A Students Gate to Hell

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Our story follows us in the land of Japan, from the eyes of Yukimura Arata and his friend Akane Kaito. Our two main characters are both otakus and have enjoyed reading manga and watching anime. The
story turns grim when a new school is built in their region, and the main characters start attending this school. The horrors that reveal themselves the longer they stay at this school, it feels
just like out of a nighmare.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Gates That Never Opened again.

The story takes us to Japan, where an otaku by the name of Yukimura Arata is about to start his days at a new academy. The only thought t... Read Chapter

Chapter I: No way out, No way in.

The Homeroom teacher explained the class schedule, as well as when the free periods start and end, he told the class that after clas... Read Chapter

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