Warriors of the Sea-A story of the Omega Men

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Taking place in the year 567 AA (After Armageddon) Captain Nelios Siberius of the 5th Trident Guards, 4th fleet, struggles with his own problems while attacking the Black Coral pirates. Meanwhile,
the island of Corsica is under attack by a beast of the deep.

Submitted: February 15, 2018

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"It's rather funny that we as a species should say "God Help Us" and yet receive help from a God.  Even though Zaeus would frown upon such words, he, like the other Omegas, might as well be close to the divine.  It's not me or the remaining members of the human race that called them the Gods.  It was our ancestors that called them divine like Thor, Ra or even like the appointed leader of the Omegas, Zaeus whom the Greeks misheard him and named him Zeus. 

They say that the Omegas are a product of evolution skipping ahead of us Homo Sapiens by who knows how many millions of years.  Their talents became the stuff of legends and helped humanity greatly.  However, we humans are dumb animals.  Where there were many humans who revered the Omegas even to the point of Godhood, there were those who feared them to the point of stupidity. 

Conflict and controversy were constant about the rights of the Omegas and their role on this planet.  Wars were fought, people were slaughtered in the thousands fighting for and against the Omegas, yet the Omegas themselves refused to fight, even when humanity made the ultimate mistake of pressing the button that should have never been pressed. 

They refused to fight because they are many centuries old and they had seen such violence.  The only thing they wanted to do for humanity was to improve the way we lived, thought and loved.  They wanted to help us create a better for world us without having the need for the Omega men.  In the year 567 AA (After Armageddon) we may just need them a lot longer then we need to. 


From the journal of Captain Nelios Siberius 

5th Trident Guards 

Mediterranean Naval Defense 


Chapter 1 

7th Mediterranean Fleet 

"The ark city that we are trying to be built in Corsica is in danger of being overrun and the refugees will be left powerless against any seas monsters or the Leviathans" the man in the navy-blue uniform stated.  Admiral Scipious had just received the news of the attack on the 12th fleet that had been assigned to guard the newest batch of refugees had been attacked.  Intelligence suggested that it was Typhon or Charybdis on the rampage, but such information was based on the sailors who were in a state of panic.  One report that was within in sound reason was that it was the Trench People.


The Trench People or Trenchmen as the naval troops had called them, had been a vicious race of sea-people hateful of anything that represented the surface world and even from time to time enjoyed the taste of human flesh.  Many Merpeople fought against the Trenchmen because of their savage way of life and utter contempt for life, whereas some fought for them for reasons ranging for sympathy for their plight to the same contempt for the surface world.  Either way, it was bad news for the Ark city on Corsica and quite possibly that region of the Mediterranean. 


"What do the Oracles say about this Admiral?" Siberius added in.  Typhus the Chief Oracle approached the stand.  He was purple skinned, with long white hair, grizzled features with yellowed eyes that belonged to someone who has seen it all and wore simple white robes.  He had been an Omega with strong psychic powers thus marking him like many others who had psychic powers as Oracles. 


"They say that great darkness surrounds the island and that a giant is present, for ill or good it cannot be said."  Several scoffs and annoyed grunts were heard in the briefing room, Siberius could not blame them.  Oracles were no substitute for intelligence troops or even aerial reconnaissance, they were only given items and valuables that were connected to a region, person or creature and then they would go into a haze after touching said items.  Often at times, bad things would happen at the last minute and many good people both soldier and civilian would get killed. 


"We have reason to believe that the Trench-People and Mermen of the Black Corals are behind these attacks.  There are reports of Behemoths being used as support for their attack" Admiral Scipious stepped back in as Typhus sat back down.  "There are also reports of Sea Serpents on the prowl so be on your guard" The admiral stated.  "But also, I am hearing of talk that there is a Guardian roaming about." 


Hushed murmurs went around and only Siberius was silent amongst those in observation.  Guardians were nasty pieces of ancient technology so powerful that only the  Omegas themselves and only a few who were fortunate enough to be the children of Omgea'swere able to shut them down.  Anything other than that would only annoy the Guardians and them to come after the assailant. 


"Despite the fact that this is not confirmed we still must save the Ark Cities of Corsica" thadmiral continued.  "Captain Siberius will lead the Fifth Trident Guards division while Commander Varus will lead the fighter squadrons and provided there is not a guardian, will provide air support.  Yours truly will hopefully be able to rescue any civilians and trapped personal any questions?" The Admiral concluded and seeing no hands raised "Alright, kick-ass  troops and may you be remembered in eternium."Everyone started to leave the room, just as  Siberius was leaving Typhus approached him. 


"He wants to see you Siberius" he said with calm features and his left hand on the shoulder of Siberius.'Tell him I will see him after the debrief" Siberius replied refusing the request.  "You really think the matter is his fault and that you have no reason to talk to him about?  He didn't like it as much as you but there was nothing to be done, not that the matter affects me any because I am just the messenger here.  It's you he is demanding to see and putting it off time and again won't stop him from asking. " 


"Then the so-called God of the Sea can keep trying and while he's at it he can kiss arseSiberius spat in contempt as he stormed out of the briefing room, leaving Typhus just staring at him as he left.  "He still blames the boss, doesn't he?"  asked Typhus.  "He hasn't stopped blaming him ever since her death.  The decision to go back to her would be a costly error, at least on what you would call one" Typhus replied.  "That it may have been" Scipious concurred "but it's not every day that one becomes the husband of a sea nymph, let alone have a child from one.


Chapter 2 


"Filthy surface-" the trencher spat as it struggled against its chains.  "Trencher scum" the man in the armored suit kicked the trencher in the ribs, causing it to howl in pain."That's enough Sergeant" a feminine voice barked.  The Ark city defense commander Elan Shovus had made it clear to all the troops that any captured enemy troops not be tortured or beaten in any way, even if they were recaptured after an escape attempt.  "These damnable trenchers and their fellow sea-vermin have already cost me half my men.  These savages need to be taught a lesson" the sergeant snarled back at Commander Shovus.  'They will be taught a lesson, but not like this, and unless you want to be moved back to the reserve troops, I suggest you button up your attitude Granzi replied coldly. 


Granzi stormed off back to what Shovus had hoped were his troops.  Even though she felt the same way about the trenchers as her men did along with their contempt for human life, she had to restrain herself.  If there was anything that she learned from the "Code of Honor" by  and the "Right to Exist" by Sekhma, is that one who stoops as low as those who do evil, become evil themselves.  The casualties among the civilians, Ark troops, even the regular armed forces were getting far too high for her comfort. 


The trencher gave an evil cackle that snapped her back to attention.  "What's so funny?" She replied back with a sneer.  "Your time is coming surface scum.  We've unleashed the beast from the depths.  Your petty island that should have never stood, will be sunk" the creature laughed evilly as it spat blood from his mouth. 


The creature was no different than any other trencher.  Purple scaly skin with webbed feet and hands that had claws on its toes and fingers too, fangs for teeth in its mouth with a reptilian tongue that belong to a hideous head with slits for a nose and black, soulless eyes.Shovus had seen Trench-Men before, especially those of the Black Coral group like the one that was chained to the post, upon which they discovered after stripping off his armor.Normally, that group of pirates would prefer death as an alternative to being captured, but with what has been happening as of late in this conflict anything was possible. 


"What the hell is that supposed to mean pirate filth?"  answered back in a demanding voice.  The trencher gave her an evil smile as blood continued to dribble down the side of his mouth.  Just as  was about to ask again, the ground began to shake and shake until she lost her balance, causing her to fall to her knees. 


"It's your doom surface-dweller.  Your doom has arrived" the creature laughed loudly once more as the sound of crashing waves came down upon the beach. 


Chapter 3 


The blast from the Black Coral's rifle nearly seared through the armor that Siberius wore and it had already taken enough damage from attacks by the pirates.  After boarding one of the behemoths that had been used as a battleship, the pirates began to repel borders and were putting up one hell of a fight.  "Gramus, situation report" he tapped the communication headset in his ear. 


"Heavy fighting on my end, but nothing I can't handle Captain" was the reply as heavy fighting was being heard in the background.Siberius had ordered his unit to be divided into two, the first by Gramus and the second by Zama, he always liked to fight alone.  A merman came from around the corner with a sawtooth sword and struck him in the left shoulder with such force that it caused him to fall to one knee.  The merman was a typical Black Coral pirate in his bloody armor and fangs for teeth as he gave an evil smile as he pressed down on the blade. 


Siberius gritted his teeth and tried to grab the sword but to no avail.  Before he could try anything else, the merman's head exploded.  As the headless merman's corpse fell to the ground, it was replaced by a pink haired, aqua skinned beauty that Siberius had known all too well. 


"Not surprised to see you her Raina" Siberius grunted as he tried to lift himself up and falling back down to his after the searing pain from still having a sawtooth sword in his left shoulder.  "You always have to be the tough guy, don't you Siberius?" She replied as she grabbed the sword with her fingertips pulled it out, without causing Siberius any pai"And isn't killing sea filth like the Black Corals beneath you?" Siberius rose to his feet as he massaged his left arm, which had been healing over thanks to the standard issue nanite injects he always received before a mission.  "I do, but it's not like it's my primary task.  I may be a combat mage who uses magic for killing from time to time, but also you already know I heal too and I sometimes prefer that over the killing, unlike a certain brother-in-law" she replied.  


"If this is about me not speaking Poseiden, now isn't really the time.  This is still a combat zone and we need to get the behemoth set free" Siberius replied with contempt as he checked the status of his wrist-mounted plasma guns on his both hands so they weren't damaged and seeing that they were both in good working order preceded to move on.  "Units Orphean and Gou Jin have been spread about the other Behemoths trying to calm them down with the other units of the Trident Guards" Raina replied plainly. 


"And the Captains of those ships?" Siberius asked as he made his made towards the passageway with his wrist-mounted guns pointed at the doors.   "All captured or killed except the one on this Behemoth.  Easy prey for Trident Guards to handle but not alone like you" she answered with a grin.  "You underestimate me too easily, even without the help of-" Siberius had been interrupted by the loud rumbling of the Behemoth as it had begun to violently shake, causing Raina to lose her balance.  She had to drop her combat staff as she used both arms to grab onto Siberius who was more stable 


Is that supposed to happen?" Siberius asked.  "No it is not" Raina said as she removed herself from Siberius and went to pick up her combat staff.  "Nor have I known it to happen.  Something's wrong" he replied in agreement as they begun to make their way towards the bridge. 


"The bridge crew certainly knows how to make a proper defense" Gramus shouted to Zamus as he returned fire from his plasma rifle, still hitting nothing but the bridge's console.  After eliminating the other defenders, he had met up with Zarma and his squad and they pushed onto the bridge on to meet a heavy defense, but no SiberiusGramus hated that about his captain. Always going it solo may have worked on covert missions, but when it came to raiding missions like this one there was always the chance that Siberius would get killed.  The captain may have been tough, but he wasn't invisible. 


A series of rapid plasma blasts snapped the howl of a familiar sound.  It was Captain Siberius in his battle armor charging onto the bridge with unrelenting fury."Always charging head first, what does the captain think he's doing with such reckless tactics?"  thought to himself.  Just as soon as Siberius had charged into the bridge area, the battle, if it could be called one, was over as if the Captain's arrival had heralded that. 


"He certainly knows how to make an entrance" Raina replied to Gramus, who appeared not to be surprised by her presence aboard the Behemoth.  "I keep telling that damn fool of a Captain not to go it solo on raiding missions, but he never listens" Gramus replied to Raina as they and Zamus stepped onto the bridge.  "I'd like to say it's all clear, but that would be stating the obvious wouldn't it Captain?" Zarma asked, but received no response on account of the fact that Siberius had his hands wrapped around the throat of the Behemoth captain 


"Answer my question or I'll tear your head off" Siberius snarled.  "Your about to do that anyway" the Behemoth captain struggled to breathe.  "Captain Siberius, stand down" Raina shouted at "Because I gave you an order and the admiral himself has authorized me to be a part of this.  We don't get a Behemoth captain, especially a Black Coral one, during every raid and the Oracles can deduce what they know.So, as I said STAND DOWN!!!!!!!!" 


Siberius gave Raina a dirty look before deciding to acknowledge her command and released the Black Coral behemoth captain, upon which he preceded to storm off the deck.Zamus and his troops surrounded the pirate captain as Raina began to secure him with locks and chains called Ley locks, rightly name for metals that were forged on Ley Lines and were much stronger than regular locks, even more so when it came to magic users.  When she had secured the prisoner, she turned to Gramus. "Watch him and don't take your eyes off him even if your life depends on it." 


"Yes ma'am, where will you be?" Gramus asked.  "Having a word with someone you know for a reason you also know." 


Chapter 4 


"What pirates aren't dead are being corralled into what they call they a barracks and are being watched by our troops, when they are not being watched by the combat mages of the Jimmu or Wu units.  Other than that, we got the all clear and the fighter squadrons, who won't have to worry about being shot down" Zarmus concluded with his report. 


Siberius nodded with approval at his Sergeants report.  "Anything else you want to add in Zarmus? You have my permission to speak freely" he asked.  "Then I will just come in and say" Zarmus developed a look of disgust on his face.  "You went and did it again.  Going solo on a raiding mission without us to back you upYou're not an Omega or even one of the Demi's, you're just going to get yourself killed and what will that accomplish?" Zarmus concluded. 


"With all due respect sergeant, my problems are my own" Siberius replied even though Zarmus didn't seem convinced.  "No Captain, they are our problems too.  Many of your fellow Tridents in this unit and others look up to you, along with many non-combat units and civilians too, not to mention that fact that you are still the hero of the Black Sea" he concluded with exasperation in voice.  "Anything else you care to add?" Siberius asked maintaining a stone-face.  "The point I am trying to make Captain, is that turning a simple operation into a suicide mission isn't going to help the unit and it's certainly not going to help you.  It certainly isn't going to bring Maema back." 


Before Siberius could contradict Zarmus, a series of loud explosions could be heard from the distanceThe comm device in Siberius's ear buzzed.  "Report" he replied as he tapped his earbud.  "This is Sky Hunter, Captain, you're not going to believe what I am seeing here" he sounded shocked.  "I've seen many things, what makes this one any different?" 


"It's a Leviathan and it looks like it's trying to take over the island. 


"Keep up the artillery fire, don't let up, evacuate to the point of the island" Shovus was shouting as she blew off the head of a Sea Serpent that slithered its way on to the island.Shovus and Ark Defense Force for Corsica had been completely blindsided by the creature that appeared out of nowhere.  She had heard tales from sailors and others of the sea about the creature, but she never thought she would ever lay eyes on the dreaded Leviathan. 


She heard of the creature's atrocities on coastal cities and vessels, but for the creature to attack Corsica, the Black Corals must have really wanted to see the surface world suffer dearly.  She had lost track of the Trenchmen that she had kept prisoner, not that it mattered with the island being under attack.Another Sea Serpent made its way to her, only this time the creature reacted faster and knocked her off her feet. 


The creature looked at her with fangs bared and what she could figure was an evil look in its eye.  Just as the creature struck her, it was ripped to shreds by laser fire as were others on the beach, missiles were striking the side of the Leviathan.Shovus looked up and saw fighter jets painted in black with red flames.  They were Z-99's of Hellfire Squadron, the 4th fleet's elite fighter pilots.  She gave a tired smile as she saw her salvation came from above. 


She rose to her feet as more missiles slammed into the Leviathan.  It wasn't enough to do any real damage to the creature, but the attacks did manage to distract the creature from trying to take the island and it refocused its anger on the fleet and the Z-99's.  The sea serpents slithered back to the ocean as if the sight of being overwhelmed was their cue to retreat.  Despite this, however, a figure emerged from the sea.  It was Black Coral trencher that she previously had in her custody.  It was covered from the neck down in its traditional trencher armor and was carrying a sawtooth sword in its right hand.  It was waving its sword arm towards himself, a sign that it wanted to challenge her. 


She smiled coldly as she walked down to the beach, reaching to her right hip for her standard issue retractable sword.  "Challenge accepted trench scum." 


"The missiles seem to be doing something Sky Hunter, but not enough to subdue it.  Want to go for anything else?" Iron Condor questioned over the radio.  "Not a bad idea Iron Condor" Varus replied sarcastically "What do you have in mind?"  "Hell, if I know, why not switch to Brimstones and see what happens" Iron Condor replied.  "A "see what happens approach" isn't what I call tactically sound Condor" Blackhawk replied.  "What other choice do we have?" Hammer chimed in.  Commander Varus seemed to have little choice.  His wife was down there on the beach, whom he hoped had made it and there was only so much his squadron could do before the creature finished off the fleet and the subdued Behemoths, before refocusing its rage on the Ark Cities of Corsica. 


If Brimstone missiles could take down Behemoths, they could do some serious damage to a Leviathan.  Hopefully. 


"Alright Squadron, switch to brimstones and-"Varus couldn't finish giving his order because he was caught by surprise as large bubbles started forming half a mile away from the Leviathan.  "4th fleet this is Sky Hunter, there is another possible threat half a mile away over." 


"Copy Sky Hunter, we are detecting it.  Unidentified as to whether or not it's a threat" the man in the Captain's uniform replied.  Admiral Scipious was in the command chair acting as if what was being reported was nothing special.  "I can feel it" he replied calmly.  "Sir?" The captain asked.  "It's not a threat to us that's coming our way.  I can feel it." 

As if on cue, a massive being rose out of the ocean with a tidal wave that almost knocked the 4th fleet on its side.  Crew members were thrown around as if they were rag dolls.  Admiral Scipious was an exception.  "It has come." 


"Zarmus is right Siberius, you're throwing your life away and for what? To spite my father Poseiden? To join my sister much faster? You’re pathetic to go on like this" Raina shouted at Siberius.  "How am I pathetic compared to your own bastard father who sacrificed his own daughter, may her soul find peace, to save his own worthless hide?" Siberius shouted back.  "How is any of that an excuse too-" before Raina could shout back the Behemoth gave a loud moaning sound.  "What was that?" Siberius asked quizzically.  A combat mage came out from the ship that was strapped to the Behemoth and ran towards Raina. 


"The Behemoth has sensed another creature coming up from the sea."  "What kind of creature could make a Behemoth moan like that?" Siberius asked." A Guardian would do something like that.  Just like it did earlier when it shook" Raina stated plainly.Siberius gave a look of concern.  "That kind of creature is something we cannot fight.  Even you, the daughter of an Omega could not take that on and a Leviathan at the same time." 


Raina gave a smile "You underestimate me easily.  Allow the combat mages to release the Behemoths and you'll see whose side the Guardian is on" she concluded with a wink. 


Chapter 5 


The sawtooth sword clashed and clanged with the retractable sword that Shovus fought it with.  "I admire the fact that you were kind to me earlier, but as a warrior of the Black Corals I must slay you without mercy" the trencher stated with an evil smile before striking at Shovus.  "I expected nothing less" she replied as she deflected the creature's strike.  She removed her helmet that revealed her white and brown hair, so that her head would not be constricted and that she would have an easier time seeing when the trencher would strike. 


It was Shovus's turn to strike.  She went in hard and fast with merciless strike after strike, causing the trencher to be on its guard and parry each blow.  The creature gave an evil smile as if it was mocking her and the attempts that she made to strike it.  Eventually one of her blows nicked the creature, causing the trencher to be mildly annoyed as they locked swords together. 


"You should be honored to know that before you die, you will have been the first surface-worlder to have bled me in combat" it said while maintaining an evil smile.  "Thanks for the complimentShovus replied coldly as she then hocked up some phlegm to then spit in the trencher's face, which she did.  The creature then disengaged her and took several steps back. 


"Not a bad move for a surfacer.  A pity I could not persuade you to join my crew" it smiled.  "Even if you would I still would slay your rotten lot before even considering joining you" she sneered back at it.  The creature laughed "You once more amuse me, a pity I have to kill you" as it charged back at her with an overhead strike. 


She sidestepped the creature and then with its right arm, slashed her with the sawtooth sword, cutting through her armor slightly.  "That won't protect you forever land-dweller, once I crack open that shell you call your armor I will eat your innards with great delight."  "Want to bet?" Shovus mocked as the creature took another slashing attack with its right arm, striking her on the left side her armor which did little damage and that gave her the chance to make a downward strike to the creature's armor.  She struck with such force that it shattered the creature's shoulder guards.


Shovus backed up far enough to stay out of the creature's sword swing.  "I am getting bored" the trencher replied with a sneer as he began to remove his armor "let's end this." Shovus then decide to oblige him and then removed her armor revealing a sleeveless and sweaty tank-top.  The trencher liked its lips as if it lusted after Shovus.  "Your right, let's." 


Before the two could clash, a loud crashing sound came from the ocean and a large figure rose from the ocean.  Both Shovus and the trencher stared with surprise on their faces at what the giant was.  "Guardian!!!!" They both gasped. 


The creature that was the Guardian looked like it was made from a marble/granite combination, yet the Omegas said they were made from the very same meteors that wiped out the dinosaurs.  It did not change the fact that Guardians could easily be corrupted for ill intentions and often difficult to convert them over.  Yet this Guardian had never been corrupted.  It had been pure since its formation centuries ago by the Ancient Ones. 


The Guardian saw the Leviathan.  Its red reptilian skin that was covered by many spikes, four eyes on both sides of its head joined by razor sharp teeth and purple tongue, tail as long as a fleet of ships and razor clawed toes and fingers.  The creature saw the Guardian and howled loudly as if it was issuing a challenge.  The Guardian did not need to reply.  It simply stood there silently, eyeing the creature with its platinum eyes as the Leviathan came crashing towards it.  


The Guardian then moved to raise its right arm and as it did, it then moved with its right leg.  As the Guardian raised its right arm, it rose up to form a fist.  With speed unseen it struck the Leviathan in the chest with a loud crash.


With the strike made against the Leviathan, it screamed a deafening scream before taking several steps back and falling to its death causing a tidal wave that would have swallowed up the fleet.  But the Guardian slammed the palm of its hands together and the tidal wave made only a slight splash on the shores of Corsica. 


Siberius, Raina, Zarmus, along with the combat mage that approached Raina and others who were aboard the liberated Behemoth, tried their very best to drown out the Leviathan's death cries by covering their ears but to no avail.  It was then that every went silent and they could not hear anymore.  "Have I gone deaf?" Raina thought to herself, but that question was quickly answered as Siberius let out a gasp.  "What the hell was that? He asked no one in particular. 


"The Behemoths are using their magic in protecting us from the howls of the creature.  We saved the lives of the Behemoths and agreed to free them, so in return they are using their magic to help us" Raina replied. 


Siberius smiled with approval as things began to look better and then turned to Raina.  "About what you said earlier, your right, I do need to talk to your father." 



Shovus still could not manage to bring herself up after collapsing due to the death cries.  The trencher was stunned too by the loudness, but it was able to recover faster than she was able to.  "You put up a good fight, but in the end, you surface world scum are still just a bunch of weaklings" the creature mocked cruelly.  The trencher held his sawtooth sword with both hands and raised it above its head, just as it was about to swing down upon the neck of Shovus when another loud sound was heard and the trencher felt a sharp pain in its side. 


Shovus was able to look up at who shot the trencher.  It was a man in a black and red flight suit, the colors of the Hellfire Squadron and he was holding a standard issue plasma pistol.  The creature looked at the pilot with unbridled anger.  "How dare you interfere with my kill.  I'll gut you like a-" the trencher was unable to complete its sentence due to the fact that a sharp object came through its stomach, causing the creature to howl in pain and fall to its knees. 


Shovus withdrew her sword from the creature as she circled around to look down on the trencher with utter contempt and disdain.  "Xan Kar" the creature uttered "that’s my name and my brothers and sisters will avenge me" he spat blood and contempt at the same time.  "Duly noted" Shovus replied as she took her retraceable sword with both hands and swung towards the Xan Kar's neck, chopping his head off. 


After getting some of the blood on her she then officially made it clear to herself that she needed a shower.  "You all right hon?" The pilot asked Shovus.  "I'm fine dear husband.  As long as you don't approach me till I strip down and shower" she replied exhaustedly.  "Perhaps maybe I can help with that" the pilot smiled.  She grinned back at him "Why Commander Varus, that's the best offer I had all day." 



"The Guardian wishes to speak to everyone" Typhus stated plainly in the briefing room of the Achilles the command ship of the 4th fleet.Siberius and his unit, along with Raina and her combat mages were there.  Varus and Ark City Commander Shovus could not make for reasons unknown, so they decided to hear the Guardians speech from Corsica. 


"What do you think it has to say"? Siberius asked.  "The Guardian will no doubt say that it is on our side, as long as we as a species fight only if it is not for ill reasons" Admiral Scipious interjected.  "I know this because when I was a child it saved my life and the lives of many others when the Battle of Avalon wasn't going well.  The massive trencher army, sea serpents and even the dozens of Krakens that were there may have been intimidating and had taken Avalon for at least a fortnight but they were nothing compared to the power of the Guardian." 


"Admiral" the captain of the Achilles approached the briefing room with a salute, which the Admiral returned "the Guardian looks like it is going to speak." 


"Since my creation my goal has to protect those who have wished only to live and do no harm" the Guardian spoke in voice that was commanding yet calm and not even the least bit threatening.  Even when there will no televisions or radios within arm's reacheveryone could hear the Guardian.  Those who could actually see the Guardian speak through the television or had assembled on the beach, were in awe of the marble colored being. 


"You humans may have done ill things in the past, but I refused to intervene for it would have brought about humanity's extinction.  I only fought on humanity's side during the Armageddon Wars because Zaeus and his fellow Omegas believed in you, therefore I must follow their example as I did before." 


"I know that there are many of you who do not trust me.  I understand that because of the actions of my brothers and the harm they have done to you.  Even though I saved you all from the hated Leviathan, I did not expect to gain your trust.  I only did what I knew what is right and I will continue to do so here and across the globe" the Guardian concluded. 


Throughout the island of Corsica and the 4th, the howl of cheers and clapping of hands were heard. 






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