Scoped Out

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Silo was a man who used to want thrills of life. He was a part of RexCo, a secret agency devoted to combating criminal organizations, but after various events and circumstances, he left with a
strong feeling of enmity. Twenty years later, Silo thought his years in the spy business were behind him, but it seems they are returning with a vengeance.

Scoped Out

The clattering of footsteps resounded all around the corridor as Silo made a daring escape. Men in black suits chased after him in hot pursuit with their laser weapons brandished.

“Would you kindly stop chasing me, gentlemen?” Silo shouted to the men behind them.

“No, agent,” one of them replied. “We need you to come with us without any resistance, right here and now.”

“That would be ‘former’ agent to you people,” Silo said.

Silo, a man about to leave his prime, always engaged in actions independent from his agency, RexCo, and ended up being fired by the higher-ups even if he eventually got the job done. Thus, he went and scheduled a long vacation to take a break from spy activities, though he did not anticipate to see his former agency so soon. He guessed that it was because of his infiltration into a T.O.H. base. It was not in his wildest dreams that a trip for stealing arms would result in a three-way conflict.

Silo turned a corner and bumped into a man who was wearing the same suit as the previous men. The man promptly took out his laser rifle and pointed it towards Silo as he spoke in an even tone.

“‘Former’ Agent Silo, please come with us without this resistance,” he said. “This will be easier for all of us.”

“Is that so? The easiest method would be for you to forget about me, rush back to the previous atrium, and be blown up by the exclusive time bombs set up by our special friends, the T.O.H.,” Silo replied. “You don’t want to do it, you say? I’ll be on my way then, gentlemen.”

Silo attempted to push past the suited man in his way, but stopped upon hearing the numerous footsteps approaching.

“The Tenants of Hardship were already taken care of,” the suited man said smugly while looking at Silo’s expression. “This may be their base that they are blowing up for as of yet unknown reasons, but our explosives specialists should be defusing the bomb as we speak, so rest assured.”

“RexCo reinforcements, huh,” Silo groaned. “I’m not a criminal, so let’s all relax our weapons with the sole exception of me, yes?”

“No need for that,” a booming voice echoed from behind. It appeared to come from a man with a lab coat and white hair. Silo recognized him as the chief director of RexCo technologies, Dr. Ro.

“We’ve decided that you will be useful to us once again. I expect a peaceful response  after you see what prize we have in store in case you succeed in a certain mission,” said Dr. Ro. “As you know, the T.O.H. is a dangerous criminal organization that must be stopped at all costs, and...”

“Is it permissible to request a different location for your debriefing?” Silo interrupted while looking at his holo-device’s watch function. “I imagine that the bomb in there will blow up in one...two...three.”

Deep within the complex, a loud boom could be heard. The walls started shaking and smoke began to close in on the corridors. It was a moderately sized explosion, but there were many identical bombs set up to ensure that the building was destroyed.

“What! What happened to our explosives specialists?” Dr. Ro shouted as he took out his communications device to send out orders. “Evacuate the premises immediately! We’ve already accomplished our objective, so move out!”

Seeing his chance, Silo quickly rushed past the other men who were fleeing during the chaos and took out his holo-device. The device was shaped like a drawing pad, and was surrounded by multitudes of light as Silo attempted to boot it up.

“C.I.S., it’s Silo. What’s the ETA for my convenient exit?”

Upon registering Silo’s words, the device jolted and projected a tiny cube as an A.I. hologram. It began to speak with a female synthetic voice.

“Core Intelligence Software activated,” C.I.S. said. “ETA is negative. The available landing zones for the Raven are thoroughly barricaded by the T.O.H.. The personnel are currently absent, but the automated air defenses are still present and functional. I assume it is because their higher ups decided to blow up their own base, causing a mass panic within the lower ranks. It is recommended that you either cut off the energy supply that is providing power to these defenses, or you could utilize an alternative mode of transportation that would attract the least attention.”

“We don’t have time for thinking about that,” Silo said while running. “Just choose the safest and fastest option. I don’t care if it’s too flashy. We’ll figure out the rest as we press on.”

“As reckless as ever, I see,” C.I.S. replied, with a tone that suggested she was used to his antics. “Understood, I will proceed with sending down the Rover. It should be arriving in an estimated time interval of ten to twenty minutes.”

Silo briefly glanced around at where he was while conversing with C.I.S. in order to get a grasp of where he currently was. It would take more than that amount of time for him to get there, given his current speed. The sounds of the explosions behind him only served to make him run faster.

The T.O.H. complex that Silo just escaped from was located on an island that was in contact with the outer space resort programs through the World Comm. Tower on the other side of the base, but it was constantly on the move. It was on an artificial island constructed by the innovative scientists of the era, but ended up being hijacked by criminals in the end. It was a massive island that could pass off as a small country, so traveling by foot would be greatly impractical.

Luckily, the base was near the coast. Silo gradually approached the periphery of the island for his evacuation, but as he ran through the beach-like scenery of sand and trees, a little pop-up of C.I.S. appeared in front of him. Speaking to a cube was unsettling for Silo at first, but he found that it was actually easy to get used to.

“Change in plans,” she said. “I sweeped the area and found remote controlled naval mines. This will make it difficult to bring in sea-faring transportation under any circumstances. And there is another thought. The T.O.H. base was already blown up into a thousand pieces, yet the air defenses are still powered. There must be a separate facility that houses a generator and is possibly the same building that acts as a control station used for deactivating the switch on the mines.”

“C.I.S.,” Silo inserted impatiently, “Where would this building even be located? I did a thorough scouting of the island before I busted into and infiltrated the T.O.H. base, so it’s unlikely I missed something like a facility.”

“You forget that I am an all-knowing piece of artificial intelligence with multiple functionalities that are useful in many kinds of various situations, Silo,” C.I.S. said proudly. “I know you had already investigated the area beforehand, so I went and used a ground-penetrating radar to search for any underground structures. I found one, but you should take care of that problem behind you before you proceed.”

Behind Silo, a man who was wearing a familiar suit brought out a laser weapon and pointed it in their direction. His clothes seemed to be slightly charred and ragged, as if he had barely escaped the explosion, but he still seemed to be capable of posing a threat. A minor one, that is.  

Without any hesitation, Silo performed a backflip and sent out a kick towards the ground. His foot made contact with the sand, sending it up to create a dust storm while it was carried by the wind. Fortunately, the strong winds were leaning towards the south and into the suited man’s face. The man covered his face in agony as multitudes of sand began barraging his eyes.

Realizing that this was the perfect opportunity, Silo took out a laser pistol of his own and shot down the man who had pursued him. He didn’t take any chances and activated a sound cancellation device after his first shot.

A fair amount of distance should have been between Silo and the two groups, but it seemed that there were still some stragglers who had separated from their groups. It was strange that the well led organizations were so easily dispersed in this manner, but Silo did not have the time to ponder about that. Well, danger is a part of his job description as an agent, so he continued onward fearlessly with his breathing remaining steady.


The next day, Silo was sitting in his lounge inside of his private mansion. A cool beverage was to his right, and C.I.S. was located on his left.

“Did you have a nightmare, Silo?” C.I.S. asked. “You were twitching anxiously and restlessly in your sleep tonight. I know it has been a while since your last covert job, so it is within reason that you feel nervous to a degree.”

“I suppose,” Silo said flatly. “I need some time to get used to everything again, since I’ll be on the run and all. It’s a classic three-way war, with me representing one entire side. Exercise regimens, tactical drills, technical maintenance, I can see all of it now. Yes, this is a dream, I’m convinced.”

“The chance of everything that happened yesterday being a dream is absolutely zero,” C.I.S. sighed. “Just like the chance of me not knowing where your secret cereal box is stashed inside your exclusive kitchen. Ze-ro. You’re not being sneaky or clever, you’re just ensuring that my sensors are working at full capacity.”

“Being too efficient is a crime.”

“Regardless of that, what are you planning on doing in the near future?” C.I.S. flashed her lights in a curious manner. The lights began to strobe around the room like a disco ball as Silo sat up and thought about the question. Placing a hand on his chin, his eyes wandered around the room as he gave his answer.

“Well, for now, I’m going to monitor the situation,” Silo said. “Two groups are after me, and it can’t hurt to wait and let them duke it out with each other before they get to me. Those who wait when the moment counts are the true winners in the end.”

“Alright, sounds like you’ve made up your mind, Silo,” C.I.S. replied as she stopped flashing her lights. It was an indication of a shut-down process being activated. “I’ll be sleeping now, so please refrain from getting involved with another bombing incident.”

With that, C.I.S.’s image of a cube disappeared, leaving the holo-device’s monitor black. Silence ensued throughout the lounge as Silo sat alone, basking in the sunlight filtered through the windows.

“Of course there will be another incident, C.I.S.,” Silo sighed. “That’s the way my life likes to be.”


Submitted: February 15, 2018

© Copyright 2021 CSMI. All rights reserved.

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I don't read action stuff, but you avoided what I don't like about action so good job. I also like your names, but maybe more description of the main character would be cool. Overall a good read.

Thu, February 15th, 2018 9:30pm

Cali 0617

Good action story, but a big world to build in such a small space. You pulled it off though and I could imagine all the main character in my mind really well

Thu, February 15th, 2018 9:32pm


I liked the sassiness of CIS, that was a nice touch. There was so much crammed into a limited amount of space, but you pulled it off really well. I would like to know a little bit more about Silo though.

Thu, February 15th, 2018 9:39pm

Blake Kirfman

Fun read. It gave me a mission Impossible or James Bond kind of vibe. I really liked the way it concluded.

Thu, February 15th, 2018 9:41pm

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