Sopia Sophy

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When sophy,the daughter of the wealthiest man in the country falls for her new class teacher..mystery begins to unfold as secrets from the past are revealed....thanks

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Meeting you!!!

Submitted: February 15, 2018

'Oh please stop boring me and give up your fancy dreams ok?' she said looking into her best friends eyes and she could see she was annoyed. Pausing the game she focused on her' Can't you see am
playing an interesting new game. Why do you just love to disturb me any time I seem to be having fun.' but there was still no response and she could tell that she was really annoyed so she quit the
game and moved a little closed staring into her eyes.' OK fine am sorry precious I will scold myself, but the thing is just that no matter how cool and nice the new class teacher might be he can't
ever be like Mrs Maria. Now will you cheer up and stop giving me that look.' she asked giving her the best puppy face. ' she's actually got a point there precious Mrs Maria is really good,but u
don't need to look that down. She apologized right?' Dave asked as he moved closer. 'I just wanted to ask her few things about the teacher. 'she said looking sad.' I was only curious, that's all.'
'But precious my father doesn't deal with the hiring of teachers you know, the principal does and so I guess Audery might be perfect in telling you about the new teacher, what do you think.' she
asked. Precious smiled widely and stood up' thanks Sophy, you are the best.' she said. ' And that's why I am the best friend right?' but precious didn't wait she walked over to Audery who was just
on the third row third seat from sophy. ' How do you cope with her?',dave asked looking at precious go and sophy hit him playfully on the shoulder. Sophy rested her head on the chair and could hear
the back benchers talk about their boyfriends. She stared out unto the field and looked away to see precious. Audery was sure a talkative and she and precious chatted a lot. She focused on the view
of the field again. She and precious had been childhood friends and so now best friends. Minutes later a man walked in. It was obvious he wasn't young judging from the wrinkles on his face. He was
in a black suit and wasn't smiling. He looked really serious. Well not too serious as the principal.'Good morning students. ' he greeted softly. ' Good morning sir.' they replied back. ' First I
apologise for the delay if a new class teacher.,' he began. Mrs Maria their former class teacher was heavily pregnant and her husband had said to move so the school has been searching for a new
class teacher 4 days ago.' Well he's here but is dealing with some formalities and will join you soon. But please as the highest class in the school please be of your best character. ' he said in a
pleading tone and they all replied positively and he left. Minutes later sophy could see the young looking man come in. He was putting on a black shoe sophy was sure it was new look, and a black
suit pants. His shirt was mint green which reminded her if mint tea and it had black stripes on it. ' It's either new look or M&T.' she said within herself. His hair was cool. Neatly cut and
beautifully oiled. The wrist watch was surely an expensive Rolex as she had seen it in a shop few days ago. ' Wow a wealthy class teacher. How do they expect him to be serious?' she said asking
herself. He was tall and built, and sophy was sure he had six packs. His skin was white and really smooth. His eyeballs were deep shiny black with green edges. He stared at her and smiled and sophy
felt uneasy immediately. She looked away through the window and unto the fields again. She sure has somethings to draw tonight. She had gotten a fashion inspiration and she was sure she wasn't
going to forget. He moved closer to her thinking she would at least notice him but she didn't she was lost in her thoughts.' Madam?' he called.' Miss.' he called again but she didn't respond. '
Please snap her out of her fashion fantasy.?' said a girly voice just beside her. He snapped his fingers in her face and she came back to reality staring at him and frowning. ' So tell us miss, how
was the Fashion world?' he asked. She had just heard the most cool,manly and assuring voice ever. ' Wow his voice his so charming, cool and manly. Bet precious had fallen for that.' she thought
within herself. He was staring at her with a little curve around his lip. He was studying her and taking in every bit of information about her just like she had did when he came in. She wanted to
look away but couldn't. It was like he was travelling far into her mind and she wanted to snap out of it as she was feeling really uneasy and scared around him. She closed her eyes for some
seconds, opened them, growled at precious and faced him. She stoop up licking her lower lip and she could see him watch her do it.' Am so sorry sir. I apologize. ' she said in her tiny voice
holding her two ears. ' it's okay, we were only doing the introductory part.' he replied looking at her pale blue eyeball. ' so little miss, will you be kind enough to tell me your name?' he asked
searching for an answer in her pale blue eyeballs.' Please. ' he pleaded with a straight face and again sophy felt really uneasy. ' what's it about him that's making me feel this way?' she asked
herself. But she felt like he heard it all.' Sophy..' she finally said and he smiled. 'Sophy Williams.' ' Beautiful name sophy.' he said and she heard the class giggle. She took her seat while he
walked to the front of the class and continued the introduction. They were just 19 and so it wasn't difficult to finish the introductory part. He cleared hi voice before speaking and the whole
class watched him except sophy, who was busy scribbling something on a book with a pencil.' my name is Harry.' he said in the most calm voice sophy had ever heard. ' Wow so sure precious would have
been taken away by that. Hmm precious. Always caring. ' she mumbled. Well previous cared about the good looks and she about fashion. 'Harry Potter?' she asked still busy with the book and pencil.
He gave a corcky smile sophy didn't miss. ' wish I was but definitely not though.' he said and locked eyes with sophy.'Harry Benjamin. ' he finished and sophy saw precious smile widely. ' I am so
pleased to meet you all and will be looking forward to working with you.' ' You welcome. ' they all chorused. ' So class I will be taking you English and before I take my leave, any question?' he
asked looking around the class room and into the eyes of every student. I saw precious raise her hand shyly.' yes precious. ' he said. ' wow must be good at mastering names unlike the other
teachers.' she thought or maybe it was just a coincidence. Precious stood up and straightened her uniform. ' No you may sit.' he said smiling and precious looked away shyly. Taking her seat she
asked' E-ehm. The thing is you see Mr Benjamin our class teachers do tell us their age so I was hoping you will do-do the same.' she stuttered. ' of course. 21 am 21 years old and you precious?'
'Wee-w- well am 18.' then she looked up at him and smiled ' but sir are you really 21?' she asked confused. ' should I show you my ID card precious?' ' No not at all just that you -a--are
really young.' she finished. He moved closer to her table and leaned a bit down.' Hmmmm...little miss precious couldn't be craving for a boyfriend, could she?' he asked teasingly. pink played on
her cheeks as she blushed and she covered her face with both hands while the whole class giggled. ' Hey come on I was only teasing you,okay?' he asked and precious nodded hiding her hands under the
table. He looked beside and his eyes got caught with sophys'. he straightened up and headed for the door but before he left he said to them ' And Harry is fine with me. Please call me Harry.' and
with that he left. Sophy heaved a sigh of relief, she had been feeling uneasy ever since he came inside and now he's finally gone. She rested her head on the table but put it up again when she
heard someone move to the classroom front. It was Audery in her beautiful uniform. The school uniform was a white shirt with puff hands for the ladies and a long sleeve for the males, with a waist
jacket of ash background and a blue red, green and grey stripes. The ladies had a pleated skirt just above their knees but sophys' wasn't it was more than above the knee. Different colors of pop
socks but same black shoe. She rested her head back on the table whole Audery asked the class about the new class teacher and they all seemed so excited. Lots of chats and giggling and jokes Sophy
had to leave the class for the library. There,though against the rules she had a deep sleep and a short dream too. She was woken up by a hand tapping her back slowly. 'Sophia?' the voice called.
Rubbing her face with the back of her palm she stood up and yawned. ' What's it precious? Time to go home?' she asked in a sleepy tone and Harry smiled. ' You know it's against the rule to sleep in
the library, don't you.' he asked. That voice was familiar and she knew it was Harrys' the new class teacher.' Sorry sir.' she said prepared to leave but he held her hand. Looking into her eyes, he
said ' Sophia you missed a lot of classes.' She felt uneasy again. There was something dangerous about him.' Sorry.' was all she could say. He looked into her eyes as she looked down at the floor.
There was something really dangerous about her. Why does he feel like he should keep away from her. She was his student after all. By now Sophy was feeling more uneasy. So she just freed herself
and ran out of the library to the class. Luckily precious had packed her bag for her. ' So,where to today?' precious asked in her normal girly voice. ' your place. ' Sophy said smiling.' I have
missed your moms' cooking. Especially the desert.' and the both smiled. The left the class and headed outside. On their way the net Harry. Sophy felt like he was following them. He greeted both of
them but only precious replied, and they continued walking. ' I texted Dave that it's my place today and he said he was coming over.' she nodded and walked faster wanting to leave Harry behind
them. By the time they got to precious house, her mom had already prepared lunch and Sophy sat at the dining waiting for lunch like the daughter of the family. One of the maids served her lunch and
precious later joined. In the middle of lunch Dave phoned saying he was sorry and wouldn't be able to come. After lunch Sophy stayed for a while and chatted with precious before she took her leave.
She bade precious mom goodbye and she asked if she was going to be okay on her own. ' You know I can always tell the driver to take you home or better still you phone home and tell them to send the
driver. ' precious mom said in a worried tone. ' Or better still, you can sleep over.' precious said jokingly and they all smiled. ' Thanks Mom but I can make it home and besides it's not that far,
you know.' she had won and so left for her home happily . She was about to get home when she saw Harry again but pretended she didn't see him. He was at a convenient store. And she knew he saw her
but she just ignored him and ran home quickly. She got home, had dinner and bade everyone goodnight. Freshened up,and slip in to her night robe. She laid in bed staring at her phone, then she
dropped it on the bedside drawer. And was about to sleep when she remembered Harry. ' Why do I feel like he's following me?' she asked herself . When she couldn't find an answer she drifted to
sleep while Harry stood by the Veranda staring at her. Minutes later he left with a devilish smile on his face.
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Submitted: February 16, 2018

Chapter two: Feelings!!! Sophy woke up on the sound of her alarm. She sat upright still with the duvet on her, and turned off the alarm. She got out of bed and was about walking to her fashion
room, where she also put her books when she noticed that she didn't close the sliders on the Veranda. Sighing she locked the sliders and walked into the Fashion room. She carried her school bag and
brought out the books in it and laid them on the table. Sitting upright still with her night robe, she brought out the sketch pad and transferred the drawing onto another book. This time more
neatly and not a sketch.she placed the sketch pad on one side of the table and started solving her homeworks. After she was done she went to the room to pick up her phone and she was about going
back to the Fashion room when she felt uneasy. She walked towards the Veranda and opened the sliders she looked at the house adjacent and could see that Daves' room light was still on. She phoned
him and told him to come out on the Veranda which he did. They gestured since they won't hear each other talk. Dave tapped his wrist telling sophy that it was late and she left. Checking the time
while walking into the Fashion room she saw that it was a quarter past two. She just brushed through her books and jumped in bed logging in on Facebook messanger. Precious was still active and
sophy wondered who she could be talking to so she texted her. ' HI, aren't you sleeping?' Few seconds later.' Hi, not feeling sleepy and besides, am having a great chat here.' She frowned a bit and
thought' Who could she be talking to, by this time?' She texted back 'And who are you chatting with?' ' The class teacher, Mr Harry. He's so cool though he keeps telling me to go to bed, so sweet
right?' Sophy rolled her eyes and sat upright, sighing. ' Well keep it up am going back to bed. Good night and good luck with your new catch.' she texted with a mocking emoji. Precious didn't reply
so she just logged out and went back to sleep. The alarm clock came again and she knew it was time to go to school. She rushed to the toilet and picked her brush. With the brush in her mouth she
brought out her uniform and laid it on the bed. She then closed the Veranda curtain and rushed back to the bathroom. Under the shower she did her usual thing. Singing about fashion. After she was
al ready for school she took her bag and rushed downstairs but surely after cleaning the room. 'Good morning everyone.' she greeted sitting at the dining and tapping the table. ' Good morning
miss.' the maids said. 'Oh! my darling you are ready?' her mom asked smiling. ' hope my little princess did her hygiene? Shall I take you to school today?' she asked giving sophy a tight hug. She
reciprocated by patting her back lightly. Her mom realeased her and smoothed her black hair with her hand. ' Please give me breakfast quickly. I have to catch up with precious on the next street.'
' How was your night sophy?' her mom asked again. ' Good apart from the nightmares I have been having since 5. In fact am no longer scared of the nightmare. It can't scare me now, am a big girl.'
she said sitting upright and her mom sat by her side smiling. ' I think I know the solution to your problem.' ' You do?' Sophy asked and her pale blue eyeball lightened up. ' yes I do, and all you
need is a boyfriend. ' ' Oh please mom. Spare me. Not now. ' she said eating her breakfast. ' Precious told me that your new class teacher is 21 and is so handsome.' She glared at her mom.'
definitely not him. I feel uneasy around him. In fact I don't like him.' ' Really dear.' her dad said walking towards her and she smiled broadly hugging her dad.' Should I tell them to change him?'
he asked her. ' No dad, am sure I will get to like him with time. Am still missing Mrs Maria. That's all.' ' You know, anything for you princess.' ' Anything for your princess but you won't get her
a car.' She said frowning a bit. ' I will surely get you one soon.' ' You had better do dad. Dave has a car and precious is getting one soon.' Her mom stood up and was ready to leave when she
turned back looking at sophy.' Speaking of Dave isn't he your boyfriend? ' Immediately sophy stood up and carried her school bag and was about to leave when she stared at her mom.' Firstly Dave
isn't my boyfriend, he's my best friend. And you should focus on giving me little brother or sister.' she said and with that she left smiling knowing she had won over her mom. She passed by the
convenience store and it reminded her of Harry which sent goose bumps on her hands. She got to the next street and was about phoning precious when she saw her running towards her. ' You are late
because you were busy chatting him, right.' she asked and precious giggled. They were the first set of students to arrive in class. Sophy was still busy arranging the desks when Harry walked in.
She didn't even notice he had been staring at her until she looked back. Precious had gone out to meet someone. ' Hi.' ' Good morning sir.' she replied with her straight face. ' Is your face always
like that?' he asked smiling. She was feeling really uneasy so she just headed for the door ignoring his question.' I will go find precious. ' she managed to say and Harry caught a glimpse of her
pale blue eyes and black hair which was thrown down her back almost reaching her waist. 'wait Sophia yes...' but she had left hurriedly. Harry frowned and looked at the door then he rested his
hands on his waist smiling.' much resemblance, sophy.' he finished stressing the name. She was going to have a hard time avoiding her class teacher. She sat down in class looking at the
fields again, every one was present except Dave but it didn't worry her neither did it worry the class. He's always like that. Harry entered with the register in his hands and looked at the whole
class room, he immediately knew someone was missing and he also knew it was Dave, the guy who lived adjacent to sophys' house. Sophy stood up and faced the class.' greetings.' she said and they all
stood up to greet.' Bow.' and they bowed a little. Then they all sat down and sophy stared unto the fields again. 'it's gonna be so hard to cope with this uneasy feeling.' she thought as she stared
at the teacher. Harry was busy with the register and sophy was taking in the detail of his clothes again. Today he wore a black shoe which she knew was Roove, and blue pants which was definitely
Marks&Spencer. His belt was Gucci and his shirt was an ocean blue one with small black dots. Sophy couldn't figure out which designer it was. But the tie was MM with a day-glo color. And his
hair was as neat as always. ' Sophy!' precious screamed and she came back to reality. Seeing that Harry was staring at her frowning, she said' Sorry. My bad. I am really sorry. ' ' Sophia what were
you thinking?' he asked but she didn't reply she only looked sorry. She was feeling really sorry.'Sophia Williams?' he called. ' present sir.' she replied frowning and precious gave a little pinch
on the shoulder. ' Why the frown?' ' You would know since you are best friend.' She said taking precious hands off her' He called my name wrongly.' Sophy said through her teeth and precious smiled.
Harry asked about the class officials and sophy stood up to do the talking.' Well..' she began in her tiny voice ' I am the class president, Audery is my assistant. Victor there is the secretary'
she said pointing to a fair haired boy at the middle sit' and Charlie at the back there is his assistant, while precious here is the treasurer.' she completed taking her seat and Harry watched her.
'Still the same.' he said within himself. He went back to the register and looked through the names his eyes caught sopyhs' name and he smiled. ' Sophy.'he called within himself.' Sophy Williams.
Sophia. Sophia. Sophia.' Sophy looked up worried she had heard that voice again. That same voice that has been taunting her years back and she could feel it was near.' Sir did you call me?' she
asked worriedly, which made Harry look at her. ' No I didn't. ' he lied. ' Did she hear me call her name? Maybe it was just a coincidence. ' he thought.' let me try it again. Sophia. Sophia.' he
called again. She looked up at him worried and he was sure she heard him again. He completed the register and stood in front of the class with the register in his hands. ' I will see you guys when
it's third period.' he said and they all nodded. ' sir, never mind, sophy will come fetch you from your office.' Audery said loudly and precious agreed. ' I will?'Sophy asked. Precious glared at
her tightening her fist.' Why did you say "I will?" instead of "I will." she finished grining. ' I mean there is the time table on his desk and plus the bell he will surely know it's time for
class.' ' But you know that it's your duty to get the teachers, right? And plus you know he's new here.' she added frowning. Sophy stood up and faced Harry.' Sorry sir but there's a time table on
your desk and also the time keeper will jingle the bell and you will know it's third period. So master I don't think I will be needed. Okay master?' she asked 'Harry. ' he said staring at her and
when she didn't say anything he repeated it again.'Har-ry. ' stressing out the syllables. Sophy sighed and bit her lower lip before talking' Harry.' She said finally and Harry smiled, even the
class couldn't help but smile. ' So I will be looking forward to seeing you in my office.' and he left. Harry was walking down the hall when a student popped out of nowhere and stood in his front.
'Well well well.' she said clapping her hands.' look who we've got here. It's Harry,Harry Benjamin. ' Harry stared at the student in front of him and closed his eyes. Looking at her black eyeball
and red hair he wanted to leave but she stopped him again.' This won't get you anywhere Andi. What did you do to yourself. Look at you.' he said looking at her from head to toe. 'This doesn't fit
you at all.' ' we will see very soon. You will surely dance to my tunes soon. I promise you Harry. ' she stared at him and left. Harry walked down the hallway and thought about how sophy had called
his name. ' She had even made it sound Greek.' he said smiling. It was already time for English but sophy didn't move a bit. Dave was already present. 'I didn't know that you were so mean, sophy.'
precious said and both sophy and Dave looked at her confused.' Did you forget that it's third period already?' Quickly she stood up and went out if the class room. She stood in front of the
elevator pressing the button. When she got inside,she pressed 4 and the elevator started going up. She rested her head on the wall of the elevator and thought about seeing Harry again. She was
going to feel uncomfortable again. ' Oh! No!' she cried. She knocked on the door and the voice came again. ' yes who's there?' ' Sophy sir.' ' Oh! Sophia. Please come in.' and she went in. ' it's
time right?' he asked packing some books. ' yes sir.' she replied He stopped what he was doing and stared at her. The stare could wipe sophy off her feet as she swallowed hard and looked away.'
Harry.' he finally said. ' yes sir-- I mean Harry. ' ' Are you greek?' he asked. ' would a Greek be sophy by name?' she asked him frowning and he smiled packing the books. They went out and sophy
wished someone will join them in the elevator. But it was just the both of them. She stood at the end away from him and the elevator closed. He pressed the figure and it started moving down. He
stared at her and saw that she was sweating. He moved closer and asked' what's wrong Sophia?' She shifted backwards a little and he moved closer. She moved back again and now her back was now
touching the elevator.'Why do you hate me Sophia?' he asked. ' I don't.' she said and he stared at her again.'Please move away from me.' Sophy said shouting and her knees went off she was about to
fall but he held her waist with his left hand the other holding the books. ' what do you feel about me?' Harry asked looking into her pale blue eyeballs. The elevator door opened and sophy could
see an image standing there looking at both of them. 'Weldone Harry now I have caught you.' the figure said smiling at sophy with evil intentions while Harry just stared at sophy smiling.
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Submitted: February 17, 2018

Sophy and her best friend are suspicious about the new class teacher, they want to find out the truth but when another classmate is also willing to help,what could be the reason? Do they have to be
suspicious again?
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Submitted: February 18, 2018

Chapter Four: Mistake!!! Sophy woke up on the sound of the alarm. She stood up and rushed to the bathroom leaving the alarm and it's nois... Read Chapter

More Mistakes!!!

Submitted: February 19, 2018

Sophy covered her mouth with her two hands still staring at Harry. What on earth had she done. Was she out of her senses. Yes she must be... Read Chapter

What the Kiss!!!

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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i think i want you!!!

Submitted: February 24, 2018

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You dont worth me!!!

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Confused Emotions!!!

Submitted: February 28, 2018

'Sorry. I turned the connections off.' 'why?'he asked from the other end. 'Mom appeared suddenly and you kept calling, so I had no chioce... Read Chapter

Fessing Up!!!

Submitted: March 05, 2018

Am sorry guys I have been very busy these days. Please forgive me if the chapter is short. Depends on comments if the next chapter will be posted soon. Love you all!!!
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plan A successful!!!

Submitted: March 08, 2018

'Yes Harry. I will. Yes.' Sophy said almost out of breath. She dropped the flowers near the flower vase on the table and hugged Harry tig... Read Chapter

No wrong Love!!!

Submitted: November 14, 2018

Harry sprnted up to his room and to the Veranda. He stared at Sophys Veranda but unfortunately she wasn't there. He sprinted back to his ... Read Chapter

No wrong Love!!!2

Submitted: November 17, 2018

How Far can you go for your Best friend
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Three Could Save A Life!!!

Submitted: November 23, 2018

This chapter is a bit long. It's a bonus. My birthday is in five days time. I hope you cheer for Precious, Cleo and Dave. Love you. Wink:.
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Submitted: November 25, 2018

Another long chapter...Wink
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Two Different Lives???

Submitted: January 07, 2019

Oops I promise to be a good girl and to fail I mean to not fail CountessAmanda again. I promise to let her update her chapters. Please don't burn me alive. That was an apology from my book and
phone. Am really sorry guys. Happy new year and maybe just maybe Merry Christmas too hurraaaayyy(Excited) OK am sorry once again. I just hope Sophy can borrow some senses from me and get back with
Precious before it too late. Oops my bad did I say borrow some from me. Maybe from you guys cause I think used almost all of it in exams.(wipes am imaginary tear) you guys must be really proud of
me. I know you are very mad I mean at me of course (Wink) but no matter what I still love you and you need to do the same. Have decided that this year am going into a relationship with anyone I
like with or without there participation. Look at me talking too much again. OK OK read this chapter and I promise to update another long one. (Wipes another imaginary tear) Momma is so proud of
you guys for making it into 2019 OK am really gonna cry now. Bye love you guys. Happy new year once again.
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Submitted: January 09, 2019

OK so I know I promised yesterday but it's you guys fault too. I was typing(sobbing) and typing and typing and still typing and forgot I was cooking noodles. Noodles got burnt and mom took my phone
because it was distracting. I need you all to mail me thanks(wiping tears) I don't want to receive a package of spoilt noodles. But am a bit sorry and you all need to be sorry about my
noodles. I am not good with horror or scary chapters but I hope I tried. Hey???? Who do you think was staring at her when she woke. I call Priyanka(Pinky) or her mom. Perhaps it was Precious nah
they arent on good terms. Cleo?? Her eye color is diff...Dave???? Maybe Kenzie...gosh I need to leave. I talk too much. Love you all.
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Blue Bra!!!

Submitted: January 11, 2019

I won't talk too much. I just hope you enjoy this chapter. Wink...nudge nudge Wink Wink.
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Fear of the Unknown!!!

Submitted: January 23, 2019

Oops.. I have nothing to's my fault. My bad. Hope you like this chapter cause Harrys leaving doubts on her mind. You know Who am talking about. Wink!!!
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What the Kiss!!!

Submitted: February 05, 2019

Am so so so so so..ok enough let me stop So where was so sorry for late posting. I have exam sickness if you can put it that way....anywas here's one chapter for you lovies.
Let me be honest, I do not know how this book will end. Kidding, I do know but I also do not know the twists that will be in it. Kidding...I do but not all. Anyways here I come with my blabbing. I
will try to make the book as quick as possible but that's after my exams,(cant believe I typed please come quickly) which is in a month time. Pray for me guys, I Love you.
All! Wink!
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What the Kiss!!!

Submitted: February 05, 2019

Am so so so so so so sorry. Really sorry. I can't believe I made a mistake there. Please ignore the first version of this chapter. It's a mistake. Here's the real thing. OK I still love you and I
know you do too. Common don't lie. Wink!
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I cannot Believe You!!!

Submitted: February 10, 2019

Hey guys....does anyone know how I can change my story cover cos I have an amazing cover with me and am so clueless as to how to change it. In a very not so good mood so am not talking much. Bye u and be prepared for the unbelievable in this story. Wink!!! OK no worries pal. Clumsy me figured it out. Thanks.
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Submitted: March 08, 2019

OMG!!! Believe it or not I never wanted things to end this way. I feel so sorry for precious. She's doing so much for Sophy. Let me tell you, Sophy might act foolish but don't let that fool you,
she's actually very foolish. But hey......This is just the beginning!!! Laughs wickedly....ahahahhahahahahhahahah...OK am.done. Love u guys wink!!
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