Dopamine Dreams

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Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018






Feed me Dopamine Dreams

Take my mind to a state of universal serene

So many have tried, all have failed

Could it be the stigmatism of life’s Heads or Tails

Emotional Head given by the rub of a Jeannie wishes

Tails of love sealed with adoring kisses

Uplift me, take my mind pass the stars

A Venus’ arrow shooting out to a man from Mars

Lay me down near a beautiful lake

Endorphins gilding over our skin as passion awaits

Pleasures of enrapture from the gift of man’s will

As time for us remains still

Whisper me your dreams, your hopes, until your heart is content

Rapid breaths of passion, fluency of sensations, surrenders of relent

Can you please me, however, wine and dine my brain

I have an emotional umbrella to withstand life’s pain

As you continue to dominate your kingdom in the abyss of my purple reign

Caught, snagged, flowing on

Words cannot convey the heart of a song

Do you hear my voice echoing in the wind

Broken hearts do eventually mend

Just move to my groove, let’s exercise emotions together

Channel my weather

Through sunshine, storms, or in a blooming field of Heather

Skies so blue, smiling down on us

Soft winds blown in no rush

Come, soar with me, tonight as we go

Dopamine washing over me from head to toes

Filling the temple of my mind

What a blissful way for the body to unwind

Spin me 

Send me

Tease me

Please me

Instilling me with a hard dose of Dopamine

A rush felt, but not seen

Played out on a hushed mental screen

This poem is dedicated to whoever

Looking for my lost treasure

If perhaps you do locate it, our minds will certainly gather

Combining souls as one

Congratulations on the discovery, for a heart you’ve just won









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