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Husband & Wife who cannot have childern


Writen By 

Waymon l young


As I sat Here in this place, I can Remember the first time I saw Anna, When I look Out the window, I see all the Children of the neighbor hood that came to play with Anna, I can see them very plain in my mind.

My Wife and I never had Children, We tried but nothing happened.

The Doctor said they could not find a problem with me or my Wife, that all was ok, and there was no reason why my Wife could not conceive.

The Doctor Suggested That since we were above Forty, we Should consider adopting a child. That when you have a child around that it might make her conceive.

We were given names of adoption agencies, When we applied to these agencies, They said we were to old, that nothing was available to couples over forty.

The agencies Suggested we try being fosters Parent, That it was very rewarding.

Most of the children we looked at were from different back ground than me and my Wife, We found no child that we thought would be compatible with us.

Then one day while driving down the road in my car I came to a cross roads, In front of me was a stop sign, Leaning against the stop sign post Sat Anna, She was in pretty bad shape, Her head had a cut and her left eye you could not tell it was there, Here lips were very pale Her right hand was in despair

I stopped the car and gently picked Anna up and put her in the seat beside me, I was not far from home, When I got home my Wife came out to the car and looked at Anna, She said were on Earth did you find her. My Wife picked Anna up and took her into the house, Once inside she washed her off and fixed her hand and eye.

My wife watched over Anna for the next two days, She was looking much better.

The Little girl next door, came over For cookies and milk, when she saw Anna you could tell she fell in love with her the minute she saw Anna, She asked can I play with Anna, My Wife at first hesitated, And then said of course Honey, But you must be very careful with her, She is still not in very good shape, The girl took Anna and played her all evening.

As my Wife watched the girl play with Anna, I had never seen her with this kind of in look her eyes before, She look very Motherly, It did my heart good to see her this way.

After the child had went home, My wife took Anna upstairs to the bed room we had prepared for when we had a baby, And put Anna to bed, This room had every thing you could think of for a baby.

When she came downstairs form the bed room, she sat down in her chair, she look at me and said, Is she mine can I keep her, I said no honey I found her on the side of the rood, She belongs to someone, Tomorrow we will call the police maybe they can find out who she belongs to.

But tomorrow never came, When the week end was over me and my Wife both had to return to work. The older girl next door had been cleaning house for us, So we asked her if she would also look after Anna for us, she said she could do this until Friday, That her Mother and Father were going on vacation, And she had to go with them.

My Wife called an agency that places Nannies, The agency said they had a Girl form England, She was going to work as a Nanny during the day and go to collage at night, The collage was only a few miles from my home. They could take the Nanny to the collage each evening, and pick her up in four hours and bring her back to their house.

The agreement was made, they picked the young English girl up Sunday evening and settled her down in in their spare bed room The young Girl said can I meet Anna Now? The Wife said she is already asleep it will have wait until Tomorrow, You may have the run of the house, But don’t, wake Anna tonight, the girl said ok and went to her room to watch TV.

The next day the man and his Wife went to work. The nanny goes up stairs to bring Anna down to breakfast, She opens the door and sees Anna laying on the bed, She can see she has been abused

She call the agency to send someone out to take her place, she didn’t think she should be in this kind environment , The agency suggested she stay for a few days because they had no other positions open at this time.

  The Nanny said well I will just go along with this monkey b usiness, I need the Job and it is close to my collage.

Everything went fine, But the girl had went to collage and told some of her new friends ,About what was going on at the house within two day it was all over town.

On Friday evening had taken the girl to collage, when he got back home he was sitting in the live room reading the news paper. The door bell rings, When he opens the door there stands a man. He was short and fat his head was round, He hadn’t shaved for several days and he wore an old felt hat with a hole in top of it, There is an old pick up truck setting in his drive way.

The Husband asked the man, Can I help you, The man looked at him and said I believe you have my Anna, I’ve came to pick her and take her home. She fell from my truck the other day at the cross roads. We have been hunting for her every day. We heard she was here and we want to pick her up.

By this time the wife had walked up behind Her Husband, And said you are wrong no one named Anna is here, You must have the wrong house, The man said I know Anna is here and I want her and he tried to enter through the door, The Husband and Wife both blocked the man from coming through the door, The Man said if you don’t give me Anna. I will come back tomorrow and bring the Law with me, I have papers to show Anna belongs to me. But they would not give Anna to him’ He left and went away stomping Mad and cursing.

They sat all evening and cried, They could not look at each other.

The Wife said I am going up stairs and be with Anna. The Husband said I must go to the collage and pick up the Nannie.

  He pickes the Nannie the Nannie from the collage and start's back home.

Off in the distance he can see a large fire burning, It is in the direction of his house, He has a sinking feeling and as he gets closer to the house , He can see that it is indeed his house that is burning. When he arrives the whole house is engulfed with flames. He calls 911 they tell him a unit is on the way.

The house caves in and most of it is burned when the small fire truck arrives, He calls for back up and tells them there are people in the house, A child and a woman.

All the law within miles come in and close the place off with yellow tape.

When the fire has been extinguished they start looking for bodies. They find They find a small amount of the woman’s bones, But the flames were so intense, there was nothing left of Anna but two buttons, The Husband said he recognized the buttons because His Wife could not find a button to match Anna other button, so they were different.

 The man hired himself a attorney

An inquest was to be held in a few days to find out the cause of the death of the child and woman.

  The man is now living in a hotel, He was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Other Charges were pending, Arson, Murder, Thief, assault.

 The Husband made the large bail and went back to the hotel room to await the Inquest Hearing.

  When they went into the court room, All the witnesses were present, Along with all the law enforcement officers that was involved with the case. The judge wore a black robe.

  The hearing came to order, the first witness called was the Nanny. She said she knew very little about the case, That she came from England and worked for the Husband and Wife for one week. She said she only saw Anna  one time, She looked in the door and saw Anna  laying on the bed.And she looked in bad shape. She looked like she had been abused.That she might have already been dead at that time. She was not allowed back in Anna's room and the door was locked. She wanted to leave this house but she had no place to go. And the agency told her she needed to stay. She said the Husband had came and picked her up at the Collage, when they got to the house it was burned almost to the ground.

The man that claimed Anna belonged to him was next witness to testify, The DA. Asked the first question, He said what in your own words happened up at the house that burned? When you went up there to get Anna? He said they run me off! They would not let me in to get Anna, They assaulted me and I had to run away from them and I told them, I would be back with the law the next day , But they burned Anna up before I could get the law, You could.Tell by the look on the judge’s face. This was really getting to Him.

The judge gave the DA. The nod to go ahead. The DA. Next question was how long have you had Anna? meaning how old was Anna, He said ever sense I bought her from the flee market. There was some strange noises come from every one in the court room. The DA. Said what Relation Just for the record is Anna to you? The man said she’s my doll.

The judge said we don’t want to know what she looked like. We want to know is she your blood kin? The man said no she ain’t kin to nobody she’s a doll, a red hair Raggie Ann Doll, For a few second the judge said nothing, He just look strange. He finally said I bind this man and pointed at the Husband over for mental evolution.

So here I satin this place. My Wife and Anna came to visit me Yesterday, They just crawled out of the wall. When they left I tried to go with them but I couldn’t. When I get over of this I am going to go home.

In about three years The Husband is released from the institution. Ever thing is fine. But he long’s for his Wife and Anna,

when he see’s a doll laying on the side of the road that some kid has thrown from a car window he can hardly resist stopping and picking it up, but if he did pick up a doll from the side of the road. He would turn it over to lost and found.

The end




















Submitted: February 14, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Waymon l. young. All rights reserved.

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