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There are three types of love sexual, brotherly and completely unconditional and I give my take on them.

Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



Now as for love there are several types of love. There is sexual love. There is love for your fellow people which may include God unlike sexual love. Then there is completely unconditional love.

When you meet someone and notice their eyes even. That is sexual love. Then as you take into account their countenance, the way they hold themselves, they way they sit and the pleasing aspects of their body. For example: Their face, eyebrows, eyelashes, the shape of their eyes, the color of their eyes, the way those colors augment their cheeks and any freckles or blemishes though the one is delightful while the other still makes up a certain vulnerability in their personality that is attractive, the shape of their face, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the teeth and lips, the proportionality of their limbs with your own preferences; long, short, just right, thin, fat, medium, breasts; stomach, hips, thighs, mid-section even their sexual seat before and aft... Wait a minute lets put some clothes on them, whether they are neat, slouchy, sloppy, unkempt, up to your current standard, acceptable standards or below. To some extent even their personality and preferences speak to sexual love though that tends as the relationship grows past sex if it ever does to be romantic.

Romantic love is yet sexual love since romantic love blossoms on sex but is widely broadened in some to an extreme wherein sexuality doesn't even enter in. It is possible to be romantically involved with a soulmate or best friend especially in the early stages of such rarer relationship that most often take a much longer time to occur but can happen all at once and leave one romantic about someone who actually never was anything more than perhaps the best friend one ever had for instance that one met and instantly was attracted to sexually and met the other requirements but it would not last given the personalities that launched more into caring for your favorite acquaintances at first normally with much more feeling and a sense of belonging and feeling comfortable with them than just an acquaintance would be defined as.

Acquaintances are somewhat of a mystery. One can love acquaintances or hate them or be very close friends with them that for some reason do not have either the time or the inkling to connect in a more bonding way and seem friends when you see them but when they are out of sight for some reason they are out of mind also which is a mystery to me but it does happen. They are gladly noticed and accepted but they do not remain sometimes the moment they are gone and we realize we are not losing touch with them but never were connected to them except we were possibly even close when they were noticed again more wanting to be than actually being a friend.

Friends can be a mystery too. Sometimes my best friends are people who have different values than I do and many things I don't like about them but they are always there and that is why we don't like them like the mysterious acquaintances talked about above. We know them too well. What is minor and easy to forgive and skip in a mystery acquaintance can become a bother in a friend and those that are less bothersome we tend to like more and think of them as a much closer friend when what we mean is that they are not so much closer but more pleasing to us. Many times the affections of a friend that can even irritate many times run much deeper than those that are more pleasing to us to be around. They would cut both arms off at once for us when a pleasing friend would say they would but would never let it go that far in the hope they never have to make that choice. This is love for your fellow people.

By the way I don't think it is nice to treat everyone like a friend but think, say and do things to any others as had they been a friend not as had they been someone you have to make an effort to treat like a friend. Everyone is my friend and I will say a greeting to anyone even an enemy and do my best to be their friend if I can in some way and can get myself to do such a thing. Even to the most conceited or condescending persons I've met I did it that way. I wish it were an undeniable truth concerning me that I never met a stranger but I have. I hate strangers. That is why I don't know any strangers and have met very few that were not my friend even after they proved to me that had been unwise.

That is brotherly love not giving to the poor which I by no means desire to diminish. You can give me all you've got. I am poor, deserving and needy or try to be. We all have heard of panhandlers that take in more than the people who give to them. I've met a few. I know how lucrative it can be at times for the needy that raise panhandling to an art. One is a friend of mine I have never given a penny.

You get the idea anyway and don't get the idea I am trying to say the above is thee definition of sexual love and loving people by any means. It's just my take on it. For God's sake that one guy, who was it? Yes, I think it was you. Were you just taking notes? This is not, I repeat, this is not a textbook. I've been out of school way too long to even begin to think anything of the sort.

Then there is love of the completely unconditional sort, the kind God has for us, the kind I have or desire more than any other kind of love to have for everybody except the anti-Christ because for me he is too dangerous for me to even stand by let alone ask into a multiparty dance.

That said, let me give you an example:

A young man that was protected socially from others and was quiet, off to himself and let's just say it, a loner, well he met a girl three years younger than he was and he fell in love though he knew nothing about what that meant or where it was going to take him but that was alright for though he was too immature and much more than just impressionable he found that made it even more exciting and around this girl he felt no fear at all and was not concerned he might not be as safe as he might someday regret. They were much the same. Her because of her age, him because of his ignorance of people not to mention people of the opposite sex or even of the same age. He was spirited away by one thing more than anything more, the fact she made him feel she was not that way but a way he wanted to be. You see to truly love someone it is required in my opinion and experience bears me out on this, you must want to be them, not just want them or desire to have them but to be willing to be them to give yourself away to them and without holding back live your life in them.

You're wrong you know. That is not loving too much. It is truly loving another person which we should all do sexually, to our friends and to our God. If we have anything else in mind even we should be disappointed in ourselves for not having or even wanting perhaps to have that sort of love. It is yours for the taking and no one but God, the Trinity, the Father, Jesus Christ and or the Holy Spirit may ever love you like that. You can hope for it, but if you do it will destroy it. It is something you have to be not do or want or wish for or even pray for. Just do it.

I met a man once I loved that way. He was ten years my senior but looked to be thirty. I was very surprised to find he was younger than I. He was opportunistic, he was pretending he was kind by making a joke out of his meanness, he lied, he cheated whenever he could, you could give him all you had and I did many times, he was dressed modestly but his clothing was always disheveled, he was a chronic alcoholic and any woman no matter who or whose that was within reach was game. He was a despicable human being, homeless and he deserved to be that.

But he began one day not to be able to hold his water until he found a bathroom. Then it was his feces that he missed a number of times. Finally he fell being in a weakened condition in a poison ivy patch and had sores from where he scratched large patches of skin away.

One day he lay on the sidewalk in front of a bench with his arms spread in so much misery he didn't seem to be very conscious. The police came and talked to him but he told them he was just so tired of sitting he had to lie down. They wound up helping him to his feet and back on the bench where he could barely stand to be, there he was again yet in misery. He was in hell no doubt about it.

The next day he was sitting on a bench by himself. I sat down beside him though he reeked for I loved him. We sat and we talked and he lied about everything even how lousy his life was getting along. I gave him cigarettes. He wanted a bottle and had I had one though I do not drink I would have given him one. That's what you do to people you love. You give them what they want and if it's what they need they want to help themselves if not it is at least what they want when they have so many wants anything might be a step up not Jacob's ladder but a way up to his knees.

I looked down and the side of his shoe was covered in human feces. I pointed it out, knowing it would embarrass him and it did. We sat in quiet. My good deed was not rewarded. He was humiliated.

I went back to my apartment as had I been cursed to have such a thing in the presence of the spirit I was in.

I cried. I wept. I grieved for the condition my friend was in. My friend that on top of living in hell on the street I had humiliated. At last I loved him. I wanted to be him not me and have him do that wrong to me not me do that wrong to him. God I won't pray for it, but if it's okay just this one time. If he's yet in that hell I wish you would take him home in my place if you must and you know how much I want to come home though much of the time I am almost there, but on second thought I don't want to die, horrible man that I am. Please let me continue to live with this honesty.

He has one other friend. He uses him consistently and continuously and never gives anything back. That man is his friend. I should have been such a friend. Do you know why? He will never see heaven. There is no hell. He's insane and he will never be back. If you don't believe me ask Jesus.

Love. Don't hate. Love anyone you can and don't worry about the reason. There won't be any limits to it. There just might not be any purpose to it. Let us at least love ourselves. Then love someone who gives us something even sex. If you get the chance love someone romantically. Make a friend out of an enemy not caring whether they continue to be your enemy. Love someone unconditionally. God will love you like that. If I get the chance and it occurs to me to do it again I will love you like that. I won't complain there is feces on your shoe or that you have a gloating disapproving expression on your face. I will do better. I will be a better person for it. I will love you.

There was a man that loved what they said was a woman, old enough to have sex and beloved with unconditional love. He was a jealous man and she seemed to never trust him and she fed his jealousy and he fed her jealousy. The world ended for him the night he met her. He has never been the same. He lived. He was so miserable when they broke up, he had no concept of it being possible for such misery to be. His entire life he pined for her. Then finally he vowed to himself he would give her up. He improved. He was happy. He enjoyed God and he loved God wanting to be him but content to be who he was, knowing there were others he would rather be because of their capacity and steadfast determination that he love for they loved him and never gave up.

Then one day he heard her voice when he was explaining no body loved him and he used her as an example. He should have been shocked he ever thought of her anymore but he wasn't because he was completely distracted away. That man heard a voice that was her voice, and it said that it loved him. He's in love again. It doesn't matter what she did or did not do. It only matters that she is there and that she loves him.

They plan to marry when they get to heaven and have a ton of kids. He is so joyous it hurts his insides to think he might have to wait that long to see, to even touch and it be welcomed, to hold, and look into her face at those eyes. After all these years he is even yet very romantic when it comes to her.

Two wicked spirits played a number on him and caused him to think that time had come. It didn't happen. They did it so it was all in his psyche. But he's not disappointed. It had been a long time since he felt that way and to feel that way even in deception was such a treat. He is happy. If he could find those spirits he would thank them for what they did. It was such a pleasure.

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