Valentine day

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Love has no specific timing.. Everytime is time to love.

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



Every valentine's am bombarded with rhetorics Why is love shown only one day a year? To that special someone you hold so dear?

Are chocolates and cards the only way to express our love? Why do cheap gifts, flood our deliveries to express something real?

Before we get far, why is it celebrated just on 14 that Feb? Doesn't this sound insane?

For the single majority, it's the end of the world on this dawn Since your worth is rated by the number of bouquets the delivery man tells you to sign for, Or that date you are dressing for to impress your significant other

Isn't this unfair, to call this the day to care? What of the rest of the year?

Now let me tell you what they taught me to be right Since I see what we called to be morals getting out of sight

" A showcase of love,is not once a year It's every single day, abundantly dear

If it's real whether for a partner, a mother or a friend It's promising you'll be there, right till the end

Don't keep that gift till the fourteenth Surprise them, every chance you get lucky to get

Arrive at their door, Say 'I love you once again' And if she's your girlfriend make her your wife

And who deserves most of this simple Godly deeds Tell your mum, thank you The magnitude of these eight lettered sentence 'I LOVE YOU' is greater before her than that of the Valdivia earthquake

So, From today henceforth Let's celebrate Valentines 365/365 For as long as you continue to live, Love everyone around you And show you care

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