War in space

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Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018





It was the matter of great concerns that some satellite were missing. What happened to them?  Where did they go? Nobody knew. Some people said that all those satellites had captured by aliens. Some astronomers claimed that they had seen some flying objects in the space which didn’t seem to be from earth. That idea was dismissed by the scientist. But there were some strong evidences to support that theory.

Vijay kumar, an astronaut by profession was excited about what was happening. He had belief in the theory of existence of aliens. During his one or two previous flights he had have such experiences that made his belief strong. He along with his family lived in a metro city of India.

Then happened what was enough to spread the waves of panic in entire world. Several satellites crashed to earth within a few days. When the debris of these satellites was examined, it was found that the satellites ware shot down. The findings spread panic across the world. It forced all the nations to do something. After some days a spacecraft which was going to mars was targeted and destroyed. The last signals sent by that spacecraft were enough to prove the theory of attack form an unknown alien power. That attack make all the nations of the earth to come together to fight that alien power.

It was decided to send military spacecrafts to find out and expel the attackers. Vijay was called up to take part in that mission. He decided to take part in the mission without thinking twice, although his family was against his taking part in the mission. He was deputed on a spacecraft as a captain. And soon these spacecrafts and the attackers were face to face. For the first time in the human history, a fierce fight was fought with aliens some forty thousand kilometres away from the earth. The alien power won the fight easily. Having lost several spacecrafts, the mission failed. Vijay was lucky to escape unhurt from the battle field. That defeat shocked the humanity. After that battle the alien power marched towards earth. All the nations of earth came together to fight the enemy. And soon the alien power began bombarding on earth. That bombardment caused heavy destruction on the earth. It took thousands of lives on the earth. On the other hand, allied forces continued its attack on aliens and destroyed many alien spacecrafts. Vijay took part in almost all those expeditions and succeeded in destroying some alien spacecrafts. The alien power had its space station located about forty five kilometres away from earth. Form that base space station their spacecraft were coming to attack on earth.  Their space station was like an enclosed island in the space. It was big enough to accommodate a large population. Who is inside that island was unknown. Some spacecraft were sent to that space station to attack it but it was impossible to enter that island like space station. The alien spacecraft were sent from that space station to attack the earth. The war continued for weeks. Both sides had to suffer great loss.

The alien power now landed its machinery on the earth. It sent alien spacecrafts that dropped thousands of round shaped objects of various sizes in several cities and towns across the earth. These objects coming on the earth unfolded into metallic monsters. They were war machines. These machines began carnage on the earth. They destroyed whatever came before them. People had to flee to safe places. War machines captured many cities and destroyed several towns.  Soon the allied force began counter-attack. And the fierce battle began and the allied forces rose to the occasion and destroyed thousands of war machines in fights. Many civilians and soldiers have killed and injured in these fights. The win in that battle encouraged the allied forces. The war intensified when alien power sent thousands of more war machines on earth.

Here Vijay got worried about his family when came to know about carnage done by war machines in his city. He tried to contact with his family but in vain.  He didn’t know what happened to his family. He was not alone trapped in such a situation there were thousands of others who were in such situation. Despite all his worries, he was determined and dedicated to the mission of defeating the alien power.

Millions of people had been killed in the war so far. The destruction caused by the war compelled the governments across the globe to take decisive action against the alien power. It was decided by the super powers to carry out the nuclear attack on the alien power. The target was to destroy that space station using atomic warheads. A special squad was formed to carry out nuclear attack. Vijay too was a part of that squad. On the decided day dozens of spacecrafts were launched from the earth to carry out nuclear attack on that alien power. Fierce fight was fought in the space. The alien space station sent its spacecrafts in counter attack and began firing of missiles. Vijay along with his team was proceeding toward the target giving dodge to firing by alien spacecrafts. Within a few hours they were about two thousand miles away from the alien space station. Vijay decided to fire nuclear missile from this distance. He activated the firing system. Within a few seconds he fired four nuclear missiles one after another. He looked at the display unit which was displaying the movement of warheads towards the alien space station. And the time came when those missiles exploded. Within a few minutes another spacecrafts also fired nuclear missile to the alien space station. Destruction of alien base station was almost certain. Now it was time to fight off the remaining alien spacecrafts. After the destruction of their space station, the alien spacecrafts began to flee from the battle field. Now the win in the war was certain. They could watch the alien space station being destructed on their display unit of control room.

When the news of victory reached earth, the wave of joy spread across the world. It took some weeks to destroy remaining war machines. When Vijay and other warriors returned to earth, they were treated like real heroes. It was only the bravery of Vijay and many other like Vijay that gave us victory in the war. There was still a mystery who was that alien power and where did they come from? But after undergoing such a war with alien species the human race became more powerful.

© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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