The Death Of New You, The Beginning Of Old You

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Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018



Death of New You,

Beginning of Old You

Short Story

By Howerd Harty


Here you are, a place you never thought you'd be, with people you never thought you'd ever talk to. They hand you the bag of white powder that you gladly accept but deep down you hate the thought of inhaling this, but you need it. Your brain screams with need, you try to refuse but it takes over. It consumes you. You sniff the entire bag until it's gone.

You all of a sudden feel great, and all of a sudden these people you despise become your best friends. You realize you are in a nightclub, or is it space? You don't care you just dance with your new best friends. You forget all the old things and just dance, dance, dance. You pass out and you think about her. She comes into your mind, screws with your head. You feel betrayed but deep down you know the truth about who she is.

You wake up and realize you are in an ally and you see the cops, you run, and find a restaurant, you run in and hide in the bathroom. You realize there is something in your pocket, you reach in and feel. It’s soft and in a plastic bag. You pull it out and you see that the people you were with last night have left you a bag and a note that has a number and reads “call to hang” You look at the bag and think of everything before, how happy you were, how you had a great family, friends who truly cared about you. You think about her, her soft skin touching yours in the mornings, the good morning kisses and her speaking the words “I love you.” Than you think about how it all went to hell. You stop yourself and sniff the entire bag right into your lungs, you feel like you could fly, like you're invincible.

You run out and see everyone in the world dancing. You dance as well and start to scream Sweet Caroline as loud as you can. You see multiple enemies coming to stop you from dancing. You go and punch the first guy you see in the face. He falls and all of a sudden everything goes black.

You wake up in a prison cell, you feel cold. Very very cold, you look around and right in front of you she stands, just as perfect as you left her. She sits and says, “You apparently had me as the only person in your emergency contacts. Why?”

You look right directly into her eyes and try to explain how you've felt all these lonely nights, but you don't, she finally looks disgusted but, yet, concerned and says “It's your fault. If you would have never gone down this road, if you never hung out with that group of guys we would still be together…….your son wants to see you…..and if you get up off your ass and get off these drugs, you can maybe see him.” She pauses almost looking like she regrets what she said “Until then don’t you dare ever come near us.”

She leaves and you have a tight feeling in your chest, and realize you have to face the music. You realize that you have to kill the new you and bring back the old you. It's time for you to be you is what you think not this you. You shut your eyes and think about the day you lost her. You sit and tell yourself that you will not anymore. This is day one of the old you, of the real you. She woke the real man up, and for the first time in forever, your happier than you've been in a long time.

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