The Power of Words

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Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



Our words can have a big impact on others

depending on what we say and how we say them.

We can bring life into a person

or kill their heart and soul.

We can lift up a spirit

Or make them feel worthless.

We can pull at the heart strings

Or make a person laugh out loud

and perhaps they will forget their troubles for a moment.

They are just simple words when you break them down.

Individually they have little impact by themselves ( Usually)

But put together in just the right way

They can tumble the house of emotional cards

Or build bridges of understanding.

Empires have been built and lost on words

Wars have been started by words

or rather a war of words

Men and women throughout time have changed our lives with their words.

Some words stir up images when you first hear them.

Others sound down right silly.

Some you know are not nice

Some we shouldn't repeat

Some we should never say but we do.

They are all just words

And yet often times they say volumes

about the person saying them.

They can raise our expectations,

Stir the masses to new heights,

Rally the troops,

Fill men and women with patriotic pride.

Some words have many meanings.

Some words are often misspelled.

Some will tell you mind what you say

Because words do have power to them.

Good or bad

Funny or sad

In the end though

They are just words.

But we are the filter that gives them their meaning.



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