Hidden Inside

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mindi is now a full Lamia, thanks to her husband-to-be, Perry. It's been a full year since they first met and their love continues to grow, and so do Mindi's Lamia powers. Seventeen year old Mindi
and her love Perry go on a summer camping trip where they soon find themselves in the eye of danger once more. Will they be buried alive where no one can hear their pleas for help? Help comes, but
will they all find death at their concealed captor’s hands?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Part 1 Of The First Draft The year came to a close, and it is now officially summer break. No longer will we be held back by school a... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Part 2 Of The First Draft For once in my life I was disappointed to see both Renee and Brad. I'm not sure if they wanted to come or n... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Part 3 Of The First Draft Even though our two tents were set up side-by-side I didn't feel safe. It was after dark, and both Perry an... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Part 4 Of The First Draft Will I survive the night? I had awoken early, and it was still dark out. I heard what sounded like an owl i... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Part 5 Of The First Draft “When are they going to arrive?” I asked Grace, my anxiety returning to me once more after a long a... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Part 6 Of The First Draft Night had fell, and we had gathered around to eat some salami sandwiches that Becky and Carlie had been nic... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Part 7 Of The First Draft The night before I had challenged the old witch and won. She had fled, but had vowed to return with her mag... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Part 8 Of The First Draft Everything had taken a turn for the worst. We had discovered that all of us were stranded in Cases Cove. No... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Part 9 Of The First Draft Heart....heart. What can that possibly mean? I have an idea, but who knows if it is correct? If the redhead... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Part 10 Of The First Draft This isn't going the way I want it to go. Perry, Lana, and I have turned the area around the waterfall ups... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Part 11 Of The First Draft “Is it too early for us to set out?” Renee asked, wishing to not waste any time. I looked at the s... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Part 12 Of The First Draft How can this be? Did Ameila not have any children? The redheaded white witch had fallen silent, and I look... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Part 13 Of The First Draft Twilight to dawn, and here I am again, still stuck in Cades Cove. There has been some uneasiness amongst u... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Part 14 Of The First Draft There was no way I had the strength to do more than just breathe. I squeezed Perry’s hand, and he smiled... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Part 15 Of The First Draft It’s not that difficult to understand. Everyone seems to want me dead. They would do anything to keep me... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Part 16 Of The First Draft As we neared Abrams Falls we crept quietly behind the Eisen siblings. They journeyed down to a safe place ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Part 17 Of The First Draft My thoughts spun around and obsessed over what was to come. Although I slept that night, I wouldn't say I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Part 18 Of The First Draft My mom accepted the fact that I would be staying at the Eisens’ again, but I knew she was going to miss ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Part 19 Of The First Draft It's difficult to understand how I feel right now. Everytime I go somewhere in the Eisens' large house it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Part 20 Of The First Draft Being here was getting old. I wanted to get out. There is only so much time a girl can spend cooped up in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Part 21 Of The First Draft This morning was unlike the rest. As usual, I woke up late, but there was something strange going on here.... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Part 22 Of The First Draft The night came, and I was petrified with fear. Ever since that old witch called us on the phone I've been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Part 23 Of The First Draft It's ridiculous to think of what a disaster my life has became. The dangers I have lived through are nothi... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Part 24 Of The First Draft Friday had came, and detective Hornsfield was at our house, at 3 o’clock sharp. She tipped her hat to us... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Part 25 Of The First Draft “I’ve been looking around while you all were asleep. No one's seen the corpse of that girl walking aro... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Part 26 Of The First Draft “Why you, though? Descendant or not, you can't be that strong.....can you?” Diana was in disbelief... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Part 27 Of The First Draft “An ambush? What? Was I supposed to be the bait?” Perry stared at me, unable to bring the truth ou... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Part 28 Of The First Draft “It was....horrible. I wanted to cry my eyes out, but I had to be strong. This psycho has to be stopped,... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Part 29 Of The First Draft Her wounds had almost completely healed, but Diana had not left our realm of concern. None of us thought i... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Part 30 Of The First Draft “Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to usher Veronica Jordan to the next life. Our sweet angel Veroni... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Part 31 Of The First Draft Becky and the rest of us finally arrived home, and the Eisens kept a close watch over Becky. Grace and Ren... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Part 32 Of The First Draft Nothing can be explained. What has happened has happened. Becky is here and neither her or I can remember ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Part 33 Of The First Draft “Come on, honey. I'm going to take you out.” Becky didn't seem surprised at all. She nodded, and t... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Part 34 Of The First Draft Renee wasn't surprised at what I had told her. She merely replied to me, as she looked deep into my eyes, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Part 35 Of The First Draft We entered a world of extreme hostility. Becky and Diana were both full of caution and anticipation. Demei... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Part 36 Of The First Draft For the first time in awhile, I had slept through the morning. Oh, how sweet it was to return to my old wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Part 37 Of The First Draft There was nothing that words could say. We were all uneasy, feeling great anxiety as we tried to determine... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Part 38 Of The First Draft For other people, going into the belly of the beast would be a nightmare. For the four of us, it is our on... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Part 39 Of The First Draft “You're so fortunate...” Grace had a disappointed look on her face. It's as if our success didn't ... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Part 40 Of The First Draft “What are you doing up?” Perry stared at his sister as he asked this, with deep concern in his eye... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Part 41 Of The First Draft Breakfast went better than I would have thought. I forced myself to eat, having a couple of eggs and some ... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Part 42 Of The First Draft There’s no time to waste. We can't let her continue. I'll have to convince everyone that the best time t... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Part 43 Of The First Draft “Is it...really over?” Grace wrapped up her examination of me, remarking with a hint of amazement,... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Part 44 Of The First Draft Today’s the day that we forget about it all. What we have been through won't hold us back. I told Becky,... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Part 45 Of The First Draft This day has been more eventful than I thought. Those boys we met from the UK...they’ll be going to my s... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Part 46 Of The First Draft If I could see her one last time, I'd want to talk with her for hours. I wouldn't be able to let Ameila go... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Part 47 Of The First Draft There wasn't much left of the evening. Perry seemed preoccupied, and I was exhausted. There was so much I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Part 48 Of The First Draft As we drove to the salon, my mother seemed happier than she has in a long while. She told me, as we went t... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Part 49 Of The First Draft As we walked up the stairs, there was a level of intensity between us that was thick. Perry seemed to show... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Part 50 Of The First Draft Tonight is one of the last nights that I will be staying here. This summer has been the most memorable one... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Part 51 Of The First Draft This night has came too quickly. I didn't want to go. Now I have to spend one long year at home, not sleep... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Part 52 Of The First Draft The walk to Perry's house was a long and torturous one. The Tennessee heat was not what was unsettling, th... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Part 53 Of The First Draft The television flickered as the commercials ended, with the news coming on, telling of the same old traged... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Part 54 Of The First Draft She laughed at all my top picks, amazed at how “different” they were. There was one I rather liked. Wh... Read Chapter

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