Soulmate on Highway

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

1004 Apartments, Victoria Island


It was at a balcony at the A block that I caught a glimpse of that funny looking car, I’m sure at the word funny, you’d think it was a rickety car. No! It was an AMG G550, one with the weirdest of colors I have ever seen, Orange.


"Soul mate"


Yes, that was exactly what rolled off the lips of my wilding mind as I kept watching the car make its way past the law school traffic light.

The events that followed later are those which I cannot explain but it did happen that I found my soul mate.





Monday October 16th 2017


The first thing that comes to my mind is "oh shit", how did I not save my thesis paper?

The night before was crazy as I was heavily heart broken, I had just come out of a situationship which lasted over 4 years and I was trying to put myself together. My partner in question got someone he genuinely loved and that was an automatic bye bye for me, so i decided to sulk over a bottle of red wine, my favorite Apothic Red

So I’m up with a headache and poof! My heart races to the latest disastrous development, I mean can today get any better?


Up and grumpy, I take a quick shower and still come out grumpy. Considering the fact I even used the Johnson soap for fussy babies and yet this big baby was still so sad, hopefully the day will get better, I silently muttered as I dragged myself down the stairs.





I’m in Lagos, city of jaiye jaiye and over packaging, so going for my meeting will require something to compliment my looks and also the loan I was seeking for. Thankfully my cab order from the Taxify app was worth it, Kelechi the driver definitely had taste, the car is what we can call governmental luxury “bro pull up your tinted windows oh jare”, and my mood was getting soft. Enjoying my latest heartfelt jam "Jorja Smith- Let Me Go", I just hoped my meeting would go smoothly. I mean ‘I don suffer no be small” in Osuofia's voice, getting an investor was hard these days.


This is me trying to get a loan for my side business which is looking like it was going to fetch me so much money and yet these sex hungry investors won’t just let a young girl breathe and do merely business.






Protocols are just heavy. 


I’m signing the fourth visitor’s booklet and questioning myself "who exactly is this person I’m coming to see"



August 8th 2017


"Happy birthday sister girl" Tania screamed from the other end of the phone.


“Oh thanks darling”, I responded. 


Tania is the only Spiricoco I know that isn’t so uptight, I mean she would never club, drink, smoke or even as much as fornicate or participate in all sorts of other social excesses, but the way she addresses issues and dishes out advice makes one’s mind reel at how she lives her life and yet has zero judgment.

It was my birthday and she was in Jos with family so I was very delighted to see her call as I had hoped that we could have spent it together.


"How far na, what’s popping? Where the party at?" she asked. This was actually after she had given me a hot 3 minutes prayer covering and sanctifying me with the precious blood of the lamb.

I didn’t have many plans so we just played catch up and I hinted her about looking for investors for a little project.


"Oh babe”, she exclaimed. “Please remind me in the evening to give a number for a prospective client, I don’t know his age but he is pretty young and I believe he will be more than willing to invest in such a brilliant idea like yours"


I thanked her and followed through, with mails back and forth, I was able to set up a date to meet with him and discuss more.



* * * *

Good morning sir


"Morning to you dear, you are welcome" he said as he offered me a seat.


"Would you like anything to drink?, By the way you smell great" 


Ghen Ghen


I requested for water and said thank you while deep down, I prayed that we wouldn’t waste so much time as I already asked the Taxify driver to wait for me till I was done. You know what they say, Boss move!


Thankfully, the meeting didn’t exceed 20 minutes as we already had a long discussion about the whole proposal over calls and mails, so apparently the meeting was more like putting a face to the whole project as he said Nigerians can’t be trusted in some cases.

If I’m to be honest, I was tripping and for a lady with no preference or specification, this guy just set a yardstick for the type of men I like.

I behaved myself before I get judged but my heart fluttered and my tummy tingled.


We parted goodbye and he said he would like us to talk more as I came off as an interesting character and had uplifted his spirit, as he had been having rough days lately.

Oh wow, I thought to myself. I’m impacting good energy. Way to go!






As I got into the car, even Kelechi the driver noticed my happiness.

"Madam is like say this your meeting go well oh, ha! Thank God”, we both laughed as he drove out.

I was so happy and went right away to purchase my pending order of body fragrances on amazon. a reward for all the late nights and waka waka in the name of hustling.





Thursday, 19th October 2017


Proposal approved"


Read the subject of the mail.


Of all the best things to wake up to, this mail tops the list.

I immediately acknowledged the mail which I guess prompted a call from him.


"Madam the madam, are your eyes always glued to your phone" he said.


"Morning sir, it’s not like that o, for one to be successful you have to shine your eyes. Zero sleeping till I make it" I responded.


He then went on to invite me for a little get together he was organizing by 5pm and we had a few words over the next step for documentations and funding.

Immediately I jumped out of bed and hurriedly ordered for a taxi while I got into the shower. While at the back of the cab, I fiddled with my phone as I typed "simple classy feminine looks for a private luxury get together'.




If Google were to be a person, it would definitely be tired of me because I ask the most. Like I would always say don’t judge me, after all those protocols I went through just to meet with him at his office, one can only imagine the type of people I’d meet at such an event.


After much search, I was able to find something delectable from a store called Wanger Ayu, to be honest I made a mental note to go back there once again, not actually affordable prices but at least my head was still intact, if you know what I mean.


By 4:30pm, I was wiggling into my new chic dress, brushed my teeth like twice, all scrubbed and clean. I was not taking any chances, opportunity comes but once they say so no room for last position.


I’m heading to the venue, when my phone distracts me from my day dream. I see the name Jeff on my screen and I literally roll my eyes.

So Jeff, yes Jeff is one of the cutest guys I have ever met, we met him while I was buying shawarma at the Ebeano supermarket.

He was so sweet and down to earth for his looks that I was quickly swept away.

Mind you, he didn’t sweep me away, I just decided to fall.

I don’t exactly even how everything escalated but yeah that happened, over the months we got friendly, I realized he was just the "Typical Lagos guy" and me for one was tired of the unnecessary apologies.

Well, I was already in a situationship so you can imagine how easy it was to let go of him but for some unknown reasons, he had been calling me incessantly and I wasn’t picking, which will always follow with his countless texts of I miss u, why are you doing this to me, please pick up at least and bla bla bla.


That chapter is closed forever.








* * * *



"You’re welcome” the valet greeted as he helped open my door.


wallahi talai, I have never been in a place so quiet and serene.


I could see Mr. Laide gently moving and greeting everyone present and as I swept the environment with one glance I was so proud of my appearance.


Simple & classy


Memo checked.


As I walked toward Mr. Laide, he noticed and approached me,


"Oh you look really good madam"


I couldn’t help but blush.


What is life if it isn’t the good life my people.

He briefly introduced me to his guests as a business partner and I can’t even explain how good I felt being perceived as one with so much responsibility in such a respectable gathering.


I can’t even further explain how breath taken I was, as I bumped into what can be best described as the seed of Hercules.

This happened while I was coming out of the rest room, I guess he just arrived as it seemed he was trying to get away from the party to answer a call as he proceeded towards the restroom section.


He was good looking, did i mention light skinned? 

I stuttered a quick apology, and the way he smiled and nodded in affirmative almost made me blank out for a second.


I stylishly rubbed my chest insinuating a cold or maybe dusting off something but I was truly captivated, it wasn’t until 30minutes after, as I was just making friendly talks with one of the guests when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, turning back and there was he was alongside Mr. Laide.


"hahaha, I can see the look in your eye. Meet my cousin Seun, the ladies’ man and the walking brain machine"


“Meet my business partner Mercy; she is the one I’m working on those investments with”


I think the laughter or the sound I made afterwards was definitely something to laugh about.


Seun had that gentleman aura but a suggestive playboy look in his eyes, oh well I had to behave myself as I gave myself a metal reminder that I should behave myself.

After what seemed like 2 hours of drinks, networking laughter and jokes. I walked up to Mr. Laide and said my good bye.


As I was walking towards the door, from the side of my eye I could see Seun walking towards the door.

Well, I believed he was walking towards the door and not me. Why would this yummy looking man walk up to me?


"So you are just going to leave without telling me goodbye" Seun asked as I animatedly walked towards my cab.


I responded saying I didn't know he would have loved that and he went on and on of how I couldn't have missed the fact that he was into me. Shoot me!

I could feel the heat coming, and in my head, I kept saying keep cool, it’s just a fellow human being. 

He gave me his card and insisted I put my number on his phone which I did.





I could feel the jitters at every notification that popped up on my phone, well not everyone but the ones from Seun.

You see, we had formed this constant communication routines, "hey morning girl" "hey handsome" and other sorts of mushy messages.

It was looking like a season of happiness with no return.

Loan approved, money in the banks, plans in check and maybe I might have met the love of my life.

Emphasis on the "might".




I’m getting dressed for dinner and at the same time having a mental battle on what to wear. Seun had finally turned me to a proper babe.

In my dictionary, that defines proper attention to details, skin, looks and smell. I already started the day with a cost effective full body wax at the intercontinental hotel for about 13,000 Naira and got body scrubs and other body products at the Ebeano store.


Love is all that matters blared through my speakers as I finally settled down in my matching panties to do that which was almost close to a nice makeup. Just because I couldn’t stress it further, I settled for a light flowing embellished dress and just walked quickly through the spritz of perfume.



The Tarragon Lagos


Ay! Talk about fine dining.

In all truthfulness nothing beats a man that knows what you like and love. I guess his choice of place was based off the fact that I told him I loved the culinary arts. 


The interior was cool alongside plating and presentation which were on point. I guess these all made me come to a conclusion that I had found the one that I have been waiting for.

Over dinner we talked and laughed and maybe got tipsy because my sight was pretty dense as I looked at his face and felt home.


After dinner, he suggested we take a drive round the city and just appreciate our presence.


Kai! Seun is deep. I’m in love o. I guess.


After 30 minutes of bonding over familiar and unfamiliar music, Seun turned down the music and told me he would be away for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t that I was so much in love or that I had come to the stage where I couldn’t live without him, it was the tone in which he spoke about it. I had to feign laughter and asked him where.




I wondered what the problem was in travelling for a few weeks; I later found out that he was in doubt of himself as we just met for a few weeks and what the distance could cause. I on the other hand was totally confused, honestly i was.


The next day’s that grew to weeks, played out were between us Face-Timing and I establishing my business.


Seun made it his ultimate duty to speak with me at least once a day, i really was grateful.




November 2017


Seun is back in Lagos, I screamed as I saw his Nigerian number pop up on the screen on my phone. I had to calm down afterwards as I realized that I hadn’t even done my hair neatly or taken a shower as I heard him say over the phone that he was in front of my house.

Jezz! I slowly walked outside to see him and there he was.


The insides of me quivered, God! What is this feeling? Love. What exactly as I couldn’t even stop my being from running to hug him.

He smelt so good, he felt so good and I felt so good.


He came into the house as I made a courteous excuse as to why my house was looking the way it was and that he should pardon my mess, which he brushed off so casually. Men though!


We had a brief chat of what happened asides the conversations we already had over the phone. He told me he got me a gift for everyday he was away from me, how excited and touched I was as I hurriedly hugged him which escalated to a kiss.

Hmmm… not just your regular kiss however, something way more than the French or Germans, I probably would call it a Russian kiss because it was intense. We pretty much already made a deal not to have sex till whenever we were both ready so we killed it off and headed outside to get my goodies.


I was indeed elated, more like a moment from the gram or the movies, but indeed I was glad and thankful and the gesture automatically set my mind in thinking about what exactly I could for him that could possibly match up to what he has done for me.

Well I guess it’s the little things that matter and the thoughts that count as I planned to treat him to a really nice dinner afterwards or during the week.


Something distracted me.




Please call me babe.


Huh! I mentally exclaimed. I have never been the girl to scream or nag, it always felt like stress to me and probably make me feel I’d look like a mad person which I detest.

We said our goodbye and he promised to come get me later in the evening or call me to let me know if he couldn’t make it.


As I got in, I sat on the bed and thought, who is Sheila?

5 minutes went by unconsciously as I still sat wondering and playing different scenarios in my head of who she could possibly be.


Seun called by 7pm that he wasn’t going to make it out as he was tired and needed to rest, I said ok but deep down in my heart I knew he was possibly with Sheila.

I kept calm, I mean I knew my instincts could never lie to me, as I curled up in bed and tried to pay attention to the chats of the various guys seeking my attention. I still didn’t feel complete.


What is Seun up to?

Why is he acting this way?

What is wrong?

How serious are they?




The next morning I woke up to a knock on my door with Seun holding fresh roses for me. You see this concept of fresh roses can be so nice till you realize that there is a task of watering and possibly preserving it.

I reluctantly hugged him and he had to hold me by the sides of my arm to ask what exactly was wrong.


With one hand to close the door, we walked into the room and sat on the bed. He asked me if I was ok, I said yes and made an effort to shrug off my real emotions.

It didn’t take up to 20 minutes when he told me he was leaving as the mood was tense, I wondered what he meant by it was tensed as I was clearly smiling and playing with him. My mind went there again.









What would it profit me if I speak my whole mind, get into an argument and be free of my doubts and assumptions?


3 strange weeks in our communication had passed and Seun seemed distant. We still had our chitchats but they had lessened and I on the other had been in the process of getting a rebound or in all honesty gotten a rebound, judging from the amazing sex I got from Damil last night.




“I think we should talk”


That was the message that appeared across my notification bar from Seun.

At that very moment, my breath heightened and my mind skipped.

What are we going to talk about now?

We made plans to meet at the Shiro beachside at 7pm.

Being a casual sit out, I put on a cool jeans and a top and on getting to our meet up spot, there he was looking calm and clean in his shorts and polo.


As we hugged, it was evident that we had missed each other and I began to ask myself why life just had to be this difficult to understand.


As our order for wine and some finger foods were taken, he looked at me and said “Mercy, what has been on your mind, you put up a smile on your face and act like everything is cool but your body language differs, talk to me”.


I took a mental pause and then asked “who is Sheila?


With the look in his eyes as I mentioned that name, I knew there was something up; I just hoped it wasn’t going to be something I couldn’t handle. After what seemed like forever, he finally spoke,


 “When and where did you see that name?”


Is that what you are supposed to ask me?” I responded.


You see, I’m not here to fight you as I clearly do care about you, right now I wonder how I’m going to explain the whole situation to you without you feeling the need to cut off from me” Seun said.


At this point, I got more scared, what is he on about?

He went further to reveal the big truth, he had a secret child with Sheila and they both had some sort of understanding as Sheila was already in a commitment with someone else.


With the tone of which he explained the whole story of how he met her in the UK, how they bonded, how he felt he had met the love of his life, how they discovered the pregnancy and to how she felt there were not compatible enough to take the long run i.e. marriage, my heart sunk.


He clearly was still hung up on her.


That saddened me.


I reluctantly sipped my glass of wine and ate my spring rolls as my mind raced a billions times and produced a billion theories of the whole situation.


Oh well, I guess it was a better story than he telling me he was married or something worse than that.


A child is a big deal though.





The days that followed after seemed normal, I got to see photos of Sheila and his child who turned out to be one of the cutest girls I have ever seen and it shed light on the trip he made as the both were currently residing in Canada.

Fair enough we spoke every day, I thought as I consoled myself.


We resumed our late night hang outs and brunch; which felt like a breath of fresh air till the next month December.



December 6th 2017


My phone rang incessantly.


It was 5am so I was wondering who the mad person was that couldn’t respect the one call to get a return call back rule.


I look at my phone and I see a strange number that I have never seen before and I speak after trying to clear my voice so I can sound audible and also hear the other person over the line.


It’s a clean female voice with a little British accent.


 “Hello, good morning, is this mercy?”


I respond affirmatively and the next words I hear is,


Please would you leave Seun alone, Thank you.


I’m quite taken aback; imagine waking up from a deep sleep and hearing this other nonsense over the phone.

I immediately hang up and turn off my phone.

I try to sleep for the next 10 minutes of which I finally get a hang of and slept till about 10am next morning.




After my morning rituals of self-cleansing and house cleaning, I finally turn on my phone and get a notification that my voice mail is full.

A tiny part of me says, to listen to my voicemail as I kept seeing that the same number which had called me earlier kept trying to calling even after I shut down my phone and must have met my voice mail.


The first voicemail I listened to prompted me to call Seun as Sheila apparently threatened to deal with me if I don’t let Seun and made it clear to me that she was in Nigeria and it wouldn’t be much of a hassle for her to find me.


Seun’s phone rang twice before he picked and I immediately let him know what was on.


Please calm down, I have everything under control” he said.


I ask him what exactly was going on as this was supposed to be someone who is committed but yet coming after me because of him.


I had already made plans to go out but I couldn’t as I was uncomfortable. At 5pm, Seun drove down to my place with dinner and for us to talk more.


I had never felt so happy but yet so worried to see someone in my life, as he came in, I quickly locked my door and sent a reminder message to my security to be on the alert on any strange lady or  persons asking about me or looking for me.

Not like I was a coward but I have seen things in the news and papers of incidents and deaths we can and never imagine. I wasn’t trying to be one.


Seun please what’s going on? I asked immediately we sat on the bed.


As you see I wasn’t even taking any chances, we either trash the issue right now or we just end everything, I already made up my mind.


Seun took a deep breath and told me “I would love to marry you”.


Ok! I didn’t think the conversation would turn out this way but I go on by responding,


That is not what I really want to hear right now, your baby mama is threating me


And that is the whole reason for that call you received” he continued.


She came into Nigeria yesterday with our child just to meet the grandparents and spend a few days here and saw the ring I got for you, I was going to tell her afterwards but then I didn’t think she was going to react this way. She is just selfishly jealous; remember I told you she is committed to someone else. She might probably be comfortable with the fact that I am not with anyone so I’m going to sort this out as soon as possible but have no fear, nothing will happen to you




Why can’t my own love story just be normal and regular? I asked myself shortly after Seun left.

It was already looking like something from a movie with the whole drama ensuing between me and Sheila.

Questions flying through my mind as I settled down in bed to tune to food network, I really can’t come and kill myself for nothing sha.

Let God’s will be done in my life I silently prayed.









I’m engaged!


Seun somehow managed to handle the Sheila drama.

I got proposed to a week after we had “the discussion” and here I was preparing myself for a new phase of life.

Marriage they say is a big step and to me it was more of a big step, the preparations find you hungering for some sort of a relationship with God, seeking for his approval and consent.

Family introductions, new family structures, new siblings, new cultures and new beginnings.


Mr. Laide called me in congratulations as he jokingly said we would have to compensate him as he was our match maker. Our business deal had turned out successful as we already had tons of success sales and rate over the past few months we started.



I and Seun set the date for the wedding for the month of March 2018 as we were still in a friendly dialogue of whether to make it a big wedding or a private wedding.

I wanted a small wedding because I didn’t think I could handle the perks of a big wedding. The truth is I had very little friends, so for an Owanbe, how do I cover up for the huge number of people my husband to be would invite.


We finally came to a conclusion that we would have a very big traditional marriage and then have a private white wedding. I was most pleased with this arrangement as I wouldn’t have to bother about the things I had feared initially.



January 20th 2017


Seun suggested I come spend the night at his place, which I obliged. You see this would be the very first time I would be going to spend the night since we began dating. We had sex once in my place and with the marriage coming up soon; we were now playing the card of “no sex till after marriage”.


I arrive at his place at about 6pm and after 20mins of chit chat and a quick tour of his place, we cuddle up on the couch to watch our new series obsession “Black Mirror”. I felt the urge to pee and excused myself.


As I walked back to him, Seun looked at me with so much venom in his eyes as he gently avoided my hands as I tried to hold him and rest my head on his shoulder.


What’s wrong?” I asked.


Who is Damil” he responded.


I was totally thrown off balance as I never expected that name to surface at least not from the lips of Seun.


How do you know Damil? We are just friends. Any problem” I replied.


You are just friends but he can’t wait to feel your warmth right? Just friends and he is wondering why you have gone cold on him and he needs your warm body right?


At this point I’m totally confused and still trying to grasp what exactly was going on, Seun flings my phone at me and goes up to his room.


I look at my screen and I see the genesis of my problem.


Damil! OMG!




Damil was my rebound as at November when I newly learnt about Sheila. It wasn’t anything serious and I haven’t spoken to him after we last saw in November. I quickly block him and I walked upstairs to explain better to Seun.


All through the night till morning, I was being given a silent treatment from Seun. I call Mr. Laide and explain the current situation of things and plead that he talks to Seun for me.


Days go by and Seun didn’t bulged. It was the month of February and his family members despite my fear and doubts kept assuring me that he would snap out of it as he usually takes a while to come around.


Well in the 21st century with social media and the internet, I somewhat believed as he still liked my posts, viewed my snaps, watched my Insta- stories/Whatsapp stories and posted me last week as his #wcw.


Only thing was he wasn’t speaking to me and it hurt.



February 14th 2017


I got a surprise delivery from Seun with a few of my favorite things. I call him and he still doesn’t pick my call. I immediately get an Uber and head to his house only to be informed that he just stepped out not too long.

At this point I’m really tired and decide to go and see my friends at the 1004 apartments and indulge in a few social excesses (weed smoking).


Just right at the balcony of the A block, I caught a glimpse of that funny looking car, Seun had an array of cars and I remember teasing him about his AMG 550 which had a funny orange looking color.

So seeing that similar funny looking orange AMG 550 passing, all that could roll off the lips of my wilding mind was “soul mate” as I watched it make its way past the law school traffic light.


After what seemed like forever, I proceeded to get an Uber and on picking my phone I see over 17 missed calls form my mother in-law and messages from my mum and his dad. What was wrong? I immediately call her and the first thing I hear as she picks the call is,


“?m? mi, iw? ti gb? lati ?d? ?k? r?? aw?n ?mi?u wa ni i?? ti. wá l?s?k?s? si ile iwosan Reddington


I wondered why she was hysterical as I immediately got an Uber to the Reddington hospital. That was basically the only thing I could pick out as I got the hospital it finally dawned on me that it was really my soul mate I saw on the highway making his way past the law school traffic light.


Apparently he had a few site checks in Epe and when his security notified him that I had come around to see him, he had called Laide to set up a surprise dinner for both of us and that was him driving back home in a hurry to get ready before the evening.

It did happen that he lost control on the Bourdillion road and ran into a culvert. It was the speed he was running on that resulted to the seriousness of the accident.




February 14th 2018


Seun died.





Submitted: February 14, 2018

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