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Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018



A bunch of emotions were all sitting around having coffee.


Hate or Rage as some knew him was spouting off again. “I'm the most powerful. Everyone falls to my charms. I am the most popular and the strongest of you all” he said, looking at the rest of the group assembled together.


Forgiveness piped in. “Ah but then many of them see me and they change their mind. So you're not all that powerful”.


Humor spoke up next. “Yes and many see the humor in the situations afterwards so they come to me” Humor said and laughed, seeing Hate as an overrated emotion like most of the rest gathered there.


“Bah” Hate said, scoffing at them. “You're all delusional” he said, giving them all a hard look.


“Sounds to me that you are victim to my own charms there Hate” Jealousy said.


Hate shot his cousin a look and shook his head.


Shyness started to say something but then remained quiet again as they tried to hide behind Humor. She found Sadness hiding there as well.


Vanity spoke up next. “Well if the truth be told I'm the most powerful. At least when people are young” she said.


Wisdom spoke up next. “Ah...but then they often lose you when they get older and they choose me instead.


Vanity thought about that for a moment and got quiet again, looking at herself in the mirror.


Reason finally spoke up. “Well I know we all have our moments in the sun as it were. Many of us are interrelated don't you think?” he said as he glanced over at his cousin Wisdom who gave him a knowing look back.


Joy spoke up as they heard this. “Well I'm just happy, no matter what” she said.


Hate darted her a look. “Bah” he said to himself, mumbling as he turned his back on Joy.


Finally Love spoke up looking at them all, smiling. She gave her cousin Joy a look and then looked at Hate. “I never brag about myself. You all know that. I am what I am. I am who I am. I don't keep a list of grievance and I don't hold grudges. I do my best to be kind to others. And I'm patient” she said.


The rest of the group had to agree because she was telling the truth.


Love continued “I just know that I was the first emotion” she said softly. She looked over at Hate again who knew she was right. He had been born after her. He walked away from the group to go sulk to himself, feeling defeated by Love.



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