first tooth agents : rise of the dirty diapers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

the story of super hero babies whi will save the world from the dirty diapers and there leader ..(some grammar mistakes , cause i have written it at work fast ) please leave a comment .. should i
keep writing?




1 - The goo-goo and ga-gas:


  first of all u should start by looking down cause this story is about babies its not about u huge people and secondly if your looking to read a story about romance and people falling in love ,well u better stop reading this story , cause this book is all about us awesome little babies shoving dipares in other babies asses and making them falling in love with our fists , begging us to stop hurting them , those pathetic binjas I hate them I hate theemmmmmm .. am sorry I get a little nervous when talking about those discusting villainous babies .. so if you decided to continue reading am gonna tell you the story of how we the people ! battled a stinky villain with parents issues and staff , it will be fun and there will be milk and veronica .. ohh euuhh never mind , lets begin ..

*birds singing* we live in the greatest country of all , the USB ..USB is the country of free babies who dreams big and want to live peacefully , it’s a villain-free country , well it used be well get to that in a while, and by the way USB stands for : United States of Babies .. awesome eh!

My group and I live in the famous city of gartenious and our base called The Garten , the Garten is the one and only kindergarten for babies with special abilities it was founded by the great one Babystein , he is our founder and the greatest mind to ever think and create anything ,his first words were “e=mc2” at that time his parents especially his mom was mad cause he didn’t say “mama” , some says that Einstein stole his ideas even his lastname and some heard Einstein saying that it was like stealing identity from a baby .. our founder is just a genius whos still discovering his abilities and helping us control our super powers and by us I mean we “the group” *dam dam dammm*  , it sounded badass right?! actually I didn’t find a name for our group yet , so well call it “the group”, we were friends since the first day we shared a bottle of milk , milk made us what we are now , milk is a great source of happiness , am sorry but milk is life to me to us to babies everywhere .. we are the founders favorite babies , first u have me : Matt “the boss” Bossob , I have the abillty to fight fast as the speed of light , my technique is called babytsu , ive created this style of fighting so babies everywhere could defend themselves ive teached all the group this style so everyone would able to fight alone in case of emergency ! beside that I have a mind of great captain I can make strategies in short time , finally I am a great leader u can ask the babies they’ll tell u that ! next we have Rachel Cryalot she truly cries and screams alott ! she has the power to send sonar waves at a high altitude so she can be dangerous and annoying at the same time , once the people from venus send a message to the garten that they were annoyed from Craylot ,theres a rumor saying that Rachel could speak to dolphins , we don’t know yet , maybe we should try it and find out , Rachels power is a blessing cause even the coast guards ask for her help to locate synced ships .. and then weve got Rob Jolie his parents are french Jean-Pierre and Jean-D'arc we the babies till now we dont know wich name is for the father i mean theyre both jean blaa blaa and jeann blaa bla .. its soo confusing ! and btw rob at the age of 5months won the contest of Mr USA that beauty pegeants of the adult .. twice ! he was born shining like a crystal , literally shining cause his beauty is out of this world , he can make people obey him just by smiling at them ! the great thing about his parents is that they raise him to be good with people , so he never uses his power in a bad way .. next I present to u Veronica Tesla shes the nieceof the famous scientist Nicolas Tesla , shes super genius to the point that she discovered7 planets , 3 new species and 2 new elemnts all that while she was in her mothers uetrus ! she can create anything from scratch , from weapons to drugs to anything u can or she can ever imagine , did I mention that she speaks every language in the world ?! and can create a powerful computer all by herself , if i want to tell u the rest about veronica I would need another book , so well discover more about veronica in the rest of the story .. Bob kebab , dont make fun of his last name cause he can kill you , hes 2years old and hurted alot of peolpe he even broke the drs hand when he slapped him the moment he was born at the hospital !!!!!!!!! teachers hate him because he makes alot of baby poop in there dipares , bob was a military project , they were trying to make a super soldier and ended up making a super baby soldier ! wow I mean wow can u imagine how badass that sounded a super baby soldier , his super at anything shooting , running , fighting , he can start a war with another country and win it .. all by himself  !!!!!!!!!

Finally the one and only , the queen of hearts , the prettiest girl to ever poop Relica Rudas she was gifted by gods the abiltey to see the future , her abelitey is still unstable sometimes she can see the future and sometimes she cant see anything ! she knew before her parents that she was gonna have a baby sister that was the last time she saw anything ! she also knew everyone in the group before even meeting them , shes awesome and beautiful and everybody thinks that im in love with her but im not .. pff such a babies , okay maybe a little but they dont need to brag about it ! they made me angry i need a milk reffill to cool down .. now where were we , yesss thats my gang as u can see it a special kindergarten made for special babies only and yes special just like yesterday we found out that the new baby in the garten Peter Pooper just made a huge green poop , it was so special that NASA came in to check it and the staff took a selfie with the poop behind them .. and gave sample to veronica to study it !

Lets hope evil stays away from The garten as the day ends ..



2 - Can u smell what the Binjas Pooping ..


What a beautiful day it is , a clean diaper , Relica in front of me it couldn’t get any

better .. and yeah the whole gang is here . Today were celebrating the annually year of

the gang , were goanna have a party and piñatas and sure there will be gods greatest

creation .. MILK !  Without sugar cause we don’t want drunk babies  , we started the preparations hopefully to make it an unforgettable party . 2pm party started , babies having fun , sipping big bottles of M and securing

everything , moments later we were surprised to now that Babystein is our special

guest ! babies gathered around him , he signed diapers , pacifiers and two babies

foreheads, they were all happy to see him as he went up the stage to make a toast .

"dear all fellow babies , im so happy to be part of the garten and one of you ! .. Heres

To the g ... "

"watchouttttttt .. a stinky dipareeeee!"

a stinky dipare was thrown to the face of babystein and all of the sudden everyone was

hit by a stinky dipare and out of nowhere a group of babyninjas or as we like to call them "Binjas" , appeared and took control of the party , they sprayed some words on the wall like "youre mother is so fat .. u didnt see us comming !" , "Muuuugagaga " the sound of there evil laugh and surrounded Babystein and cuffed

his hands , and masked his face with a brown bag written on it "big brown bag of evil !"

Mannn theyre so scaryyy ! seconds after that we started smelling something awful , something evilll ... OMG .. Its .. Dr stinky ! (Dr stinky is the stinkyest , baddest baby ever .

his name is Vector Stinkovich , his parents left him because .. umm .. because he stinks! i mean literally stinks , they tried to bath him in boiling water , but nothing happened , they even tried holly water but the water became unholy when touching his body ,they tried acid water but his stinky smell evaporated the acid !!! can u believe it , so after that he was left alone and became villain , hated .. and smelled by everyone .. ) so back to the story .. Vector: “Behold people of the garten , am gonna kill every special one of you , starting by your so special guest Babystein , Muagagagaga , man am so evill ! "

BossBaby:"ohh smelly guy bring it on ..!"

Kebab: “I’ve been waiting all along to fight you!"

Vector: “shill shish kabab!"

and suddenly stinky dipare bombs covered the room with smelly smoke and stinky and his binjas left the garten with Babystein .. and yeah Rachel was crying the whole party !



3 - Together we stand , Dirty diapares they fall


The aftermath of the party was devastating , we all felt down so .. we decided to take a nap cause u know after all we are babies ! hours later we woke up at Cryalots voice as usual , all the babies were grouped waiting to know what will happen to the Garten ..

Matt:“Dear babies and gentleman , I truly don’t know how evil penetrated us so easy , the important thing is that were still united and were always gonna be facing any evil that comes toward us , and trust me my brothers and sisters were are gonna rescue our famous friend from Dr stinky and we are gona bring peace back to the garten !”

The look of fear disappeared , all the babies were happy to hear that and certain that the garten is in safe hands !

Later on the gang gathered to talk about the next step ..

Veronica :”how are we going to pull that off ? isn’t hard?”

Bob: “nothing is hard V ,were gonna train , create a strategy and become heroes!”

Matt:”easy there kebab it isn’t easy , we have to concentrate and .. ohh hiiii relica , a great day ehh , how about I make a cup of my love .. I mean milk?!”

Relica: ”yes matt go on make me some I need to have a clear mind !”

Jolie: “am so beautiful guys u know"

V:”andddd how is that going to help us?!”

Jolie: “I just wanted to remind u guys ;)”

Rachel:” ‘well for me the only thing that can stop me from crying is milk !”

Bob: “and the only thing that can stop me .. heh u idiots nothing can stop me”

And then everyone stopped talking and started enjoying the white drinks!


*Meanwhile at the STINK HOUSE ! *

Babystein: ”you will never get away with this , the whole garten will come to rescue me !”

Stinky: ”oh shut up , ur such a boring creature , I should’ve stolen some milk that would be more interesting and less talking .. !”

Dr stinky left him in the stinky room of torture(mann that’s an evil room!) and went to his binjas ..

Dr:”my precious binjas I want u all to be always alert cause I can feel them coming to us , I want every part to be secured , I want small binajs big binajs medium binjas , I want every binjas that live on earth to be with us , were gonna rise , and the world will know who dr stinky is *thunder heard outside* Muahaha!”



*back to the garten*

Veronica:”hey matt can I talk to you in private..”

Matt:”sure genius , tell me what is it?!”

V:”I don’t understand how did evil stinky head and his binjas entered the garten so easily !"

Matt:”ur right V , I mean we secured every part and still they managed to enter , I really don’t know how ..”

Veronica :”I think now we should keep things secretly , u don’t know maybe theres someone bad between us ..”

Matt :”cant wait to beat that evil perfume and make things better ! , tomorrow we should plan how to enter the stink house , hoping that babystein is alright  !”


The day ended as everyone went home to sleep like babies and dream of milk fountains !



5 - Baby steps !

And the day begins ..

Kebab: ” C’mon … c’mon I wont all of u to drop and give me a 1000 push ups ! , we want to destroy evil , not tickle him !”

Carylot :” bob scares me !” *Rachel starts crying*

Kebab: “get down Rachel and give 50 baby-chair press !”

*and the crying continues*

Matt: “stop it bob , your making everyone scared here , lets first focus on relicas beauty .. oh I mean everyones talent and work on it , lets see what we got .. “

Veronica :”well guys I have created a lot of gadgets that we can use in the fight , first of all ive made milk grenades for everyone , these grenades can cause 1st degree burn !”

Kebab :”Awesommeeee , lets try them !”

Matt :”no way we wont hurt anyone here , ull have to wait till the end of the story , euhh till the battle !”

V :”next for you matty I give you these nun chucks made with pacifiers , they can be handy with your babytsu technique and trust me they can cause a lot of damage , once theyre thrown they’ll be back to u in a matter of seconds !”

Matt :”now that’s what am talking about !!”

Tesla :”and for the crying machine , ive created an amplifier that you put on your mouth while your crying the heavy sound can enter the mind of your enemy and shut it down !”

Craylot:”oh so u consider my crying as a talent.. thank u dear*with tears of joy on her face* !”

Veronica continued :”last but not least , for you Mr pretty I give you the “baby smile” , its like a cover u wear on your teeth and when your in danger , you smile and an electric buzz comes from the cover and eliminates the threat .. go on and smile my friend .. “

Jolie: ” ohh yeahh , now I can turn my beauty into a beast !”

V now talking to relica “and for you miss cheats-a-lot ive created the ‘not-so-baby-glasses’ once u wear it , u can cheat from anyone from all over the planet and still working on an update so u can cheat from someone on another planet , plus these glasses well let u know everyone’s weakness .“

Relica :”that’s AWESOME , thank u thank u thank uuuu !”

Tesla:”no need to thank me guys , well do everything to defeat evil and live peacefully .. and finally I will show you my last creation , veronicas powder gun or is I like to call it the VOWDER , this powder is so powerfull that can make enemy poop himself for 4 days in a row non stop , how about that !”


*At the stik house*

Big baby gathered the binjas ..(kevin”big baby” supra is the leader of the binjas and the right hand of dr stinky ..)

Big baby:”ive got the dirtiest plan ever .. even hitler didn’t think of it! We are going to make a surprise birthday party for the leader ! it will be full of binjas cause u know the dr doesn’t have friends , nobody likes him except us , were gonna make it an unforgettable party so instead of him cutting the usual bday cake hes gonna cut .. babystein! Mugagagaga”

They all became silent when they heard footsteps coming ..


6 - What comes around , poops around ..


V:”help me guys , I have lost all my important work and researches .. ive searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything , I am afraid that someone stole them !”

Matt:”wait veronica were gonna help you find everything just calm down”

Relica:”what were those researches about?! To know what to search for”

V:”my study on peters poop it was something so important they took the papers but thank god the sample is still here , and there is also my work on some advanced tech ..”

Bob:”who wants to steel papers!!!”

Jolie:”am with you man but lets focus on the “WHO” “

V:”not any papers kebab theyre so important ,the one who stole them will use them for evil purpose .. and that my friend would be so dangerous , jolies right I have feeling that someone from inside the garten is working against us and we need to find out who ASAP!


*the work of veronica included*

-The golden pacifier : 100 years ago a comet blasted the earth , when scientist started digging the found this mysterious pacifier , written on it in an alien language but none would know the meaning of the words until veronica and is sais “insert lips to gain the ultimate power” ..


-Purple urine : harry Houdini the famous magician .. even his urine was magical and purple , a tiny drop of his urine can turn a baby into a powerful magician !


-Dark side of the poop : just smelling it would turn a saint into a demon !


-The cookie jar : left by an unknown Egyptian pharaoh . this jar contains 5 cookies each cookie posses a super power , no one knows what type of powers they hold !


And lots of other works ..

*phone ringing* “im stinky girl in a stinky worlddd …“

Dr stinky picks up the phone :”whos this?”

Secret caller :”ive got everything under control .. those lil babies don’t know anything “

Stinky:”that what I wanted to hear .. did u get me what I wanted ?!”

SC:”everything .. just like taking candies from a baby !”

Stinky:”Awesome , cu at the end of the story !”



7 – Babies with trust issues


*later on that day*


The day coming to an end , babies all ready to leave when suddenly peter starts screaming  :”hurry up guys , there is someone masked leaving veronicas lab stealing her gun !!“

All the gang started running toward the lab , it was far from where they where standing ,

“cmon guys , I want to catch that smug!” said Bob , matt was leading the runners while bob and veronica behind him , relica and jolie where nowhere to be found , as they came closer to the room the robber was getting away , Matt screaming :”im gonna catch you piece of .. poop !” , veronica stoped running as she was tired , the tow boys decided to split to catch the stealer , close enough .. bob jumped to catch him in slow motion , while in the air he sees relica putting the stealer down on the floor .. and bob hits the floor with a surprise look on his face .. seconds after relicas heroism all the babies are gathered to see whos the backstabber

Relica :” u all thought I wasn’t here , but when I heared that theres someone stealing from us , I cheated my way out to catch him and (relica tries to unmask him) the stealer is .. Jolie ?! what .. I don’t understand whats happening !”

Matt :” great job ur so beautiful  .. I mean well done ! , well let me explain here what happened ! First of all jolie isn’t a stealer and he didn’t steal anything ! .. well this was a ..”

Veronica continued : ” this was a test to see if we are well secured , and I guess we are !

Thank u relica for catching “the stealer” and thank u rob for participating ! “

Bob:” pff .. we can leave now ?! by the way im okay , thanks for asking ! ”

Relica : ”cmon my friends we can leave now without worrying about a thing cause Relica Rudas is here !”


*while theyre leaving *

Veronica :” did u expect to see relica at the end of the act?! “

Matt : “ no v I didn’t , I thought shes getting away from the gang , but not today after what happened , we can make sure that no one is betraying us especially not my precious relica !”

Veronica :” ur such a baby ! “

Matt :” pff .. I forgot my milk bottle in the lab , ill go get it , see you tomorrow my friend !”

*matt enters the lab*

He gets his stuff and on his way back he stands in shock in front of the chalk board

Written on it “Dear Matt ! im close to you like the milk and far away from you like the cow  , better luck next time ! mugagaga”


8 – Evil smells bad !


“HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH .. stop it plz hahahahah”

Big baby : “tickle him !”

Babyestein : “ hahahaha .. u wont be .. hahahahah .. u hahaha …”

Big baby : “ pathetic baby u are , stop it he truly is a boring baby , leave him here in the stinky room till he dies  , am gonna check on our master , u binjas stay here and do something evil !”

*kevin at dr stinkys office *

Kevin : “well good morning sir , how was ur night ? “

Dr :” it was awful ! I couldn’t sleep till I killed the monster under my bed , the poor guy I payed him to scare me , unfortunately he didn’t …”

Kevin : “ i guess now he is scarier … the important thing now my master , your birthday is coming and we are planning a surprise party for you sir !”

Dr : “ I hate surprise parties , they don’t surprise at all ! but u can try for once kevin .. now leave the office I wanna talk to my “secret agent” and figure out what to do with babystein cause he makes me sick , he doesn’t fight or do anything its like hes waiting for something , but what could it be kevin?!”

Kevin :” ill go find out master , and ill be back with answers !”
dr :” yeah go find out !”

Kevin :”ill go find out sir “

Dr :” yeah go find out “

Keving :” I just told u that I am … never mind ill go find out !” …


*Garten , garten , garten … *


The gang all sitting on “the round table of thinking “ discussing what was writing on the board

An angry matt starts talking “ am seconds away from braking two bottles of milk !!!!! what does that riddle suppose to mean , pleases anyone tell me ! “

Bob :” well what I think it sais , that milk is our enemy? Or a cow ? “

Relica : “ what .. bob no! its someone trying to mess with us and sending messages to confirm that hes around us ! “

Veronica : “ my briends  (babies + frineds = briends ) I guess we have to prepare ourselves and end this by going to the stink house and endig dr stinkys evil career “

Jolie : “ shes right hes the only one messing with us , lets take down that ugly face of perfume and save babystein ! “

Matt : “ ur right guys were half way ready with our weapons , we have to go tomorrow and destroy his work .. “

Bob : “ but matt tomorrows Friday cant we do it on a Saturday ? “

Matt : “ what ?! but why?!”

Bob :” we would tired of the classes here and we have to fight so well be more tired , but Saturday we can go whenever we want to its an off day .. “

Matt : “ go and drink some milk bob , u don’t know what your talking man ! ive been planning to do it on this day for far to long !”

Veronica : ”and why is that my friend ?!”

Boss baby : ”well I guess u wont believe me , first of all I have a fake account on facebook called “evil babylicious” , I opened it to track all the villains on fb including dr stinky , whos bday is tomorrow , so why don’t we attack him the day he was born?!”

Bob : “awesomeeeee , that’s why ur the boss of the babies !”

Relica : ”yeah .. why nott”

Veronica :” deal guys , lets bag our weapons and rest for tomorrows plan”


*back to that evil house*


Kevin : “ binjas from all across the world , am here today to tell you that , to surprise party for our masters bday well be at the garten , mugagagaga were gonna kill babystein once and for all in front all of the babies , let our masters bday enter history as the day the binjas ruled the borld (baby + world = borld) “





9 – Happy Birthday .. I guess ?!







Submitted: February 15, 2018

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