Cutting Corners

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Timmy was working on his homework and decided he would call a buddy to get the answers. It was much easier that way than doing the work himself. His father happen to be walking by his bedroom and caught the conversation. He waited until his son got off the phone and he entered the room.


“Timmy, did I ever tell you about cutting corners?” his father asked him?


Timmy's eye's got bigger, thinking he had just gotten busted for trying to take the easy way out on his homework but he played it off and said “No dad, what is that?” he asked.


His father asked to borrow a sheet of his copy paper and some scissors. Timmy handed them to his father and wondered what he was about to do.


“Now” Timmy's father said as he held both the paper and the scissors as he began to speak. “We often want to cut corners in our lives but let me show you how that is not always a good thing” he said. “Let's say this blank piece of paper is Mr. Smith and his honor, okay?” he said.


Timmy listened intently, glancing at the paper for a moment and then at his father.


“Mr. Smith has a lot of work to do at his job but instead of doing it all himself like he is suppose to, he asks a co worker to help him and takes full credit for all the work” Timmy's father said. “He is cutting a corners”. He took the scissors and cut off one of the corners of the paper.


Timmy watched his father cut the paper and sat listening intently.


“Now, Mr. Smith has a long work day and is tired when he comes home from work and his kids want to spend time with him but instead he tells them he as work to do and plays on his computer” he said. Timmy's dad cuts off another corner of the paper. Timmy watched this and then he looked back up at his dad again.


“Another time, he and his wife are suppose to go visit some of her friends that he really doesn't like after he gets off work, so he tells his wife he has to work late and goes out with his own friends for a few drinks” Timmy's father says. He then cuts off another corner of the paper. Again, Timmy watches him as he cuts the paper.


“Finally Mr. Smith wants to go play golf with some buddies so he calls in sick” Timmy's father said and he cuts off the last corner of the paper. He holds up the paper. “See how much is left of Mr. Smith's honor” he asked.


Timmy looked at it and then nodded, yes.


“Now., do you think you learned anything from this Timmy?” his father asked him. “About cutting corners?”


“Sure did dad” Timmy said.


“And what is that son” his father asked.


“That I'm glad you're my dad and not Mr. Smith” Timmy said.

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Ha! Brilliant answer! And an excellent story too, Jim.

Wed, February 14th, 2018 8:33pm


Laughs. Thank you Hully. I thought it would be funny to throw in the curve at the very end. Thank you for reading this and for your comment. Both are very much appreciated.

Wed, February 14th, 2018 12:38pm

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