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The story of A Flat Head Indian Family From The Beginning To Present Day

Table of Contents

The Begaining

The Flat Head Indian Family By Waymon l.Young     Times were hard for the three remaining werfukgaree tribe In... Read Chapter

Spirit Of The Stick Boy

Chapter Two  Spirit Of The Stick Boy     Cliff could not remember his Father very well. He had left ... Read Chapter

Cliff, The Old Man

 Chapter Three Cliff The old man     Cliff was sitting in his favorite recliner. watching reruns on TV. His Wi... Read Chapter

The Twins

Chapter four The Twins    The Twins were born a boy and girl. They look a lot a like.If you looked them in the face... Read Chapter

The Girl

Chapter Five The Girl     The young woman finishes collage. She meets and marries. A teacher both of them are in th... Read Chapter

The The Man Who Collectec Cakes

Chapter Six The Boy The Man Who Collected Cakes    Robert felt that he had did his time in jail but he also tho... Read Chapter

The White Girl

Chapter Seven Chapter Seven The white Girl, Nora     As Nora started going to school Nora realized&nb... Read Chapter

The Black Child

Chapter Eight Jim, The Black Child   Jim  grew up and was well educated, It never bothered Jim that he was&nbs... Read Chapter

Mr.and Mrs. Goes To The Flea Market

Chapter Nine  Mr. Harris Goes To The Flea Market     Mr. Harris get up early on Saturday morning And gets his ... Read Chapter


Chapter Ten W.O.O.T. Inc.     A man and his wife were going to yard sales and came to one. Where there was old frui... Read Chapter