The Drakonic Law Of Balance

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Here is my theory on the balance between misery and joy in life name Drakonic Law Of Balance.

This law is to say that the world works in this way. Both, one’s misery and joy, is at a balance and is kept at balance through events that one is unable to control that bring about the balancing of one’s misery and joy. To make sure that an individual is not to have an over abundance of each of those prospects. One’s level of joy can proceed to over exceed that of the balance each day but each day an event does not have to happen. Events that bring about misery to keep joy and misery in balance can build up in severity to bring about an event that will seem utterly devastating to those that the event is supposed to effect to even out the over exceeding amounts of joy. The same is able to be applied to events that bring joy to balance out one’s misery. The law I’ve spoken of has another rule to it… It only applies in areas in which it is able to flourish forth. Thus I live in a household where the drakonic law of balance is one that is relevant and evident. And a household is more the people you live with not the place in which you live at or in. So, the law can and will follow you as long as you live with the same people each day… And, upon your return to them after a period of time of you being away, if it has not yet been long enough for the law itself to have faded away then the law will enact itself once more and bring about an event that will thus forth balance out your miseries and your joys in a level of such that is needed to bring about balance between the two.

Submitted: February 15, 2018

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This is a serious piece written in Comic Sans

Fri, February 16th, 2018 4:36pm

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