Yandere-Chan: A Lovesick Story

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Chapter 5 (v.5) - Friday

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



Chapter 5: Friday


I don't know what got into me but I felt suicidal. After that horrid dream, My mind has only thought of one thing. Losing Senpai would drive me crazy. Today was finally Friday. At 5pm is the time that the confession should happen. I went to all my normal classes and Senpai was only in 2 of them. It was lunchtime and  I went to lunch, I tried  to find a eat next to Senpai but I couldn’t find one. A girl was sitting next to him. It was Midori Gurin. I hated her. Always texting YandereDev. I did not know how to kill her because my killing sense got lost. I felt like I couldn't bare to kill anybody else, but I had to. One way or another. I saw her get up and walk outside. She kept texting YandereDev. I grabbed her by the hand and bit her like if I was a tiger who hadn’t been fed for 2 years. Obviously, she started bleeding and screaming. I punched her and she fell on the floor. I left her on the floor.


One hour later


Senpai was in the yard as I walked over. Midori was talking to him in private. She was all bruised up. “Oh no. She is such a tattletale”. I grabbed a shovel that was randomly laying on the south wall. I whacked her and killed her by slicing her head off with the shovel. I had a mask on so Senpai wouldn’t notice. He screamed and ran. I took the knife and put it in the incinerator along with the mask. That was my last rival. I panted and wiped the sweat off my head in relief. He probably thought that a maniac broke into the school. But it was just me.


At 5:30pm…


I saw Senpai waiting my the tree. I shyly walked over to him with my hands cupped. When I got there. I confessed… “Senpai. Since my first day at Akademi High. I’ve loved you. I was your secret admirer. I wouldn’t do anything without…” “HEY! HANDS OFF MY BOY” Megami screamed. I thought to myself… “I FORGOT HER”. I grabbed the knife I had in my pocket just in case something like this would happen. I stabbed her in the chest. Senpai saw the knife came out the other side and screamed. He looked at me covered in blood and  screamed. He might have thought that I was a crazy girl that needed to be in a mental hospital. He ran away from me and that was the last time I would ever see him. I knew it was over. I had lost my sense of love and for me, he looked like a rival now. I shoved the knife in his head and started crying. “I had to do it” I murmured to myself. A teacher came outside and saw me. I saw her dial 911 and knew my life was over. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail. I pointed the knife to my heart and whispered “Game...Over…”. I stabbed myself and felt my pulse stop. I fell on the floor and the knife finished it's way through my chest. My eyes closed and I could only see darkness. The nightmare was right. He would never love me anyways.


The End <3


Written by Denzel. Co Producer- Jacob Sly.


Thanks to Yandere Dev for making this awesome game

Love the dramatic ending? Lol

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It almost became LoveSick: Yandere Simulator. Or has it already Happened


Note: Yandere 2: Hell’s Orders is the sequel. Coming February 2019


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