Drip Drop

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Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



Drip Drop


  The orifice was nailed to the ceiling, pus dripped down

from its hole. Drip drop. Blood dripped too, mingling with

the pus. Drip drop.

  He sat naked on a kitchen chair watching. He was aroused,

but his hands had been amputated. He wished he could give

himself some relief.

  His cat had begun feeding on the mixture dripping into

its bowl. Drip drop. Some of the pus landed on its fur. The

cat ran off and washed itself. It had droplets of blood in its


  Drip drop. The level of the fluid rose and overflowed from

the cat's bowl. The man's erection grew harder, as he grew colder.

  The kitchen door was locked and sealed, the windows were

the same. He figured no-one could hear him if he screamed, 

so he didn't try. His member felt unbearable. He couldn't 

understand why he couldn't get off his chair, but he knew he

couldn't, so he didn't try and escape.

  Drip drop. The fluid level rose above his ankles, and then his

knees. Drip drop. The orifice looked so erotic everytime 

he looked at it, so he tried not to look. He begged for some 

release. Drip drop.

  His dead cat floated on the fluid, near his chest. He imagined 

what it was going to be like to drown in pus and blood. He looked

again upwards at the orifice, but that just made things worse.

His member throbbed. Desire was such a curse. It would end

when he drowned, he was resigned to that. Drip drop.

  He woke with a start as he ejaculated. " That was the weirdest

wet dream! "  He thought. He took awhile to gather himself.

He turned on the bedside light, and grabbed a tissue to wipe the

fluid away. He looked around him. Everything was alright. 

" What a dream! " He repeated to himself. 

  Then he heard a noise. Drip drop. He looked up. There was  an

orifice nailed to the ceiling. Drip drop....



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