alone on an island

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Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



One day I was on cruise with my parents and all of a sudden the boat rocked just enough to flip me over board like I was a piece of paper

 The only thing that is in my mind is "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

I kept seeing the boat get farther and farther as I swam there hopelessly in this big dark blue creepy ocean

I felt really weak and sleepy, When I closed my eyes once.. I fell into the ocean

I woke up and found myself in an island, I thought to myself

"How did I survived? I thought I would drown to death or turned into sharks meal.."

I'm scared to go in the ocean again... I realize that I'm acting like a scardy cat..

I have to find the way to survive



(Survive Tips Right Here, Boi)

I first knew that I have to find wood,make fire, find food and bild a shelter (Things To Do)

 I found some sharp rocks in the island and I learned from the internet that I can get water from  cutting a piece of a tree (Cutting Trees To Get Water With The Sharp Rock)(But If There's No Sharp Rock Then You Are Screwed)

 I searched everywhere around the island and there was nothing for me to keep the water so it's time for Nona to get creative XD (Search The Island For Recurses)

I climbed a coconut tree and cut some leaves out of it with the sharp rock (Use The Sharp Rock)

I pick up some sticks (Pick Everything You Hella See)

I formed the leaves into an empty boat and stitch it together wuth the sticks to make a bowl(Be Creative If You Want To Be)

I found a tree that looks healthy and cut a piece out, Put my craft bowl under where the water is dripping and then meanwhile I wait. I go to gether some woods, sticks and leaves to make fire and shelter (Use Everything You Have To Create A Weapon, Shelter Or Whatever You Want To Make)


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