Ice Cream Dream

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A fun children's poem helping to answer the question "If you could have an ice cream dream...?"

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



Ice cream Dream

If you could have an ice cream dream;

Would you dream a chocolate monster to make everybody scream?


Would you fly through a marshmallow meteor shower;

To save the princess from the Neapolitan tower?


Would you ride in a waffle and pancake boat;

In an alligator infested blue raspberry moat?


Would you climb a vanilla mountain on the back of a horse,

Through sweet and sticky caramel sauce?


Would you take a trip in a lime spaceship;

And ride through a galaxy of starry choc chip?


Would you be a choc armoured knight that's so brave;

As you slay the meringue dragon in the sherbet cave?


Would you help a strawberry Santa pack lolly gifts in his sleigh;

Whilst his reindeer munched on choc flake hay?


Would you canoe down a butterscotch stream;

Full of boulders made of cookies and cream?


Or if you could have an ice cream dream:

Would it be a banana split with nuts and whipped cream?

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