Thought Provokers

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Basically a part 5 to my random short stories.

The Beginning of the End
Her hands, dark as the sky pressed into the reality of hope, revealing her bright blue eyes of ambition,and her beautiful hair free of contrition. Her halo glimmering with hope, her soul is able to cope. The crows flying away in demise, As the beautiful girl previse her path. To be an angel, Free of misery and pain. And make sure that hope is retained.
The small, grey wolf ran through the city... All that he thought of was getting his mother back.... Taken away by a man... Her life gone... Bleeding.... The wolf never had a father.. or never saw... He wished to at least find his father... It started to pour rain on the city as the wolf started to run...... The small wolf ran and ran in the rain..... The wolf stopped at a corner and curled up.... "I just want family..." The wolf thought.... Than... He saw a shadow loom over him.......... The wolf quivered in fear piercing his grey eyes et the shadow.... It stepped into the light.... A man... About in his 20's walked hup to the wolf........he picked it up care fully...... He started walking home sheltering the small wolf under his umbrella... The wolf opened his eyes and looked at the man who smiled at the small wolf...."are you my father...?" The wolf wondered yapping pressing his muzzel against the ma........ And after all....... The wolf found his father...
Just Random Stuff
She knows that there is nothing for her here. No love, no hope, nobody there. She wants to just let go, Become a sliver of wind that doesn't care. When she goes, she knows, She will be lost like tears in the rain. For nobody will remember, The little girl on their train. Why stay, why keep holding on To a ledge that has cut her like knife, Bloody fingers gripping tight, Selfishly tight to life. Because there is that one voice, Coming from above, not from the abyss, Urging her to keep looking for it, However many times she might miss, Looking for hope.
Fallen Skies
Beneath the fog that raindrops keep above where skies continue to weep .Must you really cry and sigh so? For even you make the land sigh to and fro In this graying landscape between you and I Remember my love and never say goodbye Promise me this before I depart On the betraying thought of going to war My dear you are my one and only I deserve not your love and beauty But still you gave it to me Never thinking of the fool I might be Dreaming of you under this doleful sky One more second and I might cry Your warm eyes and fingertips that my heart seeks That looks upon this soldier and caress his cheek On that bridge overlooking the world beyond Where her footsteps are marked upon this blessed road Reminiscing moments stolen by time That inevitably separated you and I On the dawn I promise thee never to cry On the setting sun I promise to remember you by And that starry night sky I'll say that I love you For you are the love that was true Yet as tears continue to dwell I just wish that you were here and well Remembering you smiling like the sun and not dead Along the mocking, white hospital bed I just wish rain was never to be If it'll just make me remember my love for thee?
Dont Wake Me
when dusk falls my heart crouches with fear that it won't see you tomorrow the sun sinks beneath the horizon taking every ray of hope with it when dark night paints your memory with sparkling stars I try hard not to cry but tears betray my trust their loyalty lies with you I clutch my pillow imagining it to be you I search every shadow on the wall for your skinny outline but you never come I see the waltz of Shadows of memories Your honeyed laughter Echoes in my heart I search for your trace everywhere But it seems as you never existed but don't worry I will wait for you as long as sun rises each morning?

Submitted: February 14, 2018

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