the back of your head. Those belong to you, and they can’t take that away.

Not like they haven’t tried. All those years of silence and emptiness, they attempted everything in their power to rid humanity of what made us unique. Free will. We were created with it, and we will all die with it in the end, that fact remains untainted by their ruinous hands. The little doubts and instincts which swirl throughout your head, they know what they are doing. They are aware of the past, present, and future, and they will continue on throughout time.

At this point I most likely sound like some apocalyptically fantasizing maniac. Of course, most of this letter makes hardly enough sense to myself as I read it, however I can only hope that you will be able to decipher its true meanings and advice. You want proof, I am assured. Concrete evidence I cannot provide without you here, with me. Luckily, the doubts in your head feed off of the ideas of others, and as soon as you read this letter you will begin to comprehend and agree with my statements, if you are really as amazing a human as I suppose you must be.

Ever look out of the corner of your eye, and just for a moment, a little moment, it seems as if something is there? But, alas, when you turn around it seems that your fears are unfounded. Keep searching out of the corner of your eye, it will show you the truth. The same experience sometimes occurs when you look in a mirror, and in the edge of the glass you believe you imagined seeing something. Use mirrors to your advantage, they also provide assurance of what the corner of your eye clarifies. Ever feel like something is watching you, even though you are definitely alone? Don’t turn around, but be prepared. Someone is always there, and always watching. Remember the feeling of walking into a room to complete some task or retrieve some item, but you forget why you went there in the first place? It’s them. You must have seen them clearly, or else they wouldn’t feel the need to remove your memory. They live and feed by maintaining the illusion, and without it, they die. I wish they would die, but with so few realizing the truth, the illusion is still solid, although little cracks and crevices appear here and there. Remind yourself of that everyday. The illusion is what keeps them alive, and by breaking the illusion you help aid those who attempt to destroy them.

Do you need more assurance? Perhaps you still do. In that case, I have the most helpful portion of the truth, held close to my heart. Ah- my time runs short. It would do well if I would write faster, and I race on, despite the cramping in my wrist and the thumping in my chest. Nightmares, listen to your nightmares. They are real, and they are what led me to the truth in the first place. Your nightmares are completely real, each and every one. They are each different pieces of this grand puzzle of the enslavement of the entirety of the human race.

What, you hadn’t noticed? Of course you didn’t, humans rarely do. And if you by chance realize, while alone in the dark, you will share my fate. Of what my fate is, I am not exactly sure, but when I am certain, I will inform you, diligent reader. Anyway, enslavement. Yes, like a cattle farm, we humans are raised and born to feed these monsters, never even realizing they are there. They slowly feed off our life force and the illusion they created around us harnesses it, and transforms the energy into a form they can digest. Yes, that is truly why humans are no longer immortal. And all of the bad things that happen in our world? Those are portions of the truth seeping through, although in such a distorted way that we do not realize this whole conceptual ‘Earth’ does not exist anymore. It did once, though, and I’ve heard it was beautiful beyond imagination. Oh, how I would have loved to see it just once.

I’m sure you must also be wondering about the bad humans in our world. Don’t worry, I’ve untangled their secrets as well. They are the creatures in disguise, placed as a cover-up for the compartments of reality which seep through. They cause a fictional basis and explanation for our nightmares and the bad things that happen. Unfortunately, they will look completely human to you until the illusion begins to unfold. I warn you now, when the illusion unfolds, it won’t slip away gradually, it will be ripped away like a tablecloth underneath dishes, and those metaphorical dishes will slam into reality. It will not be pleasant, but it is necessary if you want to be the hero of our world.

Ah, I would like to think I am clever. This note is written on such a paper that the creatures cannot see it. They will never be able to find it, but you will, kind reader. If you are still reading thus far, I must commend you on your bravery and your ability to stomach uneasy and frankly horrific truths.

My time shortens, ally. I hear their footsteps ever closer, patting upon the stone cold floor. My life has been a good one, and I cannot complain, despite how complicated it became once I devoted myself to finding the truth and shattering the surface of the illusion. These creatures are terrible and monstrous, and I would recommend that you arm yourself. Ordinarily I  carry a powerful metal baseball bat, but for once, I see no way out, and I must pass on this knowledge instead of preparing myself for combat.

The pattering draws closer and closer. Please, do not abandon this letter or this cause. Be bold and brave, and steel your nerves. Show this to everyone you know and love, the more people who know, the easier it will be to completely decimate the lies of this fictional plane of existence.

I hear the footsteps at the door. I never described my surroundings, did I? When I had finally escaped their compound long enough to write this, I found a door that led to a field of succulent green grass, decorated with large sunflowers. For monsters, they have wonderful taste.

The door opens, and the captain draws his rifle, grunting angrily. One laser shot to my chest, and I feel a warm pain resounding throughout me. Yes, they are from space, they have lasers. They sense my incapacitation, and they leave, allowing me to end my life in peace. It has been a hard one, yet I would not change it for the world.

As blood stains my hands and shirt, I finish this letter. Prepare yourself, bold and valiant soldier. Remember, once you have read this and fully absorbed its contents, create a plan and get everyone you know involved. They sat in the silence and the dark, spinning their hideous illusions, but no longer. Free yourself, free humanity. It all lies in your hands now. I feel my head begin to spin, and my heart begins to fade, eyelids getting heavier and heavier. However, I send this note off with a light heart, understanding the impact I have made with my small, seemingly insignificant life. That is one mistake these creatures made, they forgot about humanity’s free will, but more importantly, they neglected the importance and compassion found within each human soul.

Live on, humanity, and free yourselves.

-Xavania Zandar

P.S. From this angle, and the perspective of this moment, sunflowers really are the most beautiful kind of flower.


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