The cry of an alleged rapist.

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*Innocent Rapist*

In the name of love, I've turned into a prisoner. A prisoner of my feelings.

Unknown to me, is the man Who raped and I am jailed. Justice! Justice! I cry.

The man above rejected me. Despite I prayed, He stoned and Killed my dreams for the devil.

The planner in her prevailed And the innocent in me derailed. With open eyes, I'm deceased.

Undeserving fruits has setting Me up yielded - Justice I need. To death love has led me.

I kissed not her lip but I'm red. Helplessly, I'm dying slowly. Justice! Justice! I cry.

I am investigated not but kept. Behind the bars, I wonder how. My girlfriend has set me up.

How do I tell the police? The reporter is reported. Justice! Justice! I demand.

I am a prisoner of my feelings. I gave her love, care and time. I got paid with prison.

Is there any innocent rapist? Yes I am but I am jailed. Innocent! Innocence! I cry.

How do I prove this? When Justice died even before The birth of our nation?

Decorated but dysfunctional Is our house of justice for men. Heartless have our women gone.

Denied I'm of the trial I cry for. Crying day and night for justice. Justice! Justice! I always cry.

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



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