The Beast Inside

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A horror story

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



My heart beats as it gets closer, I slowly creep through the hallways. I try to avoid this beast. Entering a room I quietly close the door and lock it. Slowly the room begins to get warmer and I begin to sweat. My heart beats even faster knowing that the scent will attract it, but if I move I risk walking right into it. I make the decision to move; I have to keep going. I have to escape this building, escape what is following me. Suddenly there is a scream, my heart stops, I know whose voice that is.

“Help me, please help! It’s coming for me!” There is another screech.

“Listen Samantha, run, run and don’t stop!” I shout through the door, while trying to get it opened. But the door is jammed and will not open. I kick the door but, something is in the way holding it closed. To my horror, the next scream I hear is right outside the door, but it is not Samantha's, it is my mothers. “Mother, Mother can you hear me? Please answer me!” I shout as loud as I can. Another scream but no response, then the voice changes again this time it is my little brother. I hear his little seven-year-old scream and a sink to the floor unable to open the door. I give up. Sitting against the door listening to the voices of everyone I ever loved all disappearing into the silence.

Something unknown to me compels me to stand up, I take a step back from the door. I run with all I have left in me. I run straight into the door, snapping it in half. I walk through the broken door and look to my left, I see flames engulfing that side of this building. Then I look to the right and see the outline of the beast in the smoke. It’s glowing purple eyes watching me wanting me to die, wanting me to walk towards it and let it kill me. I turn and walk into the flames, my skin starting to bubble and blister my clothes on fire, my body becoming engulfed in flames. In this moment I figure out what that beast is. It is my darkness, and the only way to kill it is to kill myself. I stand in the flames waiting to die, I look down at my blistered skin and to my amazement it is perfectly fine, not even a scratch. I look around not believing what I'm seeing. Then I hear a scream but this scream doesn't horrify me like the others, because the scream I’m hearing is my own scream. Yet it’s not coming from my mouth but from all around me.

I panic because I need to kill the beast, which means I need to die. I look around the room still hearing my scream and I notice a gun sitting on the table. The only piece of furniture in this house that isn't on fire. I run and grab it, put it up to my head, look my darkness in the eyes and pull the trigger. The bullet goes off, and the gun falls from my hand and the bullet falls to the ground unharmed. I stare at the bullet in amazement, then I look back up at the darkness and scream, “Let me die! Please just let me die!” The beast doesn’t move but there is a stirring in my stomach and somehow I know it is saying no.

I fall to my knees out of energy, unable to stand I sit up against a wall, the house burning around me. My eyes slowly closing, unable to keep them open anymore I allow them to close and I plunge into darkness. Suddenly I open my eyes and I look around, I see myself laying against the wall with my eyes closed. I take a step and realize that I am at a much higher view than normal. I look around panicked and I find a mirror, I rush to look into it and I see not me but a beast of darkness, my beast, my darkness. That’s when I finally understand, it was me, it was me who killed all those people, all the people I loved.


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