The School Shooting

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Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



Little tendrils of smoke were making their way under the door into the Senior’s Math class when the fire alarm was pulled.  After twelve years teaching at this same school Mr. Simmons knew the procedure and ordered the students to gather their things as he checked the door.  He pulled the door open as saw the wall of bellowing smoke before it began to pour into the room.  He started coughing as he realized this wasn’t just a small blaze caused by some student smoking in the bathrooms.

“Everybody stick together and follow me.  If you see somebody struggling help them.”

He stepped out into the hall and turned to the right.  The other classrooms between his and the exit weren’t in use this period, so they would be empty he figured as he lead his students along the route he had long since memorized.


Albert Shulber covered his mouth and nose with his hankie as he coughed.  He stepped to the side and dug in his pants pocket for his inhaler.  The other students in the class passed him by ignoring him like normal.  He pulled the inhaler out as the last student passed none of them stopping to help him.


Mr. Simmons reached the exit, but just as he was about to hit the push bar to open it he saw a device attached to it.  It didn’t belong there, and the blinking red light made him think of a bomb.  He quickly decided he couldn’t risk it.

“We have to go back.  Just turn around and head back up the hall.  We will use the main entrance.”

He had a bad feeling about this and was barely keeping up with the students when he passed what should have been an empty classroom.  A figure in a dark green jumpsuit and a gasmask stepped out and shoot him in the head.

As if that one shoot was the signal, shoots could suddenly be heard through out the school with screams of panic.  Mr. Simmons class panicked running down the hall, several fell and got trampled by those behind them.  The figure casually pulled a AK47 from his back and sprayed the hallway.


When the fire alarm started Principal Howards rushed out of his office and lead the office workers towards the front entrance through the smoke, but it was chained shut.  He dug out his keys, but the lock wasn’t the one normally used, and his key failed to open it.  By this time Mrs. Larkson had was on her hands and knees gasping for air.  Stepping back, he kicked the push bar not even noticing the device connected to it.  The explosion was directed away from the door and filled the area inside them with flying scrapple.  Mrs. Larkson on her hands and knees she was protected from the worse of it, but the rest of the office workers ending up dead.


Chad Mitchell starting linebacker for the high school team ducked back into a classroom when the shots started.  He rushed to one of the windows and yanked it open, but the gap wasn’t big enough to get out.  He looked around and quickly ducked under the teacher’s desk.  That was where Becky Thomas, head cheerleader, found him.

“Let me hide here with you?”

“Fuck off, this is my spot.”

“Come on Chad don’t be a dick.”

As he opened his mouth to reply a figure entered the room and fired their pistol through the back of the desk ending the life of Chad Mitchell.

Becky started praying as the figure came around the desk and looked down on her kneeling there.  It smashed the barrel of its pistol into her face and she fell backwards as blood gushed out a long nasty gash on her forehead.  The figure pulled out a knife and slashed at her face.  The cuts weren’t life threating, but some were deep.  When done the figure moves on, leaving her laying there unconscious.


Mr. Simple lead his junior English class down the hall trying to keep them all calm when three figures in gasmasks and dark green jumpsuits come out of a bathroom carrying shotguns.  The started firing at the students and once those that could ran off they pulled pistols and began finishing those that were left behind.


Kimberly, Tiffany and Amanda cowered in the corner of a class room when a figure with a pistol walks in.  It pauses then shoots Kimberly in the stomach, Tiffany in both breasts and swings the gun on Amanda.  Amanda closes her eyes as she pisses herself waiting for the shoot which never comes.


Another explosion shakes the school as somebody tries to force one of the boob trapped exit doors.  Students and teacher alike are running around in a panic unsure of what to do.  The figures move among them shooting students and teachers at random.  Mr. Dunn the shop teacher grabs a piece of wood as a figure enters the shop and smashes the person in the head only to see the person was unarmed.  He drops to his knees and tries to stop the blood pouring from the persons head.  A figure enters and raises their gun, but doesn’t pull the trigger, instead turns and leaves.


Somebody yells about the gym doors being open and it becomes a mad dash for the gym.  More people are trampled in the stamped and several are crushed against the gym doors to the outside which were chained shut.  Stepping out of the smoke four figures holding AK47s begin firing on the crowd of students.


As the first shoot is fired Leonard Hakins drops to the floor.  He lays as still as he can as bodies fall on him.  He whimpers softly and prays to God as the firing seems to go on forever.  A sound suddenly can be heard over the gun shots.  Police and Fire engine sirens cut through the screaming and crying as the shooting stops.


The survivors cower down scared to move, waiting for the next round of shoots as the sirens blare outside.  SWAT moves quickly to smash out a window to enter they school.  A phone call had warned them of the boob trapped doors.  A bomb disposal team moves in and disarms the bombs on the front doors allow the survivors to be escorted out.


It took days to sort out what happened and even then, no suspects can be found.  A time delayed device had been set up to fill the school with smoke.  At sometime before the device went off all the doors were chained shut and boob trapped.In the confusing of the smoke it is suspected that several students slipped away to don the jumpsuits and gather guns.  The guns and jumpsuits were in a crawl space in the boys’ room.  They had all been stolen from houses the previous year.


The death toll was 168 with 93 injured.  The school was closed, and the school board and city quickly decided to tear it down.  The surviving teachers all got reassigned, but many found it impossible to ever step into a class room again.  The students were reassigned to other schools, but most were shunned and watched fearing they might be one of the shooters.

© Copyright 2018 Ian D. Mooby. All rights reserved.

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