In a HeartBeat

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Meet Alex and Peyton two high school girls who go through bulling and family disapproval just to be with each other. I don't know when prom is so I am guessing with the dates. If you do know please
leave comments on the dates. Thank you and sorry.

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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In a Heartbeat

    By: Janelle Mandis


9/25/19: Two days… It was only two days ago when…when s-she asked me. Me Alex the weirdo the un-normal the sinner. Peyton asked me to go with her to the park two days ago in front of everyone. It.. it was hard to do anything other than running with tears because everyone knows I am different… But she asked me to go with her to the park.


9/26/19: She had asked me three days ago to go with her to the park today after school, I went with her she was so nice to me even though I am one who shouldn't be hanging out with someone like her. She lead me to the park she asked if I had brought what she asked, I said I had brought the colored pencils and a camera.



9/23/19: I did it I finally asked her, Alex I finally asked her. I thought I was alone then I went to school and the first thing I noticed is not my middle school bullies or even my “friends” I noticed her and instantly I had a crush not even my so called friends knew. She was shy, cute, she was funny, nice and all of the above she liked girls. I got so excited… Oops I did it again well I guess I will continue with what happened today. The day started out as normal I went to school. I was thinking of what I would say to her (Alex) that day at lunch. As the day went by I did everything as normal except I told my “Friends” that would catch up with them after I finished some business. They asked what it was, I told them I was going to ask my crush out… it was true but they didn't know who. The said fine and went to claim a table from so other kids. I found her in line getting paper thrown and rude comments about her directed to her. I caught a paper ball before it hit her. She looked at me with that one eye its color amber the other one was bright blue. Now that may not sound pretty but it was, at least to me it was. Her long perfectly curled chocolate brown hair fell perfectly around her face. I started thinking of what if my family found out I like girls… Would I be disowned? Or would they love me just the way I am? I know my older siblings would love to torture me by telling if they ever found out. I focused back on Alex she was staring at me. She had an expression of shock on her face. I pulled her to the side of the line so people could pass she still had that look of complete shock. I was very aware of hundreds of eyes watching Alex and me, judging everything. I looked at Alex and told her everything. Slowly, she started to smile and after I had asked her out someone in the crowd said something I would never forget or forgive. “Looky here, I guess miss perfect isn't so perfect after all… She seems to like the school weirdo… I guess the two go together now.”

I recognized that voice it was Haley, one of the popular girls who honestly hated me but since I was smart she kept in her “friend group” where I did all of their homework. I looked for her in the crowd and people from all directions started calling me names that really aren't good to write down. I looked back at Alex she was tearing up then she pulled her hand away gently and said “See you there” and ran away.



 9/23/19: OMG, I can’t believe what just happened today I was in line at lunch and Peyton, the Peyton I have a crush on, actually walked up and asked me out I couldn't believe it. I told her yes though it was hard to try and not cry when all the high schoolers started making fun of the both of us. Peyton I first had a crush on her the first day of school when I walked passed her and she said hi to me like I wasn't a monster. I couldn't believe a girl like her with her beautiful gray/green eyes and her golden hair it was like I was looking at a daughter of Athena or Athena herself, maybe even Aphrodite. I was so happy yet so embarrassed I ran away in tears just after telling Peyton yes I would love to come to the park with her. She had asked if I could bring a camera and colored pencils. She had told me three days from now she will wait for me after school and that she wanted to hangout at a park for awhile. I can’t wait, I’ll just tell my mom that I am hangout with a friend. I wonder what my parents would think if they found out who I really was. My brother already came out he was kicked out of the house shortly after word. He was already dating a guy he had brought over John as well, I liked John he was nice. But as soon as my parent figured it out. They told me it was bedtime. I protested, but as soon as I realized what was about to happen I quickly fled the area to the stairs where I could still hear what was happening in the living room, I heard yelling and crashing of something made of glass. It went on for what seemed like a hour but in reality probably half or that. Then I heard footsteps of two people leaving, the door opened and closed. I ran upstairs into my room and grab my phone and called my brother John answered he told me that they were alright. He said they were going to stay at his place for awhile. I told him to tell my brother goodnight and that I loved him. John agreed told me goodnight and hanged up. I cried myself to sleep that night because my older brother had been kicked out for good. I would never be aloud to see him and John ever again. Once the school bully found out that my brother was gay she teased me mercilessly. Then she found out that I was lesbian, she never let me forget it. I was hoping that in high school she and her groupies wouldn't be there. They were they spread the news everywhere I was bullied relentlessly. But now people just mutter something under their breath ever since Peyton had asked me out.



9/26/19: Today is the best day of my life! I waited after school just like I said I would and Alex actually came. She had everything I had asked her to bring and once we got to the park. I set my stuff down and she does the same. I grab out the picture I was drawing of a tree. It was a tall and old pine tree that I had loved ever since I first climbed the tree. Alex pulled out her camera and started taking pictures of the surrounding area. She showed a few to me. Today she was wearing a Pokemon hat with her usual black and white Prestonplayz hoodie. She quiet literary lived in that thing. After awhile she sat down next to me and started watching me draw and color the tree in. She asked me this one question mixed in with some small chat. “Why did you ask me of all people out?”

I smiled and looked and her face with those amber and blue eyes along with her hair and her coffee brown skin I said “Because you know the pain of what it’s like to be like us, and I really do like you,” I said easily. She looked happy, not shocked or surprised just happy. “Well in that case I guess I should tell you that I also really like you as well.”

“That’s good”

“I guess it is”

We talked a little more then, she scooted closer and started to drift off “Wake me up in a little…” Alex said drowsily.

“Okay” I said as I continued to color.

After I had gotten a good portion of the tree done I looked at my phone that time was 4:45. I gently woke Alex up and told her I gotta go she said it was probably time for her to leave as well. She asked if we could do this again and I said that I come here twice a week and she asked when I would be here next. “I usually come here on Mondays and Fridays. Can we meet up next Monday?” I asked.

“Perfect, and yes I would love to do this again on a Monday.”

We left both, I think happy, as I walk home I contemplate what I will say to my mom and dad. Though I might be in trouble I would still be happy.



9/26/19: I was so happy I didn't realize my mom was yelling at me “Where were you?” over and over until she grabbed my hoodie and yelled it straight into my ear.


“Out with a friend” I said sheepishly.

“Hmmm… who is this friend of yours?”

“Peyton, a girl I meet at school.”

“Okay, why were you out so late with Peyton?”

“I was taking pictures with my camera while she was drawing a tree.”

“Okay, why didn't you text me and tell me this?”

“I forgot to.”

“Well then, next time do so or I will not be so forgiving in the following time.”

“Yes mother.”

“Very well, go do your homework.”

“Yes mother”




9/27/19: I go to school as normal but when ever I see Alex I say hi. At lunch I walk with her in line and nobody throws paper or says rude comments, all except Haley and her followers, they sat near where Alex and me were sitting and started calling us rude names and  throwing pieces of their lunch at us saying “Go fetch it animals,” and other stuff along the lines of that. We parted ways after school and I walked to back home where I got a call from Alex asking if I could have dinner at her brother’s place. I said yes she told me they would pick me up around 4 pm. I left a note to my parents explaining where I was after the fact that they each wouldn't respond to a call so I texted them and left a note on the refrigerator. At 4:20 I heard a SUV pull up and Alex got out and came to the door and knocked. I opened it and we walked to the SUV where we promptly left. I was introduced to Alex’s older brother Leo and his husband John. They were both really nice and funny. They asked about different things Alex and I both answered. Once we got to their place and inside, John introduced us to their adopted son Tyler who was in middle school at the time. He was really kind and understanding.

“So Tyler, have you ever meet you dad’s parents?”

“Yeah, well at least only one side.”

“Oh, why would that be?”

“They won’t tell me.”

“I can.”

“You can, Alex?”

“Yeah, I was about 12 when this happened.”

“Well what happened?”

“My parents, your grandparents Tyler, well once they found out about your dad’s relationship, got angry and disowned him and made him move out.”

“Oh… “

“Dinner is ready” called Leo. We all headed into the dinning room and a feast was prepared. All kinds of different food.

“Help yourselves” said John.

“Wow, you two outdid yourselves”

“Ha, you should see us on holidays we cook so much we don’t have to go shopping for a few months.” Leo joked.

“Well that’s impressive.” I said.

“Ha ha. Can we eat now dad?” Tyler directing the question at John.

“Why not” said Leo.

As we ate I got a text from my mom:

Mom: Ok sweetheart, do you have your key?

Me: Yeah why?

Mom: Me and your dad are going to be going to grandma’s for awhile… she isn't doing well and you can’t come because your younger sister is sick and I need you to watch Anna for while we are gone. Ok?

Me: Ok just tell grandma I said hi ok.

Mom: Ok goodnight sweetheart.

Me: Yes mom.

After dinner I get a ride back home and Alex gives me a cooler full of delicious food for me and Anna.

“Thanks for dinner and the food!”

“No problem, Peyton we are always here to have a good time. And I think Tyler likes you two .”

“Bye John, Leo and Alex I guess I will see you Monday?”

“You bet.”

As I come inside I find Anna and heat up some mashed potatoes while she puts on a movie.

“Where were you?”

“At a friend’s brother’s house for dinner”


“You feel any better?”


“At least you are eating” I offer.

“Ha. I guess.”

“I going to head to bed, if you need anything just wake me up, ok?”

“Night and ok”

“Good night and don’t stay up to late, ok?”

“Okay” Anna groans.

“Good night Anna feel better.”



9/27/19: As I walk home I decide I should see my brother and he and John are doing. As I walk to their house I text my mom that I am visiting my brother she said to be careful and to come home asap. I agree and text Leo to see where he is living. Once I got there I knock on the door only to get squished by a hug from Leo.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Leo cries.

“Oh, isn't that sweet oh, hi John and how are you?”

“Good, you seem good except for the fact that your brother is crying like a baby on you.” John said jokingly. Leo gets up and says “Well why don’t you come and meet Tyler.”

“Who is Tyler?”

“Tyler can you please come meet your Aunt Alex”

“Sure be there in a sec.” Tyler calls from another room. I hear someone get up and place something down and then walk over to where we were.

“Hi, I’m Tyler!” says a middle schooler boy blue eyes black short hair and cheerful smile.

“Hi, I’m Alex.” I said shaking the kid’s hand.

“Well why don’t we sit down and talk for a bit so good?” said John.

“Sure why not” I agreed.

I follow Leo and the others to a living room with a tv with Minecraft playing on the screen. I sit down next to Leo and start answering questions.

“So are you dating anyone yet?” asked Leo innocently with a smile that told me he was definitely not innocent.

“Yeah, well maybe I guess we had are first date yesterday, her name is Alex.”

“Wait… you are dating a girl?”

“Yeah” I said sheepishly.

“I’m guessing mom and dad don’t know about this do they?”

“Of course not!” I said defensively.

“Well describe this Alex”

“Well she has an amber eye and a blue eye.”

“Sounds nice please continue”

“Uhh… she had chocolate brown curly hair and coffee colored skin.”

“She sounds very pretty and nice,” said John.

“Can we meet her?” asked Tyler.

“Sure can she come to dinner?”

“Yeah that’s not a problem” said Leo.

“Let me call her I’ll tell her we can pick her up sometime around 4?”

“Sounds good” agreed John and Leo.

After dinner we dropped Alex off we headed to my parent’s house. Once we get there I good-bye with leftover in hand I climb out and go inside. I put the food in the refrigerator and go to bed.



9/28/19: I wake up to Anna shaking me I asked her what is wrong and she said “It’s 12 in the afternoon you need to get up.”

“Oh” I look at my clock it said 12:30pm.

“He he I guess I was tried” I said groggily.

After making breakfast and getting a much needed shower I get a text from Alex:

Alex: Hey can we meet today?

Me: Sure what time?

Alex: IDK when can you come?

Me: Just give me second, where do you want to meet?

Alex:  Ok, the park?

Me: Sounds good be there in a few minutes.

As soon as I get there I see Alex in tears and a group of kids around her. I walk over and see that it’s Haley and her followers, they were yelling at Alex.

“What’s the meaning of this?” I question as I sit down next to Alex, she crawls over and curls up next to me.

“What are you doing here?” Haley yells.

“Uhh. I came here to see my girlfriend” I said.

“You two are disgusting you two deserve everything that’s coming to you.” Haley scoffs.

“Grab them!” Haley yells. A few of her groupies come and pull me and Alex apart. I notice she has a cut right straight down her face. I kick and yell a lot of things that my mom and dad would be confused about.

“Let go!” I yell anger quickly overtaking me.

Alex starts screaming bloody murder while two football team boys are trying to hold her back.

“Let Alex go! I don’t know why you all hate Alex and me.”

Soon the boys have us at opposite ends of the bench facing Haley.

“Oh pity, you two are already so ugly. I know let’s give a few black eyes and bloody noses wouldn't hurt!” Haley says happily.

She walks up to Alex and punches her in head a few time until Alex can’t keep her head up anymore.

“How dare you, why do hate us!” I scream.

“Ha. I hate you two because of my reasons and I have every right to.” Haley explains.

“Let us go! Please Haley.” I beg.

“Oh what a pity” she said as she walked over and repeatedly punch me in the face until everything went black.


9/28/19: I woke to a hospital bed my mom sitting in a corner. Everything hurt on my face. I wanted to get up I really had go pee. But I couldn't, I tried and groaned in pain my sides were in pain as well. My mom looked up relief washed over her face. She explained that me and Peyton were found on the ground unconscious and hurt really badly, you were found by some pedestrians. She said that she got a call after they identified the them and brought us to the hospital. I came as quickly as I could your dad just got here he is outside waiting.

“H-how is Peyton…? “ I asked weakly.

“Oh the girl you were with, she is fine she had woken up a little before you and she was worried sick about you.”

“Yeah we are close friends”

“Well it’s good that you have her as a friend. Leo and his family came by to see you he was very glad to hear that you would be ok”

“Do you still hate him?”

“I don’t think he has chosen well with his life. I disowned him and I am staying with my decision. Why do you want to know anyway?”

“Never mind”

“Ok try and rest.”

“Yes mom.”

After that my mom left the room and I slept till the next day.



9/28/19: “Grrr…” I mumble. I see my dad’s head looking at me with concern.

“Uhh are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess I mean” I say as I try to move pain flares up and I stop.

“Nope not ok very much in pain”

“Ha. I’ve been worried sick oh your mother is pacing the hallways very worried.”

“I thought you two were in Oregon?”

“We drove back as soon as we got the call that you and the other girl… Alex! Were in the hospital.”

“Where is Liv and Mike?” I asked.

“They are in Oregon with grandma”

“Oh, do you know how Alex is doing?”

“She is still unconscious… her parents are nice.”

“Yeah ok”

“You need to rest ok?”

“Ok dad”



My dad leaves the room and I slowly drift back to sleep.



9/29/19: “Morning” said Tyler who was leaning over the hospital bed smiling.

“Ugg… morning. What time is it Tyler?” I asked still in pain.

“2 pm”

”Holy crap I was tried”

“I heard that they drugged you after you woke up the first time” Tyler said joking.

‘Mmmm… I don’t see you respecting your elders, where’s your parents?”

“Haha, they are waiting outside.”

“Can you go get them?”

“Sure, they would be happy to see you awake”

Tyler goes out and comes in a few seconds later with Leo and John following. Leo bounds over to my bed with a huge smile on his face. Once he got to the bed he crush me in a hug.

“Alex you worried me so much, how are you and who did this I need to go punch their faces in!” Leo cried.

“I’m fine and no you don’t, ok?”


“Did you see Peyton and how she is doing?”

“Yeah, she woke up and asked to talk to us and she is ok”

“That’s good” I say. At the moment my parents walk in with faces of anger and relief.

“Get out Leo” my dad scoffed.

“I’m going to say with my sister,” Leo says.

“No you are not, you aren't part of this family, so she isn't your sister anymore.”

“Dad? Who are they?” Tyler asked Leo genuinely confused.

“They are your grandparents” John says in a hushed tone.

“Who is this?” my dad scoffed at Tyler.

“That is my son” John stands up and faces my dad.

“His name, is?”

“Tyler,” I croak.

“Hmm… Where did you get him from?”

“Does it matter? He is still part of the family!” Leo said.

“Hmm… whatever. Should of guessed” my dad said to himself.

“Well can you leave. So we can talk our daughter” my mom intervenes.

“No” Leo says protectively.

“It's fine Leo, you can go, I’ll be fine” I said to him. Leo gets up and walks out with Tyler and John. My dad stands at the door while my mom comes up to look at me.

“Who did this to you, we must stop this.” she asks.

“Kids from school” I say groaning.

“Mmff… well then me and your father are going to have to talk to you principal tomorrow. You are going home today and if you can school tomorrow.”

“Definitely no school Monday.” I say weakly.

“Okay,” my mom says.

“How is Peyton?” I ask.

“Ohh… she is fine worried about you but fine.”

“Can someone tell her I’m fine?”

“Sure thing I’ll go do that” my dad says as he leaves the room.

“When are we leaving?”

“As soon as the give the clear”

“When will that be?”


I sit there with my mom for awhile until a nurse comes in and says that I can go home.

“Good” my mom said to the nurse.

As I try to get up and wince in pain, my sides and legs hurting badly. Just then a nurse brings in a wheelchair.

“You should try and not walk”

“Yeah, ok thanks”

As I sit down in the wheelchair I see Peyton peek her head in and I beckon her to come in. She rolls in on a wheelchair.

“Hehe I guess you got the same.” she said.

“Yeah I guess,” I said.

“Peyton? Honey can you come here it’s time to leave!” says someone from the other room.

“That’s my cue to leave, bye Alex.”

“Bye Peyton.”

As Peyton wheels herself out I think of what had happened to us yesterday.

“Come on.” my mom said from the other side of the room.

“Ok coming”

As I leave the room I say good-bye to Leo and his family and continue to wheel around to the elevators.



9/29/19: I wake to nobody in my room except a nurse who was just watching me.

“Ugg…“ I complain.

“Oh, good you are awake I’ll go get you mom.”

I see her leave and a few minutes later my mom walks in and comes and hugs me very hard.

“Honey I am so glad to see you awake!”

“Mom you are crushing me” I complain.

“Oh, sorry, I was just so worried”

“It’s okay mom” I groan as I sat up.

“Be careful, the doctor said you should try and not move very much.”

“Yeah I guessed that”

“Who did this and why?”

“Popular kids from school”


“I got a call from Alex asking to see me in the park, but once I got there I guess the group of kids had found her and were being mean. I sat down next her on the bench…” I continue with the story.

“Oh my god you went through all this, I am going to talk to your principal come Monday. You don’t have to come.”

“Thanks mom”

“How is Alex doing?”

“She is fine”

Just then a knock at the door came. My mom got up and opened it to Tyler and Leo. My mom let them in and left.

“Hi sleepyhead!” Tyler said smiling.

“Hi Tyler and Leo”

“How are you doing?” Leo asked.

“Better, you? How Alex is?”

“She is still sleeping but the doctor said she would be fine.”

“That’s good.”

We talked a little more until a nurse came in and said that they had to leave. Leo pulled Tyler out of the room. I got dressed with the clothes provided by the nurse who had left. After I was dressed I sat back down and got breakfast. Indian food, special order in from my mom. I ate and watched TV, a man, I guessed to be Alex’s dad came in and introduced himself.

“I’m Tom, Alex’s dad”

“Nice to meet you Tom”

“Alex wanted me to tell that she is fine.”

“She is awake?”


“Well that’s good”

“Yes it is. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go the bathroom.” he left right after that, and I continued eating and watching the TV. After awhile a nurse came in with a wheelchair and told me I can leave. I got into the wheelchair and rolled to Alex’s room where I peeked inside she noticed me and beckoned me inside I rolled inside, we talked then I left.


9/30/19: I woke up and got ready to go to school then I realized the time and that I was staying home for a while. I call Peyton and get voice mail. I turn on the TV and flip through the channels until I get to a movie marathon on one of my favorite shows.

“Score!” I say to myself.

The day goes by, I watch TV, talk to my mom and sleep. Once my mom got home she started to make dinner.

“I talked to your principal the funny thing is that Peyton’s parents were there as well”

“Oh, really, I guess that would make sense” just as I said that my phone bussed I looked at Peyton was asking what I was doing. I texted her back:

Me: Nothing why?

Peyton: Are your parents home?

Me: Yeah my mom is

Peyton: Oh, well how are you doing sorry for no calling you back I couldn't up today until well really now.

Me: How much pain are you in?

Peyton: Ha. quite a bit

Me: Didn't you take your pain medication?

Peyton: Not until now

Me: That’s probably why you are pain

Peyton: I guess

“Who are you texting Alex?”

“Oh, just Peyton”

“Hmm… Ok”

After that my mom made dinner in silence I went back to the couch to catch another movie. Later that night my dad came home and we had dinner. I went to bed pretty late because I wanted to finish my movie marathon.



9/30/19: I slept for most of the day I texted Alex and took some pain meds and then my siblings come home and I turn on a movie and they go do their homework in their room. Soon Anna came out and sat down next to me.

“Finished!” Anna said cheerfully.


“Whatcha watching?”

“A movie”

“What movie?”

“A movie, go bother someone else!” I yelled.

“Fine I won’t bother you anymore”

“Thank you”

A few minutes later Liv came out and sat down and watched the movie. A while later mom and dad come home and dad goes to make dinner while mom talks to me.

“I talked to your principal, Alex’s parents were there as well. What you want I can go get it?”

“Indian food please. Chicken Butter with extra naan and white rice please.”

“Ok I’ll be right back”

“Thanks mom!”

“No fair” Liv and Anna said at the same time.

“Mom why can’t we have Indian food as well?” complains Anna. My mom left pretty quickly before Anna could complain again. She came back we ate dinner and watched movies and they went to bed I stayed up longer playing on my phone. I got a text, it was about 9:00 pm I looked at the message:

Sender: Why did you tell? You are dead!

Me: Who is this and how do you have my number?

Sender: It’s Haley you idiot now meet me at the park tomorrow and bring your friend so I can talk to you.

Me: No thanks

Haley: Then I’ll get you back at school

Me: Sorry Haley I don’t think I want to be in a hospital anymore. Good night

Haley: You will regret this

I blocked her right after that message.

“Crap” I said out loud to myself.

“If she has my number she can still text me thru different people” I mumbled to myself. After I finished my movie I went to bed.



11/5/19: First day back, I see Peyton walking over to me. She looks a lot better with her golden hair and gray/green eyes. Today she was wearing a white hoodie and long black cargo pants. She walked right over and grab my hand, I blushed and we walked inside the school. It was about second period when over the intercom they called me and Peyton down to the principal’s office. I walked down there and met up with Peyton.

“Hey, you know why we got called down?” Peyton asked me as I sat down.

“Nope, maybe something to do with our parents coming to tell on Haley and her group.”

“I bet you are right”

Just then the principal opened his door and told us to come in. We did he closed the door and sat down at his desk.

“So your parents came and told me that you two got ganged up on and beat up a few months ago. Can you tell me what happened?” asked the principal.

We told him what had happened, he was a good listener. We didn't give some details: like we were dating, it wasn't his business. After we had finished he looked at each of us and said, “You two have gone thru more stuff that most people do in their lives” he said astonished. He said we could leave we did. At lunch Peyton asked me: “Do you want to go the park again since we missed our last one?”

“Sure meet me in the front of the school after school, ok?”

“Ok see you there!” Peyton said happily.

After school I packed up quickly to meet up with Peyton, but I was stopped by Drew, one of Haley’s close friends.

“Oh, I found one of the ones who told on us” called Drew.

“Oh, goodie we can teach her a lesson because Peyton can’t do it herself.”

I tried to run but didn't get very far, just around the corner was Haley and some guys that followed her around the guys grab me holding me still.

“Let me go Haley!” (I said something much stronger that Haley).

“Pity, pity… I don’t think I can do that.” she said with false sympathy.

I tried to break free but the two boys just twisted my arms, I screamed in pain. That probably saved me from anymore pain. A teacher poked his head around the corner and saw what was going on. No one but me saw him, he sneaked up and yell “What is going on here?”

“They are hurting me!” I cried.

“Let her go and follow me.” he said.

They dropped me and followed the teacher I walked out of the school and found Peyton, who was getting worried about me. I told I was fine and, that we should go. As we walk to the park I texted my mom:

Me: I’m going to the park to hang out with Peyton, ok?

Mom: Ok honey please be careful!

Me: Yes mom.

Once we get to the park we put down our stuff and I grab out my homework while Peyton has her sketch of the tree and continues to draw and color in the tree. I do my homework: math easy, biology meh, and then history, ugg I hate history. I finish and look over at Peyton who is intently coloring in a bit of the tree on her paper.

“Cool” I say as I scoot over to scout out her picture over her shoulder. She sees this and turns faster than I could react and kisses me on the lips very quickly but she still does it. She pulls away blushing, she looks up and starts laughing I must of had a funny face on. I was shocked and confused of what had just had happened. Peyton was smiling at me and I kissed her back this time when I pulled back she had the shocked face and I laughed she started giggling to. Once we had stopped we both smiled at each other happily.

“Uhhh… that was nice.” I say awkwardly.

“Haha. You’re cute when you are at a loss for words!” Peyton says jokingly.

“Hey!” I say not angry but embarrassed.

“I stand uncorrected” Peyton says happily.

She continues to draw while I watch. After a while we pack up and leave.

“Bye!” Peyton says.

“Bye Peyton” I say back.

I was so happy I didn't noticed that Peyton was running at me. She pulled me into the bushes. I was confused. She shushes me.





After a while she removes her had and tells me why she did that.

“What was that about?”

“A car was following me and I didn't want them to take you away from me or the other way around.”

“Oh” I say at a loss for words.

“Let me check out what is happening outside”

We both peek our heads outside the bush and the road was empty no cars anywhere.

“Can your mom drive me home?”

“Sure let me ask her”

We crawl back into the safety of the bush. I text my mom:

Me: Can Peyton get a ride home someone was following her, right now we are hiding in a bush.

Mom: Yes she can certainly get a ride home. Do you want me to pick you to up from the bush?

Me: Yes please (Send her the bush’s location).

A few minutes later I hear a car stop, I look out and sure enough my mom is waiting right there. I stick my head into the bush.

“My mom is here” I tell Peyton.

“Ok, thanks for letting me get a ride home.”

“No problem, we should go get in now.”

We climb out the bush and hop into the car and my mom takes Peyton home offering dinner the next night. Peyton agrees. We go home and eat dinner.



11/5/19: I go to school as normal say hi to Alex who was wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants she was looking so much better now after a month of rest. She was so pretty with her two different colored eyes and chocolate brown hair framing her coffee brown skin that was as beautiful as ever. We had a normal day until about second period we were both called up to the principal’s office. I got there first and when I saw Alex. I asked her why we were here. We both agreed it probably to do with the bullies. We get inside the office and tell the principal what happened taking turns telling. He was very surprised to hear what had happened.

You two have go thru much more that some people do in their entire lives” he said in disbelief. After that we went back to our classes. During lunch I ask Alex on a date where I was planning to finally kiss her, Of course I didn't tell her that.

After school I pack up rather quickly and go and wait outside where I get a text from a random number it said “I warned you” I was really confused until I realized the time was like a half hour after school had ended. Just then I see Alex walking out wiping tears from her face a worried look on her face.

“Where were you?” I asked concerned.

“Just packing up” she said distractedly.

“Why did you take so long?”

“Locker got jammed”

I knew that wasn't the truth but I could she really didn't what to talk about it. We walked to the park and I texted my mom:

Me: Hanging out with Alex at the park be home later.

Mom: You have keys and be careful!

Me: Ok and yes I do have keys.

Mom: Ok don’t stay out to late.

Me: I won’t.

Once we got the the park we put our backpacks down I grab my tree picture and started working while Alex did homework. She finished and came to look over my shoulder and said “Cool” she didn't see my face but I wa blushing. In one quick move I kissed her quickly and looked at her face she look like someone had just done something she didn't expect I laughed because it was funny. Then she did something unexpected she kissed me back but for longer it was nice. She pulled away I must of looked like a dork because she laughed. We talked and after a while later we head our different ways. I start on the way home when I see a white van following me I start running until I run into Alex who was conveniently by a bush I drag her in keeping her in for until I felt it was safe we peek out and see the road is deserted we go back in and I explain why and ask her if I could get a ride home she agrees and texts her mom. A bit later her mom’s car pulls up to our bush and we get in. Alex’s mom invites me over for dinner the next day I agree. Once I get into my house I tell my mom that I am going to have dinner with Alex’s family. Once I got home Liv saw me blushing and smiling.

“What happened to your face?”

“Uhh” I finally spot her.

“Nothing,” I say as I head to my room. But Liv grabs my arm and pulls my into her room.

“You're not leaving until you tell me what happened”

“Ugg why are you so pushy?”

“Did you meet someone? Wait are you in love with that friend of yours… what’s her name?”


“Are you in love with her?”

“How did you figure that out so fast?”

“I’m an expert in this thing.”

“Ugg can you not tell anyone, please?”

“You know, mom and dad along with Mike and Anna would except you for the way you are.”



“Well, I am afraid if they find out they will leak that info to Alex’s parents who already kicked their son out because of the same reason.”

“That’s not cool. If you make them promise to not do that maybe then you could do it?”

“I don’t know”

“Hmm, would you be ok telling Mike and Anna. They won’t tell a single soul with me making sure.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Let me go get them, oh and I’ll grab you some cookies on my way.” Liv said as she walked out the room. Anna and Mike came in after a while and sat down. Then in came Liv with chocolate chip cookies. She gave them to me and sat down eyeing Anna and Mike.

“Go ahead Peyton.” she said encouragingly.

“What’s this all about?” asked Mike.

“I am dating Alex!” I said as quickly as possible. Mike and Anna sat in silence and Liv was munching on a cookie.

“O-okay… that’s good” Anna said.

“Uhh, I am guessing mom and dad don’t know right?”

“Please don’t tell them. I’m not ready for them to know.” I grabbed a cookie.

“It’s ok we are all here for you we won’t tell anyone.” said Liv.

“Yeah of course not I won’t tell anyone”

“Same. We are your siblings, you should be able to tell us anything without worry.”

“Does Alex like you?” asked Mike.

“We are dating” I said.

“Oh.” he said as he grabbed a cookie.

“You two seemed really close. I was going to ask but Liv got to you first.” Anna said accusingly.

“Hey I convinced her to do this, okay? Calm down people!” Liv said protectively.

“It’s okay I needed to do this” I said quietly. Anna grabbed a cookie.

“Well at least it wasn't something like you were going to run away or join the circus.” Anna said jokingly. I pushed her down. She gt back up with a pillow.

“Pillow fight!”

“Oh it’s on! Mike! Peyton! Formation 1!” Liv yelled.

We had a pillow fight and had fun then mom and dad came home and we went out to dinner.

“Remember your promise” Liv warned.

“Yeah, yeah we know.” Mike said.

“Good, do you remember Anna?”

“Yes Liv, I do” Anna said.

We went to dinner and then went to bed as soon as we got home.

“Night!” I called from my bed. I fell asleep rather quickly.



11/6/19: I go to school and see Mike Peyton’s older brother, he is not older by much, but he is. He was walking straight over to me. He was what the girls at school thought of as cute. I thought of his as an annoy boy who didn't grow up. He got to me and said:

“You better not break my sister’s heart, if you do I will break you”

“Wow aren't you one for nice introductions.”

“Just listen to me, Peyton told me, Liv and Anna about you two. She really likes you, so please don’t hurt her in any shape or form.”

“Hmm. So if she didn't see a car barreling towards her I wouldn't be allowed to push her out of the way, because she might fall and scrape herself?”

“You know what I mean!” he said and then walked off in a hurry. I went to class as normal but I didn't feel scared anymore of Haley, or Drew or anyone of her minions. This was reliving because I had be scare really bad of Haley and her followers/friends/groupies. When lunch came around I grabbed Peyton and we hightailed it for food elsewhere. We ended up going to Subway which was nearby and convenient. As we walk in I see Haley and her friends standing outside. We walk by them, I accidentally bump into her as she was right in the doorway.

“Hey aren't you going to say sorry for pushing me?”

“I bumped you a tiny bit because you were in the doorway.”

“I don’t care tell me sorry unless you want to get hurt.”

“Leave Alex alone” intervenes Peyton.

“You have no business to bother us.” Peyton says.

She drags me into Subway where we eat and talk.

“Thanks for standing up for me.”

“No problem, do you want to go to the park today? Then maybe after dinner at your house we could have a sleepover at mine. My parents won’t mind and Liv is killing me to meet you.”

“Sure that sounds great, my family usually has dinner around 5 pm. So we go to your house after?”

“Sounds good!”

We each texted our parents:

Me: Can I sleepover at Peyton’s house after dinner?

Mom: Sure make sure you pack a bag.

Me: Yes mom thank you!

After we head back to school the day was usual. After school I got packed up and meet Peyton outside.

“You ready to have fun?”

“Yeah I am!”

We head out and from time to time we hear footsteps behind us but we didn't see anyone. Once we got to the park we did our usually, I did homework and Peyton colored. Someone walked up to us, and I realized who it was too late. She grab the sketch pad from Peyton.

“Hey that isn't yours give it back!” Peyton yelled getting up.

“Oh should I shred these ugly pictures or should I just rip them in front of you?” Haley said happily. I got up and rushed at her punching her in the face and grabbing Peyton’s sketch pad.

“Ow, why you little b----!”

“Save it. Let’s go Peyton.”

“Okay” she said as she packed up her stuff, I packed mine.

“Next time you bother us you will meet my older brother.” I spat at Haley who had a bruise on her cheek.

“You. Will. Pay. For. This.”

“No I won’t, you will” and with that we left to my house. As we walked Peyton looked at me as if I had killed someone.

“I didn't know you could do that- no offense.”

“None taken. I was protecting you, like you have for me, all the time.”


“I love you” I say this as I turn to kiss her she seems surprised but doesn't resist. We continue walking more happy. Once we get home I unlock the door and lead Peyton inside. I turned on lights and put my stuff down and headed to my room to pack a bag for overnight. We watched TV until my parents came home to make food.

“Hello you must be Peyton.” my dad said.

“I remember you. You told me that Alex was ok in the hospital.”

“Hello Peyton” my mom said.


“Oh we haven’t even introduced ourselves. I am Joy Endmen. An this is my husband Tom Endmen.”

“That’s good to know” Peyton says.

“Ah it’s about time we make dinner.” mom said to dad.

“Yeah, I--I guess” he said awkwardly as he followed my mom into the kitchen. Me and Peyton continued watching TV until mom called to go wash hands.

“She always does that.” I said as Peyton followed me to the bathroom.

“It’s okay my mom gave that up a long time ago when I was a kid.” Peyton said happily. We washed our hands and headed to the dinner table.

“Eat up you two. Did you pack a bag Alex?” mom asked.

“Yes mom, thank you mom.”

“My goodness this is a lot of food.” Peyton said looking at the table full of different food. It varied from pork to beef and potatoes to mac and cheese. There was enough food to fill up a whole five person family and still have extras. We ate and told them what happened today. They weren't very surprised when we brought up that I punched Haley in the face.

“Then Alex got up and punched Haley in the face and grabbed my sketch book. Then we left, to come here.” Peyton said.

“Alex has a temper when someone pushes her too far. Alex will snap and do as little attacking to get what she wanted.” Mr. Endmen said happily.

“Yes we put her in boxing and wrestling along with karate.” Mrs.Endmen said.

“She has the right temper for anyone because, she has a large push point. She wouldn't fight in any of the classes if the other person didn't attack first. She aced all the classes because of it, and because she was a good fighter.” said Mrs. Endmen.

“I didn't know that about her” Peyton said.

After that we ate in silence and when we were heading out Alex’s mom came to say bye.

“You two be careful.” she said.

“We will mom. Let’s go Peyton!” Alex said happily.

“Bye Mrs. Endmen” Peyton said.

“Good-bye Peyton. It was nice to meet you.”

“Come on Peyton!” called Alex from the sidewalk.

Peyton walks to where I was standing and we head of to Peyton’s house for the weekend.



11/6/19: The day starts as normal really until lunch where we head out to Subway. We were walking towards the door and we see Haley, Drew and their followers. They were standing right in front of the door so we tried to sneak past. I past and Alex bumped Haley who wiped around and yelled for an apology I saw in Alex’s eyes, that she wasn't going to say sorry. Before we started a fight I pull Alex in and making sure that Haley got pushed more than before. We head into Subway and get food I answer some questions from Alex and we head out to the rest of school. I wait for Alex this time for about a minute. We leave to the park where I start drawing and Alex does her homework. I hear someone walking in our direction, I didn't think much of it, until the person took my sketchbook.

“Hey that isn't yours -----” I yelled. I’ll let your creative brain figure it out.

“Should I shred up these ugly pictures or should I just rip them up in front of you?” Haley said happily. Alex got up faster than I knew and punched Haley and grabbed the notebook from her. Haley fell down to the ground with a bruise on her right cheek, it felt good that Ms. Perfect has now an imperfection.

“Why you little ----!” Haley yelled. I think you can figure it out.

“Next time you bother me or my friend I will personally introduce you to my older brother.” Alex said

“Shall we leave, Peyton?”

“Ye--yes. Yes we shall.” I got up and took my notebook from Alex, and packed up. I probably had a weird look on my face because, she looked at me and stopped.

“Uhh I didn't know you could and would do that--no offense!” I said worried.

“None taken. I was protecting you. Like you but in more severe cases.” she said as she leaned over and kissed me I was shocked but it wasn't anger I was happy. When she pulled away we walked together hand in hand happily to Alex’s house. Once we got there we got inside and set our stuff down and sat down on the couch to watch a movie. Once Alex’s parents got home we introduced ourselves. They were the Endmen and I was the Ofera. They went to make dinner while me and Alex watched a movie. Mrs.Endmen told us to go wash our hands a while later. As we ate we talked I learned that Alex could have sent Haley to the hospital if she was pushed enough. While we walked to my house I asked Alex one thing: “Why haven’t you showed that side more often?”

“Because then I would be painted over a the villain.” Alex said. We walked and talked a little I stopped Alex in the doorway and said:

“Be very careful, we might get ambushed by my sisters.” I warned.

“Haha. Are they going to sneak up on us and tackle?” Alex said jokingly.

“You never know with Anna or Liv. Just follow my lead.

“Uhp fine.”

I open the door as quietly as possible and walk inside ushering Alex in. I walk slowly to the hallway and put my stuff down. Alex closes the door loudly and stomps up to me throwing her bag down.

“Sssshhh!” I mentor.

At that moment I see someone moving in the shadows. I quickly forget moving quietly and drag Alex as far away before we get attacked. I get to the living room before Liv came up behind with a pillow and Mike and Anna attack me. I had fell into their trap. After we had a mini pillow fight we sat down and talked.

“Hi, you must be Alex!” Liv said as she shook Alex’s hand.

“You must be Liv. Your sister complains about you all lot.” Alex said to Liv. Liv then proceeded to hit me with her pillow.

“Ow. And not fair!” I complained.

“I’m Anna” said Anna as she shook Alex’s hand.

“You already know, but I am Mike.”

“Yeah the one who has really nice introductions.” Alex said happily.

“Well now that we all know each other I want to talk so everyone follow me to my room. Peyton go get the cookies and Alex follow me!” Liv says exicendly. I got the cookies and headed to Liv’s room where I sat down next to Alex and started eating a cookie.

“Soo how long have you two been together?”

“How did you meet?” Liv asks.

“Well we have been dating for a while now.” I say.

“Every since you first asked me out right?”


“Ok how did you two meet?”

“Well I was standing in line for lunch and Peyton came up and asked me out.”

“That’s sweet!” Liv said.

“Where was your first date?” Anna asked.

“It was at the park near school.” I said.

“How was today?” asks Mike.

“Ha. Funny you should ask.” I said. I noticed that Alex was blushing.

“Well, Haley came snuck up on us and took Peyton’s sketch book. And I got up and punched her in the cheek and grabbed the sketchbook.” Alex said looking away.

“Well thank you for standing up for her!” Mike said happily. Anna threw a pillow at his head.

“Hey not fair!” Mike said as throwing the pillow back at Anna who hid behind me.

“Hey face your own punishment Anna!” I said pulling her out from behind me as Mike throws a pillow at her. A knock come at the door, my dad pokes his head through the door.

“I think, you Peyton have a girlfriend who I want to meet.” he says with a huge smile on his face. My thought process at the moment is crap, crap, *bad word*, *bad word*, *bad word*, *bad word*. Repeating over and over.

“How much of this conversation did you hear?” I ask cautiously.

“All of it. You know that these wall are thin so your mother and I heard it all. Hello Alex I am Joe Ofera and my wife Leya Ofera.” he said as a woman poked her head in.

“We are so happy that you two are together! We are a little shocked, but I guess that is okay as long as you two are happy.” my mom said with a huge smile on her face. After explaining everything to my parents: like how we met and whatnot.

“So today, we were at the park and Haley came up to us and grab my notebook and started bragging. Alex got it back and punched her in the face. She did deserve it, she has always been a ----- *bad name*.” I said.

“Watch your language! But other than that I am happy for you two. Do your parents know Alex?” my dad said.

“Ha. If they did I would be kicked out of their house, just like my older brother.” she said with a hint of a bitter tone.

“That’s not good! You know that you are always welcome here. We do not judge people just because of their like and dislikes.” my mom said.

As the night continued it was fine. Alex was happy, I was happy.





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