Rage turned to Silence

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A Man's introspection about his Journey.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



I’ve been followed for years now
Around every treacherous bend, around every hidden corner
Now Fustraction in gulps me like tumultuous rain

It’s the heart of the darkest night
In an open clearing, I run towards the dreaded forest of suffering and pain
Unavoidable, inconceivable, sirens calling me to despair

An inner voice crying out to me through the sod: It could have never been any other way, no other way could it be

Relentless, immeasurable; pounding, soaking my heart in turbulent anger and rage
Encaged by my morality and ethics and personal beliefs
Running, racing, chasing for days upon days upon days...

I’m being stalked at this very moment
My predator trying to turn me into a helpless prey…
Yet what do I do, what could I do, when I’ve been driven into the unknown grounds of his lair and delightful, sinful playground

I’ve been here too long: eroded, worn, and forlorn
Desires harder to hold onto, harder to control, harder to love and care about, the drive to keep going on and on and on into this endless abyss of my enemies sadistic torture…

My dreams harder to see, to hold onto, to believe in, to establish in thought and action
Yet I must keep going through space and time...

However, I stand unconquered.
My choice to go on unfractured
Paths and routes untethered
Standing in the midst of this chaos and disorderly place

Who I am resounding throughout the woods, and creeks, and beneath the rocks, and into the dark souls that creep in the corners of my eyes
My presence to keep going down the Path that God has decided and designed for me to be

To be Who I Am...

This is my resolution
Marked by the seeping, muddy steps of my former selves 
Gouged into the wounds on the ground of this decaying life
Covered and filled with obsidian blood and tears
I stand here waiting to go on Once more
Again and again into the battle cry of possibilities that I cannot determine or fathom or fully control…

A Man’s argument with God and Destiny turned to silence

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