Five Nights At Freddy's 3: Fazbear's Fright

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Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Fazbear’s FrightBy DENZEL DELGADO  Co-producer: JACOB SLY


Chapter 1: He Will Always Come Back


Jeremy locked all the doors in the house and barricaded all the windows. “We are safe… For now”. Cassie looked at Mia like she had just seen a ghost.but it just felt like it.Cassie and the other 2 looked out on all windows and turned off all lights.Cassie saw Henry’s shed far from here but it was survivable to make the run. “On three we run okay guys” said Cassie. “One...Two….THREE”. Everyone ran out the front door heading to Henry’s shed. Jeremy looked behind him and Springtrap was gone. He did not mind the feeling that he would be close. Everyone stood against the wall outside Henry’s shed and heard clanking noises. “Don’t go in there I hear something. I will go” said Jeremy. He took a peek inside the garage. There was springtrap trying rebuild the animatronics from the fire back at Freddy Fazbear’s Family Diner, but the spring locks are too strong to adjust in them so it took him a while and he was distracted. “Everyone stay back. Springtrap is in there and he looked like he was trying to stand”. Cassie looked at Mia and she looked at Jeremy. “I'll be right back. I can grab my fire axe and knock him out for a bit. Remember what holo vincent said, he can't die”. Jeremy rushed to his house and grabbed the fire axe from the wall and returned. “Has he moved” asked Jeremy. Cassie shook her head in disagreement. Jeremy snuck behind Springtrap and disabled him for a good 3 or 4 minutes. “That should keep him down. Now we have to grab some tools that we need”. Mia and Cassie grabbed various tools and took them to their house. “We gotta rebuild the car since the power fuse got busted” said Jeremy. Everyone got to work and they fixed the car just when Springtrap awoke. “Ok guys let's get in and drive to this place where we can find more materials. It's called Fazbear’s Fright. It's like an attraction” said Jeremy. They drove to Fazbear’s Fright and the doors were locked. There was a fire extinguisher outside so Jeremy grabbed it and smashed one of the windows and everyone went inside. “It’s so scary in here” Mia said with a sad voice.”its fine its just jump scares because it's supposed to be a haunted house attraction” Jeremy said. ”But really stupid like they ain't scary to me” He said.

They heard springlocks going off from afar so they hid were the night guards supposed to be but blood is on the seat.


Chapter 2:The Release


”Spooky” said Jeremy in a sarcastic voice.”Shut up, not the time right know” Mia said. They hear the front door creak open, but then hear some talking. “Let's make a deal, i'll let youout, and you spare me.” Why should i trust you when youmade this suit for wearing mode and robot mode? ”Vincent said”. "u put me in here in the first place with your “ breaking springlocks” in HERE!” He said. ”Those were by accident ok, I didn’t know they would break on YOU, except those were my younger years in mechanics” Henry said with a calm face. ”Just let me out and I will spare you, deal?” Vincent said,”deal”. Henry said. They shook hands and then Henry started detaching the suit ,top to bottom. “There. You happy”.  “Thanks… I gotta get going now so bye”. Henry waved at Vincent and he walked out the door. ”Now where are you, you little creeps” Vincent said. Vincent walked around the attraction looking for Jeremy, Cassie, And Mia. Cassie spotted Vincent and told Jeremy and Mia to get down. Then she heard a huge clank. “What was that”. Vincent was rebuilding the animatronics and Henry got out of his shed. “Hey.. Henry” Jeremy said. Henry looked confused and turned around. ”Jeremy…. Is that you” Henry asked. Jeremy nodded in agreement and Henry gave him a huge hug. “It's been so long. Where have you been all these years” Henry asked. Jeremy turned around and saw Springtrap disabled in the shed. Henry showed Jeremy what he was creating. “NO NO NO THOSE THINGS ARE EVIL” Jeremy said. It was a rebuilt animatronic from the fire. “I'll call them the phantoms”. ”Just to scare my partner, but that’s all I can do” Henry said with a grin. He showed Mia and Cassie. They looked at them like if they were a piece of moving acid coming towards them.”I can only do this for you, If Vincent catches me, I’m no good then dead so be careful” Henry said. “Those are the ones from the pizzeria that burned down a year ago” Cassie said. “I’m making a new kind with the spare animatronic parts. whatever you do DO NOT MESS WITH THEM” Henry said. Jeremy nodded and explained what had happened. Henry looked at Jeremy in shock and began to dismantle the parts. Phantom Foxy awoke and whacked Henry and Jeremy to the floor and started running. “I think it's too late… i'm sorry”. “Do you have an axe nearby or something hard”. “There is a fire extinguisher on the outside”. Jeremy ran outside and grabbed the fire extinguisher from the handle. “COME HERE YOU PIECE OF MEAT…” Jeremy fell to the floor.

Chapter 3: They are alive


“One by one they will all die”. Vincent dragged Jeremy to the control room in the basement and worked on a suit. “What… Where am I”. Jeremy looked at his hands. He had a Freddy Fazbear suit on and Vincent walked towards him with the head. “NO NO” He kicked Vincent making him fall down. Vincent looked up at Jeremy. “Hmmmm”. An idea popped in his head. He grabbed the Freddy head and put it on. In less than a second the springlocks went off and he screamed. “AHHHH”. Cassie heard the scream and walked towards the basement. “Henry take care of Mia”. “okay”. Henry nodded. Cassie ran to the basement and saw Vincent on the floor and a stuffed Freddy Fazbear covered in blood. “Oh my god no please no” Cassie cried and just stared at him. Freddy looked at Cassie and walked towards her. Cassie tried to run but the door behind her closed. “HELP ME” she screamed. “Henry… is mommy ok” Mia asked. Henry shrugged and Mia had a sad expression on her face. “It's okay Cassie it's me Jeremy. I got a few minutes to take this off me or i'll die”. Cassie looked at Jeremy and took him to Henry. “MOM GET AWAY FROM HIM”. Cassie explained to Mia and she understanded. Henry started working on taking the suit off Jeremy. “Done but after this, you might need to go to the hospital. Vincent won't be bothering us anymore since he is dead.” In the power and supplies room… Foxy was rebuilding animatronics in an army. He did not have enough supplies for a Bonnie so he just forgot about it. He build Phantom Freddy, Chica, Mangle, Puppet, And Balloon Boy. “Yaar. “Come on don't die on me n….now we  have a mission to kill Cassie’s family. “What is going on Foxy”. “How did you rebuild us”. “Ok look there is many questions to ask but it's not the best time. Cassie and her family is still out there”. “Why do we need to kill her family anyways” Puppet asked. “We have to kill her family because it's Vincent’s orders” BB replied. “So do we leave now or later”. “I'll make an upgrade so we leave later because the upgrade is so we can have better power and not power off at random times”. “We’ll start then”. The animatronics started repairing each other to get upgraded.


2 Minutes Later….


“Looking good everybody”. “Yeah but I look so… dumb but smart in a kind of way”

“We all look dumb but it's an upgrade”. Foxy punched Freddy and he did not feel a thing. “What was that for… even though it did not hurt a bit”. “Shut up both of you”.

Chapter 4: The Battle


“Wow Puppet do you have to be rude… I don't think I put that in your  mechanics mind” “Puppet is not my real name. My real name is Marionette, but people call me The Puppet because they don't know my real name”. “I'M GETTING BORED CAN WE GO ALREADY”. “Hey don't rush us. If you want things done your way.. Do it yourself”. “What… Where am I”. “MANGLE… You finally awoke….sleep well”? “Oh shut up”. “Ok guys it's time to get going let's go”. The animatronics went out the door. “So about y…” Cassie looked at all of them in ” OH CRAP EVERYBODY GET INSIDE THE SHED AND LOCK THE DOOR NOW”! she screamed. Henry got inside and locked the shed. “We are safe in here for a bit because this shed is so old that they could just break their way inside. We need a plan”. “What do we do. I'm so scared” Mia said curled up.”It's going to be fine. but just be quiet ok. We can use some of my tools to fight them off”. Cassie hyperventilated and grabbed a screwdriver. Regardless of what would happen, She stabbed the wall. Since the walls were falling apart and they were so old, The screwdriver went through the wall and into BB’s eye. “AWW WHY ME”. He fell and powered off. “We have one down but we can still get them”. Down in the basement Vincent woke up and grabbed his axe. He snuck up behind Puppet and slashed him. “AHHH”. “I need to end this”. “GET HIM”.  One by one, Vincent killed Chica, Freddy and the others. Only Foxy remained. “You're going down”. Foxy swung his hook, cutting Vincent’s leg and leaving him idle. “You like how that feels”. Foxy raised his hook and cut Vincent’s hand. Vincent screamed loudly. “I'll go out” Cassie said. Mia held Cassie but she kept walking. Foxy was about to slice Vincent’s head off. Cassie whacked foxy across the head and pushed him to the ground. “W...why did you help me”. “You helped us by killing them… does that mean you don't want to kill us anymore”. Vincent nodded his head in agreement and Cassie grinned. He went inside the shed. “DON'T GET ANY CLOSER” Mia pointed the drill to him. “No Mia… he is good now”. Mia dropped the drill and grinned. “Good”. “So what do we do now”.  “Let's start from scratch. I'm V…” Vincent looked at his chest and he had a hook through it. “ stupid foxy”. Vincent dropped on the ground, still breathing but dead. ”ya..ya..yar I..I..I will be.. be back” Foxy dropped to the ground, dead for sure. “Well i guess that's over” Mia said. “Can we go home now mom”. Cassie nodded. “But first we need to find Jeremy”. Henry, Mia, And Cassie looked around the main attraction but couldn't find him anywhere. “I couldn't find him anywhere and I searched everywhere”.

Chapter 5: They Follow


“I'm gonna go home and try to look for him  

there. Henry take care of Mia while i'm gone okay”“Got it”. Cassie  got in her car and drove home. When she got home she found a box. She took it inside and grabbed a knife and opened it. Inside there was animatronic parts and plushies. Every plushie looked normal except Golden Freddy’s. His plushie eyes followed everywhere Cassie went. She went upstairs and put the box in the closet. She sat in her bed and called Jeremy. The ringing came from downstairs. She went to look downstairs and found torn up animatronics with a note that read “When the door opens, You have 5 minutes before we power on”. “But it's been five min…” The Nightmare Animatronics opened their eyes. Cassie ran for her life and locked the house behind her. She drove back to the attraction and told Henry and Mia what she saw. “So you are saying there is more” Mia said with her hand shaking. Cassie nodded. “OH MY GOD”.





Credits: Idea by: Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 by Scott Cawthon.


Thanks to: Jacob Sly for helping me out on making the story


NOTE: Part 4 will be coming soon


© Copyright 2018 Derpifox. All rights reserved.

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