Unconditional Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Photo Editor Alexis Thompson was caught up on her ex Josh for the longest. That is until she meets billionaire Andrew Gowins as shes doing a small photo shoot for him for the magazine she works
for. Before she knows it she is swept away by his charm and hot, sexy body. They seem perfect for each other but what happens when your ex just won't let you go?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

I tossed and turned for about an hour before I finally started to drift off to sleep. Then I hear the sound of my phone ringing and jol... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

The alarm woke me up and I rolled over to hit snooze. Then I remembered about the project and jumped up. It was 7:30 and I needed to be t... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

The next day I grab my bag and camera as I get ready to go take Andrew Gowins pictures. I'm extremely nervous now especially after our ru... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

“Okay Nikki I think that's enough.” I say as she adds a little more mascara to my lashes. “Okay okay impatient ass. There.” I... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

 I wake up and at first I forget where I am. I sit up and look around and remember the activities of the night before. Drew is nowhe... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

I get to the apartment and fall into my bed. The tears flow and I curl up into a ball. I grab my phone and send a text to Christine sayin... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

I wake up the next morning feeling wonderful. Last night Drew showed me how much he cared with his slow and tender way of loving my body.... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

When I get to work I don't even want to get out. I wish I could just ride around all day in this. I walk into the building and greet Mari... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

I walk into the house and slam the door behind me. “DREW!” I yell out. Down the hall I see him coming out of his office in long strid... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

A couple of weeks go by and things seem to be going great. No more word from Maggie which makes me feel a lot better. I spend a couple da... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Monday comes and I make my way to my yearly check up at Dr. Rivers office. I wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not really sure any woman ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Drew and I went to my place once he was done working. I made us some spaghetti and we talked about different ideas we had for the party. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Christine was thrilled when I told her Drew wanted to do the spread. I turned down her offer for the bonus though. It just didn't seem ri... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Beep. Beep. Beep. What the hell is that? Beep. Beep. Beep. I want to open my eyes but they feel too heavy. I feel someone holding my hand... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

My Mom showed up an hour later and brought me my favorite. A huge bag of miniature Reese cups. I was so excited! “I figured you nee... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

The next few weeks seemed to drag. Drew wouldn't allow me to do much but sit in bed and either him or Rosa waited on me hand and foot. It... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

The next night we are dressed and ready to go to Drew's parents house. I'm excited to be around everyone and to get out of the house. Dre... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

We get home and my entire body is practically throbbing with the need to have Drew inside me. I try to remain calm but all I can think of... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

After Drew leaves I jump in the shower and wash. I get out and throw on a tshirt and some sweatpants and toss my hair up in a ponyta... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

It's her decision that I take a picture of the Secrets card and send it to Drew telling him to meet me there ASAP. He calls my phone but ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

We go inside and head up the stairs to Drew's room. Although I guess you could say OUR room. When Drew closes the door Maggie grabs my wa... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Two

The sun comes shining through the window and I groan at the brightness as I open my eyes. “Good morning beautiful.” Drew whispers... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Three

Drew gets home about 2 and finds me sitting at the kitchen table sipping on some coffee. “Hey.” He sits his briefcase down and pu... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Four

Turns out Toby's Dad was extremely delighted to be invited over to dinner at Drew's which left me with the task of inviting my parents an... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Five

Drew went golfing with Trevor and some friends earlier and still wasn't back yet. I decided to get a shower and dressed before the cateri... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Six

Toby and his parents showed up first. Drew automatically launched in with his welcome speech and made them feel at home. Patrick and Elea... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Seven

The next morning I wake with Drew already gone. I look to the clock on the table and see its only 7. I remember its Monday and I'm going ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Eight

I must have dozed off from crying so hard. I awoke to Josh saying my name over and over and it took all I had to open my eyes knowing tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Nine

Josh made steaks with a variety of side items to go with them. I broke off a piece of a roll and chewed on it as I stared down at the tab... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

I've been in bed for two days. I don't plan on leaving the room unless I have to. Josh brings me food and I eat only to keep my strength ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty One

“Johnathan Wright is his alias. I'm guessing wherever they are located it will be registered to that name.” I tell Detective Hudson. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Two

“So you sure you don't want to wait on the cops?” Mark asks me again for the third time. I stare at the dirt road which is suppos... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Three

The red and blue flashing lights were blinding as I sat on the front steps with a blanket that Drew found wrapped around my shoulders. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Four

I laid in bed that night exhausted from the days events. I could hear the shower in the bathroom where Drew was as I lie staring at the c... Read Chapter

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