Hospital Lovers

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This is kind of the story of my last day at the psych ward, where I met my boyfriend. I wrote myself as a girl here. I miss him, so I wrote this for him.


Hospital Lovers


Two lovers stand inside the walls of a ward

They hold hands in attempt to keep themselves warm

Because what they were was not allowed

They could not express their love aloud

She holds back the tears, He holds her hand tighter

She still needs the comfort even though she's a fighter

It's her day to go, they say she's alright

He tells her "Hey, it's okay, it'll be all fine." 

Lovers brought together by the darkest of themselves

If only they had met inside a luxurious hotel

He was too skinny, she was considered insane

But that doesn't matter, their love would still remain

They open the doors, it's her time to go

She looks at him, she doesn't want to leave him alone

He looks at her, that beautiful face that he'll miss

They part their ways, still wishing for a final kiss.

Submitted: February 14, 2018

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