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This story is about a girl named Reya who has two different types of phobias that make her life hard. With the help of her puppy Fea, she will go to a school for her first time in years after a
traumatic experience when she was younger. She will go through some hardships, but Reya always gets through thanks to her puppy and her new friends.

Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018



Fear, it’s a thing of endless pain. I have a fear. It is called Didaskaleinophobia , that is the fear of school. I also have Mastigophobia, the fear of beating.  Hello my name is Reya and I have a story to tell. I was asked by a teacher who knew me in middle school, she knew I had a phobia of school, she asked me to write this, for all who have fears and phobias. To show that there is always a way out. Now a little beginning info: My name is Reya, this story happened when I was 14 and I first started school and the 8th grade. Fea (Fee-au) is my Siberian/gray wolf puppy she was about four months. Now let’s begin.


“Reya! Get your butt up it’s time for school!” yells my mother.

“Ugg. Do I have to?” I ask groggily and scarcely. I do have Didaskaleinophobia and Mastigophobia, that is long for I am paranoid of school and bullies, so yeah school. This was all because I went to this horrible daycare/preschool. The teachers we mean and would be drinking and and taking their anger out on the kids. That place was finally closed after I left. But I never forgot Mrs. Bridgely, she was the worst. She would grab me and me only, and drag me over to the corner when she thought in her drunk state that I was being mean. She would then proceed to hit, yell at me and slap me. The first time I went home with a black eye was the last time I ever saw that place. I got a Siberian husky for my birthday that year. She was so loving and nice. One day I wake up to her panting and knocking a my door to get out. I let her out and slowly walk to the door I was about 13¾ at the time she ran to the little bed thing she had been making. She started howling in pain and I then heard little baby puppy cries. I ran to wake up my mom and dad and we hightailed it to Leaf (Out husky) who had given birth to three super cute puppies. Two males and one female.

We noticed right away that they were part gray wolf because the vet told us an we live really close to the wild forest and probably a pack of Gray wolves. We named them Fea, Triton, and little Hue.

Four months later, I am going to my enemy, middle school. I have a horrible fear of school.

“Yes you do!” my mom yells from downstairs.

“If you hurry I will take you to Starbucks on my way to drop you and Fea of!”

“Ok I’ll be right down!” I say now motivated to get out of bed. I get ready and grab Fea’s leash. The three 4 month pups come running inside from outside.

“Good morning, Fea, Triton, and Hue.”

“Leash Fea and let’s go! I’m hungry!”

“Same here! Come here Fea.”

I leash her and we leave. Once we get to Chase Middle School, I get out with Fea’s leash in one hand and a peppermint mocha in the other. My mom comes up and pulls me into the horror show. We head to the office and my mom talks to the principal and give him the paperwork for letting Fea in the school. The two adults come out.

“Hello Reya. I am Principal Zomach. And hello Fea.”

“Hi.” I say shaking the principal’s hand. Fea whines for attention and the principal pets her.

“How about I call down another student here to help get to your first class.”

“Sure” I say trying to hide my fear.

A few minutes later a boy comes down from the stairs.

“You must be the new kid. My name is Nico” he says. Nico has dark brown eyes and short coffee brown hair.
Yes, that’s me. I am Reya and this is my wolf dog Fea.”

“Cool, come on.” he starts climbing back up the stairs, I follow. We get to the classroom and walk in, he sits down and the teacher beacons me up to the front. I walk up shaking uncontrollably, my vision going blurry. I remember what mom had said to do in this situation. I pet Fea and remind myself that I am safe.

“Can you tell us your name and why you have a dog?” the teacher who is Mrs. Linger.

“Yeah, my name is… R- Reya. And this is my dog Fea. I have her because I have a bad case of Didaskaleinophobia and Mastigophobia. That means I have fear of school and beating.” I say petting Fea’s ears.

“Why thank you, can I see your schedule?” she asks.

“Yeah, here.” I hand my paper to Mrs. Linger.

“Why don’t you sit next to Luke. Luke please raise your hand so Reya can find you.”
One boy who looks like trouble raises his hand and I walk over there with my stuff and Fea. I sit down next to him and he looks over at me and snickers.

“This school doesn't have time for people like you. If ever want to fit in here I would suggest you loose the dog and act like everyone else.” he says.

“Well it’s nice to meet you but, I have been through much more than you and I am only here so I can do online school for the rest of high school and college”I say stubborn. I go through class and do my work, I caught Luke in the act of cheating, I told him off. After class a few kids came up to me and asked to pet Fea, I packed up while Fea was getting all the love. I leave to my next class which for some bad reason has that kid Nico in it. He was seated right next to a girl who had blue eyes (like Fea) black curly hair, and she was a mix between what looked like English and Caucasian. I sat down next to the down right next to her. She looked over at me.

“Hi, you must be Reya. Nico was talking all about you over here! Weren't you Nico!” She pushes him.

“Hey not fair!” He said.

“Can I pet Fea, you're adorable puppy?”

“Yeah she is friendly.” I say as Fea walks right up and starts licking her.

“Hehe sorry she is really friendly and very loyal to her friends and family.”

“I love dogs! By the way my name is Hazel.”

“It is nice to meet you Hazel.”

The bell rings and the teacher gets up from his desk and walks around the room shaking everybody's hands and introducing himself. He gets to me and sees Fea, he looks confused but then he regains his smile and looks at me.

“You must be Reya. Mr. Zomach told me you would be in my second period. I am Mr. Hunch.”

“Hello and yes that is me and this is my dog Fea.”

“Well hello Fea!” he says as he shakes Fea’s hand.

“How old is she?” he asked.

“She is four months”

“Wow such a smart puppy and well behaved too. She will be the top classmate in here.” he said jokingly.

“Yeah, she is half gray wolf half Siberian husky.”

“That was my guess!”

“Well I guess you you know dog and wolf breed.”

“I did get a degree in Biology.”

We start the class. I was kinda scared because kids kept looking at me and whispering. We get the class over with and I head to my next class. I meet the teacher and sit in the back kinda having a panic attack. I do my work and help others around me. I pull up a chair for Fea to get up on. She does and I pet her. Lunch time I grab my lunch from my locker and walk past a group of boys.

“Look there goes the freak of the school!” calls one of the boys.

“Please stop. You have no idea what I’ve been through.” I say as calmly as possible.

“Oh so the freak no has sass to the people above her.” says another.

I walk to lunch crying to myself, in that moment I was deathly afraid, I tried to not show it but I was, scared that they were going to be the new Mrs. Bridgely. Scared for my dog, well not really I’ve seen her get mad. It didn't end well for the robber. You see, it was a few months ago I almost lost my life due to this. I was walking home when a guy came up behind me (I was walking home from the library). He put a knife to my throat and told me to do as he says or else. I hit him with my book bag and make a run for it. He comes running after me this time with a gun out. Because of my fear I didn't run to the safety of a school I ran to a very public place. He catches me faster than I wanted and drags me into an ally way. He then points a gun at my head and demands all my valuables are given up. I guess he didn't think much of Fea or he didn't notice her, she was fast and powerful, much smarter and stronger than your average puppy. She bites him, he drops his weapons and I run for it. Fea had him on the ground growling at him. I call the police and explain once they get there that Fea was protecting me and she is a sweet dog to everyone else. They take the man away who had a nasty bit on his ankle. I have seen Fea also chase a squirrel she caught it but she let it go to chase it again. I think she and squirrel are buddies.

I walk to a table with no one there so I can eat alone and try and calm myself down. Just as I sit down Hazel pulls Nico over and sits down next to me. She starts eating and so does Nico. I first feed Fea, then I eat.

“Sooo, want to hang out with us today after school?” Hazel asks.


“Oh, come on it will be fun”

“I guess.”

“Great! You know where you came in today? We can meet around there ok?”


We eat in silence. I go outside and walk around with Fea. (By the way I am African American, with green/gray eyes and chocolate colored straight hair with streaks of blue and purple. My two favorite colors). I sit down on a bench and Fea jumps up and starts licking my face.

“Hey, hey stop it already!”

“Haha look it’s the freak and her dog!” a boy says as he walks over to me. I grab and hold Fea’s leash and just as I start to get up someone pushes me down.

“Don’t go anywhere girly.” he says. This kid who ever he is has brown eyes short blonde hair and looks to be English. I try again and he pushes me down, this time Fea starts growling.

“Shut your muts mouth or I will!” he yells. I start to have a panic attack and I start silently crying.

“Oh so you are a crybaby as well” he says moving closer. He reaches his hand out and Fea snaps at him.

“You should control your dog or it might be put down.” he snaps.

“It’s not my fault that Fea doesn't like you. Maybe if you were a better person, things might be different.” I say with my head down.

“What was that!?” he pulls my hair and stares straight into my eyes.

“I said-”

“I heard what you said but I really don’t think you want me to hear that. So I am giving you a chance to retry what you said to me.” he says and a few others come over one is Nico and one is Luke.

“I said it’s not my fault that Fea my dog doesn't like you. She has good taste.” I say with eyes full of fear, tears, resentment and anger. All above anger, from being the one who was tortured and picked on at my preschool, I never felt safe at a school again after that, this was no different. I could see Mrs. Bridgely in this boy's place doing all this crap to me.

“Oh so crybaby hasn't learned her lesson. Why don't we teach it.” he says pulling me by the wrist to my feet. I hold onto Fea’s leash as she growls.

“Not yet girl, not yet.” I say to her.

“Take the dog!” yells the boy.

“Yes Tyler.” says Luke as he tries to take Fea’s leash from me. Fea snaps at him as he tries to pull it out of my grip.

“Stupid dog” growls Tyler.

“Let go of me!” I yell pulling a move I practiced non stop, if something like this were to happen. So basically he has my wrist, so I turn my hand and grab his wrist and twist his arm, holding it behind his back.

“What the *insert very bad curse word* this hurts you little *insert mean and bad name*, let me go *insert same thing as last one*”

“Will you stop bullying me?”

He pulls his arm out of my grasp and yells at me some more, then proceeds to leave. I see Nice just standing there looking at me with pure shock and amazement.

“What do you want?” I say as tears fall down my cheeks. He walks up looking worried and hugs me.

“I was going to see what those two were doing I got here and saw what was happening. I am so sorry that they did this to you. Are you ok?” he says looking at me.

“Better now, thank you.” I sit down, he sits next to me.

“I should have stood up for you.”

“Hey I can fight my own battles.”

“I know, and you also have Fea. But those two are going to come back and they will do it more and more.”

“That’s seems to be middle school for ya”

“Yeah I guess.”

“I was really impressed with how you pulled that trick on Tyler.”

“Ha that? That was so easy.”

“I know. I am sorry for giving you the cold shoulder when we first met. I was not being myself. I saw you and I felt like you were better than me in many different ways. One being your hair.”


“What I like it.”

“Thanks for staying with me.”

“Hey I am just doing what you probably would’ve done for me right?”

“Yes, you are right.”

“If you don’t mind me asking what happened to you that was so bad?”

“Well... “ I tell him the story behind all this

“My parents learned I was like this in kindergarten, I went to the school and started crying non stop. I didn't’t eat or sleep. I just cried. After that I never went to school ever until now.”

“Well now that I know. I believe you. You have been through more than anyone else.” Nico said.

“I am glad that you did come to school for at least one year.” he said.

“This is so sweet!” Hazel’s voice says behind me. I turn around to she her smiling.

“How long were you there?” I ask.

“Oh I heard your story and I heard Nico confess that he has a crush on you!”

My cheeks start to turn red and Nico’s too though he looks at Hazel with anger and annoyance.

“Why?????” he asks.

“Because I am your best friend, and my job is to ruin and embarrass you to no end!” she says happily.

“Is it true? Nico, do you like me?” I ask.

“Yes it is.” his head down.

“Well I like you too!”


“Why not? You comforted me in my crying state.”

We talk for awhile then the bell rings and we head into class as a group. A group of friends. Friends I never thought I would ever use that word again. We go inside this time Hazel and Nice move their stuff next to me.

“I really like Mr. Hunch he seems nice.” I told Hazel.

“He is really nice.” said Hazel to me.

We got thru fourth period and Nico, Hazel and me walk to fifth. Once we get to the room I see the teacher he is sitting in his chair with a grumpy look on his face. He saw us coming in, he saw Fea. He looks shocked then he looks angry, he gets up and stomps over.

“Why is there a dog in my classroom?” he asks.

“She is my service dog. We have the paperwork.” I say in a small voice.

“Inexcusable! You… what is your name?” he yells.

“Hey grumps a lot she needs that dog, so please stop yelling at her and getting all angry and what not.” Nico says.

“What are your names?! tell me now!” he yells.

“Calm down Mr. Quince” Hazel says.

“What is your name little girl?” he says as he gets right into my face. I start tearing up just seeing Mrs.Bridgely in his place doing the exact same thing.

“My name is Reya.” I say as calmly as possible.

“Well Reya, dogs aren't allowed in my class. So take your mutt and go outside.” he says harshly. I start to walk out, Nico grabs my hand and follows me out with Hazel right behind.

“Mr. Quince can be really mean fro time to time.” Hazel said looking down.

“It seems as if you know him.” Nico guessed.

“He is my father, he and my mom got a divorce and I live with my mom and step family full time.” she said looking down. A single tear raced down her cheek.

“It’s ok” I said to her.

“This isn't your fault.”

Mr. Hunch comes up the stairs, he sees us and comes over a worried look on his face.

“Why aren't you three in class?” he asks.

“Reya and Fea aren't allowed in class so we are on strike.” Nico says.

“Hmmm let me get Principal Zomach. I’ll be right back.” Mr. Hunch says walking back down the stairs. A few minutes later the principal and Mr.Hunch come back up and come over to us.

“So who was giving you three trouble?” asks the principal.

“Mr. Quince.” I say calmly.

“Ok well I have moved you three to a different class here your improved schedule.” Zomach says handing a piece of paper to each of us.

“Now go on to your class.”

“Ok thank you Principal Zomach!” Hazel says. We walk to our new classroom Mrs. Eastwood's. We got there and came into the class.

“Oh who are you three?” says the teacher.

“We got a schedule change to this class.” Nico says scanning the crowd. He spots someone and frowns.

“Well then why don’t you introduce yourselves!” she says beckoning us up. I see who Nico was looking at: Luke and Tyler.

“Oh dear you have an adorable puppy, may I the cutie?”

“Yeah her name is Fea.” I say. While Mrs. Eastwood pets Fea Hazel, Nico and I introduce ourselves.

“How about you three sit over there with Luke and Tyler.”

“Ok. Thank you Mrs. Eastwood.” Hazel says as she walks over and gives Luke and Tyler her evil eye. She sat down right next to Tyler saving two seats for me and Nico to sit. I walk pass Luke and he sticks his foot out and trip over it. Nico catches me from in front and glares and Luke while Fea growls. Class begins, I sat right next to Nico and Hazel, I was in a protective space from Luke or Tyler. Class is a breeze even though it was supposed to be hard.

“Come on let’s do our homework in the park!” Hazel says when we are packing up.

“We still have one class before we leave so calm down.” Nice says putting his homework away.

“Come slow pokes! I’ll see ya at the next class I guess!” Hazel says jogging out of the classroom.

“She is something.” I say to Nico.

“Yeah she is.” he says grabbing my binder.

“Hey, come on give it back!” I say.

“I’m carrying it for you. Geez lady, can’t I do something nice for you?” he says with a big smile on his face. I grab Fea’s leash and the rest of my stuff and we start walking out of the classroom, me, Nico and Fea.

“You don’t have to do that.” I say to him.

“But I want to.” he replies.

“But you carry enough!”

“What is it to carry a little more?”


We get to the classroom, find Hazel and sit by her. Class starts and we quiet down.

“Ok so some of you may know me. But for those how don’t I am Mr. Pherson, your advanced math teacher.” the teacher said.

“Today we will be working on some algebra today.” Mr. Pherson continues. We get are work page and started. I finish early so I go up to Mr. Pherson and turn it in and ask if there is more.

“You are done already?” he says surprised.

“Yeah is there anything else I can do?”

“Uhh here.” he says handing me a little packet.


I walk back looking at my packet. It was some simple math, at least to me. I sit back down and Hazel looks at my paper.

“Holy crap. He gave you that?” she asks.

“Yeah, it’s really easy. I might have it done by today.”

“You are why past anyone’s intelligence in here if you think that is easy.” Hazel said with a deadly serious look on her face. I begin work, the bell rings just as I finish the last problem. As others turn in their assignment I turn in the packet.

“You finished an 11th grade math packet in a shorter amount of time then actual 11th graders!?” Mr. Pherson says looking through the packet.

“It was easy.”

“That seems the case.”

“Well bye” I say walking out of the classroom Fea, Nico and Hazel all behind. I go to my locker only to see two boys standing right on the sides of my locker. I walk to my locker not paying them any attention. I open my locker door accidentally hitting Luke in the face.

“Ow why you little *insert bad name* that hurt say sorry.” he yells.

“For what? I was getting my stuff and you were just standing there. There is nothing to say sorry for.” I say as fear starts crawling up me. My vision starts blurring and I feel wobbly.

“You hit me with your locker door that’s what you say sorry for!” he yells. Behind me Tyler grabs me by the shoulders.

“You are nothing but a *insert bad name* and a *insert bad name* so just say sorry and do as we say for the rest of the year.” he whispers into my ear.

“*INSERT BAD WORD* you! Let me go you id-!” I scream as Tyler puts his hand over my mouth.

“Shut the *Insert bad word* up and say sorry!” he yells. I fight and kick back. But he wouldn't let go of me. I hear people whispering and I see people pointing. But none helping. I fight for a while longer, then Luke closes my locker and Tyler bangs me up against it.

“Maybe you should just die. It would do all of us a favor and the world to.” Luke whispers harshly in my ear.

I scream but it is muffled from the noise and Tyler’s hand. I stop fighting, giving up. I get slapped in the face, yelled at, and punched in the head and stomach. I black out. But from what Nico tells me it happened like this. He and Hazel heard yelling and banging. They ran to see what was happening, but couldn't get through the crowd to see very well. Nico gets a view on what was happening. I was on the floor in a pool of blood. I had tears running down my cheeks. I was unconscious and Fea was standing over me growling and showing her teeth. Nico said he ran to me pushing the crowd aside with Hazel at his heels.

“What the *Insert bad word*? What did she do to you?” he yelled.

“She was rude and she hit Luke in the face and didn't say sorry!” yelled Tyler.

“Move the *Insert bad word* away from her!” yelled Hazel.

“I’m calling 9-1-1!” she said angrily.

While Hazel was on the phone Nico sat me on my back leaning against the lockers.

“Crap. Crap. Crap.” he said repeatedly.

I know what you are thinking “Why didn't the teachers intervene?”. To answer that I don’t know. I was knocked out for the most of it. I gain a little consciousness and see Nico leaning over me and Fea licking my face. I try to move my hand but I couldn't it was just too painful. Nico must have seen this, because he called out to Hazel who was still on the phone with the police. He told her I was awake, then he looked back at me and smiled a little. When the ambulance came they took me and Fea to the hospital and the police took Tyler and Luke with them. I fell back asleep. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed with needles in my arm, bandages all over me, pain everywhere and Fea on my lap sleeping. I pet her ears and she lifts her head to see me smiling down at her. She licks my face and climbs up further on me.

“I love you too Fea.” I say.

The door opens and a lady in white comes in and looks at me and Fea.

“It’s good to see you awake. That dog of your’s didn't want to leave your side. She growled at the people trying to help you.” the lady said.

“Yeah, Fea has always been protective of me.”

“It’s a good personality trait in dogs. To be loyal to their owners and want to protect them in danger.” she said.

“Who are you? Not to be mean but I don’t know where I am or who you are.”

“I am Doctor Octavian. And you are at the hospital.” said the doctor.

“Ok thank you Doctor!”

“Your welcome. Now there is a investigator here and he wants to talk to you. Can I bring him in?” she asked.

“I guess.” I said.

“I’ll go get him.” she said as she walked out of the room. A few seconds later a man walks in and sits down.

“Hello Reya, I am Investigator James. I would like to talk to you about the incident the happened at school.” he said.

“Ok what would you like to know?” I asked.

“Can you tell me the whole story of what happened?”

“Sure… “ I tell the story of my first day of school.

“I see in your file that you have Didaskaleinophobia and Mastigophobia. Am I right?” he questioned.

“Yes you are.”

“Can you tell me how and why you have these phobias?”

“Sure, it all started with this place called Daytime Fun. There was a drinking problem with all the employees but the owner Mrs. Bridgely she was the worst. She would hurt me only the only African American kid there. I was a nice and honest kid but that place changed me, I couldn't walk near a daycare or school for a few years. Then in kindergarten. I wouldn't stop hiding and crying. Whenever the teachers tried to talk to me I would scream and lash out. I didn't stay in school for very long. My parents took me to a child psychologist and she diagnosed me with Didaskaleinophobia and Mastigophobia. So she said to not take me back to school because I could harm someone with these panic attacks. She also said they should get me a companion to be with and then maybe in a few years I could back to school when my fear isn't so bad. She also said that I should go to counseling, which I have been. It has helped me control my fear.” I finished.

“Well that is definitely more than I thought you have been through, though it does make sense.” he continued.

“Well I think I got all the information I need. Thank you for your time Reya.” he said walking out the door.

“No problem Investigator James.” I say cheerfully.

I sit petting Fea for a while until my mom and dad burst through the door running at full speed to me and once they got to me they both crushed me in a hug.

“Yo--you are grounded…” he dad says crying on me.

“Oh what did I do this time?” I say jokingly.

“You scared us to death! If it weren't for those two Nico and Hazel, you could’ve been dead!” cries in my shoulder.

“Hey calm down both of you! You two are supposed to be the ones getting soaked with me crying not the other way around!” I complain.

“We are just so mad and happy that you are ok!” my says trying to pull himself together.

“Oh so you are mad that I am ok?” I question.

“You know what I mean!” he said.

“Your friends are waiting outside for you. Do you want to see them?” my mom asked.

“Sure bring them in. And ask the doctor when I can leave, please?”

“Sure we will go do that.” my mom says as she pulls my dad out of the room.

Seconds later the door opens and Nico and Hazel walk in and come over to me.

“You look better.” Hazel says.

“How are you feeling? Are you uncomfortable? How are you? Can I have your number?” Nico says really quickly.

“I feel fine. I am not uncomfortable. I am fine. And maybe later.” I say.

“Good, good, good, ok, and good.” he says.

“You are acting like my parents.” I say to him.

“I’m just really worried about you.” he said back.

My mom walks in with a smile on her face.

“The doctor said you can come home as soon as you want to. They’ve given me the painkillers for you. Do you want to go home? Maybe stop by a restaurant?” she asked.

“Sounds good.” I say as I get up.

“You will be coming back to school, right?” Hazel questions in a way that says I don’t have a choice.

“We’ll see.” I say trying to hide the fear and worry that is taking over.

“Well then let’s get going me and your father are hungry we have been waiting one whole day pretty much to see you wake up.” she said.

“Well I am hungry too. Bye Nico and bye Hazel.” I say as I hug both of them.

“Without you two I don’t know what would’ve happened.”

“Hey we were just trying to do the right thing.” Hazel said with a smile on her face.

“We are really happy to see you better though, right Nico?” she questioned.

We all leave the room. Me and my parents walk out of the hospital I say bye to Nico and Hazel once more. My and my parents stop at Starbucks on our way home. I get a grilled cheese, a cookie dough cake pop and a peppermint mocha. Once we get home I go to the backyard and sit down on the comfy chairs outside and eat my food. It was a nice day today. The sun was shining there was a nice warm breeze going through. I start to replay all the events in my head. Getting picked on, beat up. All because I was different and I had a dog with me. How is that fair? Why are people so mean? Why can’t you accept someone for who they are? But I keep replaying the words I heard over and over again and again. I start to believe them. I start crying to myself. No one will know or care to know the difficulties I face day after day. Month after month. Year after year. The words they said start to become more true as the more as I think about it.

“Maybe you should just die. It would do us all a favor and the world too.” the word repeated in my head. I run into the forest crying and sobbing not looking or caring at this point. I ran and cried until I had no more tears. I fall down onto my knees. I hear a howl not to far away.

“AAWWWWOOOOOO” it echoed closer and closer. I heard something panting and circling me. I look up and see wolves looking at me with concern and curiosity. I sit there looking around realizing that they have me in a circle. I sit there in terror as the biggest one comes up to me and starts sniffing me. Once the wolf was done it looked at me with the same eyes as Fea, Triton, and Hue all had. The wolf also looked like them too. He looked at me with those eyes and then he started to walk off. I know this might sound stupid of me at the time. But I felt safer with a pack of Gray wolves then my chances alone. I follow the wolves until they stop at a huge cave. They walk in, I made a small shelter and a fire for the night. I fall asleep for the night. The next morning I wake to something licking my face. I open my eyes to see Fea, Triton and Hue all licking my face.

“Ugg. Get off me.” I say pushing the three off.

“How did you three find me?” I ask.

“Well maybe it’s your smell or the fact that they followed you.” said someone.

I look to see who it is and to my surprise I am met with Nico and Hazel’s face.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Hazel says jokingly.

“Umm. Good morning.” I say back.

“Why did you run off from your house. Your parents are worried sick about you.” Nico.

“Ok mom.” I say back sarcastically.  

“Haha very funny. We were worried sick to. You can’t just go running off into the forest.” he said in a motherly way.

“Yes mom. I am very sorry mom.” I say back.

“It is funny when you two are arguing.” Hazel notes helpfully.

“Get up and wipe the dirt off.” Nico says pulling me up to my feet.

“Thank you mom.”

“Stop calling me mom!” he says.

“Ok dad.”

“Well at least you are okay. We were worried sick that you were going to run into a wild animal and get killed or hurt.” Hazel says.

“Well…” I say looking away.

“What happened? Spit it out now.” Hazel demands.

“You see I… ran into a pack of Gray wolves and followed them here.” I say sheepishly.

“Why in *Insert bad word* sake would you do that?!” yells Hazel and Nico.

“They were nice though and I think the leader of the pack is Fea, Triton and Hue’s father.” I say as a few wolves come out to expect the loud noises. They come up to us and pass us to Fea, Triton and Hue. The three wolves then pick up the pups and take them back into the cave.

“What in the world just happened?” Hazel questioned.

“Umm I think they took my puppies to their father.” I say back equally confused. A while later the pack of wolves comes out with Fea, Triton, and Hue. The pack leader (alpha male) comes forward with the three pups. He look down at them and then back at me. He nudges each pup over to me and then lays down next to me.

“Ahhh ummm what is happening?” I ask now even more confused.

“I have not the slightest idea.” Nico admits.

“Well what should I do?” I question.

“I don’t know.” Nico says in the most unhelpful tone ever.

“Try getting up.” suggested Hazel.

I get up without a problem. I look back down at the alpha male, I reach down my hand and pet him on the head. He takes it happily and begs for more.

“I’m sorry but I have to go. Maybe we will run into each other another time, okay.” I say to him. He gets up and starts walking. We follow, and soon enough we reached my house. We walk inside. My parents crush me again with a hug.

“You do not leave the house and go into the forest!” my dad cried.

t all that bad. I found company.” I say.

“What do you mean Reya?” my mom cries.

“What I mean is I found Fea, Hue and Triton’s father and his pack. Well they kinda found me first.”

“You ran into a pack of wolves?” my mom questions in disbelief.

“Yeah and then I followed them to their cave and stayed the night. Not in the cave.”

“Do you know how dangerous and reckless that is?” my dad and mom both say.

“Yes I do. But I am fine and I think my odds would be better staying with a pack of wolves that on my own.”

“That’s why you don’t go out into the forest alone or at all!” scolds my mom.

“We are just happy that you are safe. Please don’t do that again.” my dad says.

“Okay I won’t.”

The day goes on from there and from there onto the next day and so forth. The day I go back to school I saw Tyler and Luke, they saw me. I was really confused why they were still here, but I didn't give a *Insert bad word*. At lunch me, Nico, Hazel, and Fea eat and then head outside. We were walking along minding our own business when Tyler, Luke and their followers come up in front of us and stop us.

“You still owe us an apology *Insert bad name*.” says Luke.

“For what, getting beat up, going to the hospital, running away into the forest to die from what people have said? I still don't know why you want an apology.” I say trying to hide my fear and want to run away and hide.

“Well if that is the case then I guess we will punish you for your mistakes. Take the dog!” yells Tyler.

“Hold the *Insert bad word* up. You think you can just bully Reya into doing what you want. Think again idiots. So back the *Insert bad word* up and you say the sorry. For all the pain you’ve caused Reya!” yells Nico and Hazel.

“Let me get this straight. We want you two to stop bullying Reya.” Hazel says.

“Wow the other *Insert bad name* is really stupid.” quotes Luke.

“She is not stupid, he's just standing up for what is right.” Nico says.

“Why do you make friends with such losers when you have friends like us. You should stop trying to protect them.” Tyler scoffs.

“You are no friends of mine. We might have been in the past but not anymore.” Nico spats.

“Well you just made two new enemies today Nico.” Luke says.

“I don’t care. I would rather have two friends who I can trust and I know that I can be safe with. Rather have a group of friends who don’t care *Insert bad word* about me!” Nico yells.

“So I will ask one more time. Refrain from bullying or teasing Reya, Hazel or me anymore.” Nico says deadly calm. He grabs me and Hazel’s wrist and we run around the group. In that moment I felt something being lifted off me. A weight that I had carried for a long time. It had finally been removed. My fear is still exist and I still need Fea at my side, but I am not as afraid anymore. I feel more free and happy. I have gotten over my fear for the time being. I hope you can too.


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