The Return

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This is a story about the ones that watch your every step in the darkness and light that is least expected.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



Lucas Cutter stood in front of his class, tapping the tip of the marker against his long fingertips when he tried not to go to sleep from the amount of drinks that he had the night before. He showered his red eyed wonder across the room when he casted his eyes upon the three hipsters that are sitting in the back of the class. The two of them had familiar faces when Lucas got back to the lecture that is swirling in his mind, fiddling with the marker back and forth before going back to the point where he left off.

“Now we take the two variables in the equation and follow this step to get down to the final answer that is concluded here.” Mr. Cutter felt the heart of the pain cut through the center of his mind when he stopped wiping the tip of the marker on the board, closing his eyes before finishing up the equation on the board.

“Now if we take this answer in the equation and input it back – here then we will get the right answer that is checked in the first step.” Mr. Cutter brought the cap to the marker and closed it when he turned to the audience with a feel of some drool coming down the side of his mouth.

The three hipsters in the back of the class glared at him when Mr. Cutter only heard the sound of a clock ticking on the back wall of the room. A mumble flew a little over the crowd when a cough ensued in the middle of the class of twenty seven people. They did not want to ask questions that are prevalent to the equation on the board. They wanted to get out of here as fast as they can.

“Okay, your homework for tonight is numbers one through thirty five on page one hundred and three. I suggest you show your work. If you have any questions regarding to any problems, please call me before nine o’clock tonight. If anyone needs any scrap paper please let me know.” Mr. Cutter excused the audience when he came back to the whiteboard that was once behind him. He wiped the marks off of the board when people shuffled behind him; collecting their materials off of the tables and pushing the chairs back into place while Mr. Cutter wiped the marker off of the whiteboard. He wiped the double vision out of his eyes before turning his body back to the front of the class, rolling his head down before pulling his head up.

The three hipsters are the only ones that are in the classroom, knowing him, judging him, and tarnishing him with those eyes that know too much. The middle of the hipsters raised his legs up to the table and planted his feet upon it when he broke a smile upon his face. That smile is the smile of something that is lost within his mind a very long time ago.

“Can I help you boys?” Mr. Cutter asked the boys. He noticed that his voice is deeper now; more aged since the last time he realized it. He didn’t realize that until now.

The three boys continued to look at him with tight lips and blank faces when the one in the middle planted his hands upon the table while keeping his feet up, staring at him like he is about to harm in a moment’s notice. The pencil that is before the hipster moved a little, rolling along the table with no one touching it before the pencil reached to the edge of the table and dropped off the top of it with a wooden clatter that is almost not heard.

How did they do that? Lucas dropped his mouth when the one in the middle unhinged his jaw.

“Twenty nine years ago. Do you remember?” The hipster with the big pants smiled across the room when Mr. Cutter swore he heard the sound of a penny coin drop in the hallway. The halls are deserted now and there is no one in the halls.

“You remember that Satellite that you had with the hemi? You used let the engine roll along that long deserted road before you did something that you never talked about to anyone. Do you remember what happened on the night? You know what night it was. They never found the second car.” The hipster had no color in his eyes when he moaned a little in the back of his throat.

Mr. Cutter felt the marker drop between his index finger and thumb as it rattled over the floor. He remembered. He remembered everything. Even the scraping of the metal he remembered it all. The car lost control as it dallied past the hood of the Satellite, cutting into the dirt on the side of the road when it buck and skipped across the road. Lucas locked his brakes when all he can see is the smoke of the tires all over the road. The other car which is a 1978 Monte Carlo dug into the dirt again when the hood of the car bent into the edge of the farming terrain as the car wrapped around and landed on the side like the car like the blunt end of a hammer.

It rolled and rolled and rolled into the corn brush with the headlights cutting through the stalks of corn, dancing and dancing the violent madness of the lights still blaring when the car landed on the top. Lucas peeled out of there, getting as far away from the scene of the accident as fast as he can when the next day he changed the tires on the car and burned the ones that he used, leaving no trace for something to bite him back later with someone that is piecing it together upon accident.

He kept it under wraps after all of these years. How do they know about that?

“What…How?” Mr. Cutter tried to grab the desk but couldn’t. He shook his head when he noticed that he has red eye from the many nights that he drunk like a drowning fish. He noticed that his hands have the marker in his hand that he dropped moments before.

“What in the name?” He looked at the marker like it is the most grotesque thing in the world when he dropped it again. The marker dropped halfway when it became suspended in the air, hovering over the ground when there is nothing more to be said about the marker when he back away from the table sweating.

“The students didn’t see us. They didn’t even know we were here in the back of the class. We came from the Outerworld after you had too much to drink on our standards. We come when the sin is too much to bear.” The hipster in the middle brought his hand up to his eyes before smiling and dropping his hand back onto the flatness of the tabletop.

The hipster moved the trashcan in the corner with the power of his mind, moving it up the wall when Lucas focused it, wondering what it is going to do when he back up against the whiteboard.

“Yes…I know what you are thinking right now. After that, we have been watching you for quite some time. You drink and suppress. You drink and suppress more. This morning when you were drunk, you did something that is most cause for us to come forth. Do you know what it is?” The hipster with the shark eyes smiled when Lucas could not think of what happened this morning. He knew what happened in the midst of the unknowing but he dared not utter think of it.

“The bike – do you remember?” The hipster smiled with his teeth about ready to bite.

“Do you remember the spokes in the bike’s tires?”

“Yes! I remember.” He moved his hand to his eyes before shaking his head. He closed his eyes before moving his head up to the three hipsters that have changed their shapes.

They are three men; all dressed in black with raincoats and fedora hats on the tops of their white tufts of hair. Their eyes are all encased in black when he noticed that their teeth are all in sharp points, like the teeth of Apex Predators. There are no lines upon their face as well.

“We are alone now. If you leave this room, you will die with your arteries popping like grapes. There will be nothing left for you.” One of the three spoke, probably the one that he was talking from before they changed their shapes.

Lucas Cutter felt like he is going to make water in his pants.

“What are you?” Lucas spoke like a little child, feeling like his eyes are going to double in vision again.

“We are the entities of the Outerworld. I say we observed this world for eons and all that we can say is this world is more trivial to the pursuit of animalistic endeavors. Humans here have shown that they are still children and will get their way without the consequences of our actions. They have never learned since the crucifixion of the holy on the cross which is one of the rebels that live in the Outerworld. He left but kept watching him, tempting him to come back to the nature of which we so desire.”

Mr. Cutter’s mind is racing to the point that is almost maddening. A student came into the room, fumbling some papers that are in her hands.

“Be warned, you will only end up crazy if you try to prove us.” The one fiend that is talking to him did not smile anymore.

The trash can that is against the wall is back in place with no one noticing it, not even the student that is well deep within her own thoughts to even recollect.

The student by the name of Lorie traveled to the front of the table with her teeth tendering her lower lip. She pivoted the papers in her hand, swaying them back and forth when it took her two seconds to ask a question.

“I need help with question three, Mr. Cutter.” She examined the sweat that is secreting into his shirt.

“Are you okay? Your face looks flushed.” Lorie asked him when Mr. Cutter shook his head, smiling when he saw the worried composure upon her face.

“Yeah…Yeah; what seems to be the problem that you’re having?” Mr. Cutter looked over her head when he sees the three figures change their shape. They look like the boys that were in the wrecked 1978 Monte Carlo when he felt like his heart is going to leap out of his chest. He didn’t want to look at these apparitions of haunting torture anymore.

When Lorie left, he played this charade as best as he can when the three looked at him with those shark eyes. He didn’t see their teeth this time when he noticed that he is late for the conference meet in the auditorium. He didn’t care. He wanted some answers from them and wanted them now.

“What is this Outerworld that you are talking about?”

“It is a place that is void from time and space, meaning and resolution. It is a place that we dare not utter hear the screams of our captures when they are piled into their pious wastes of eternity. There is never death in the Outerworld. There is only consciousness and wanting, wanting and consciousness. This is the order of what no one desires.” The one that is speaking did not smile anymore. There is no expression on his face but the expression of seething into his soul, seeing the damnation of all the bad after-effects of what has happened in Lucas’s life.

“What happened this morning? Did the paperboy survive?” The being asked him when Lucas came up with nothing, sweating again.

“You don’t even know. Always thinking of your own self and not thinking of others. Cowardice does make people live forever. You know what happened to the paperboy? You crushed his head in with the backend of your tire.”

He sucked in his breath in sharp pain when the being spoke about the newspaper boy’s untimely demise. He felt like he is going to pass out when the being smiled with his inner workings of whatever is going into play.

“I know what you are thinking as well. You can never catch a breath. You just hold on and on and on until someday you will be caught. That is when this will be the cause of your redemption; sitting in a cell until you die or you die in the hands of others in that prison.” The being brightened when it came out of the seat in the back of the classroom.

“Prison, are we all in prison. I think so. But what you need to do now is confess what your life is cherished by speaking the truth of your crimes. Give yourself of what you owe in this life and nothing else will be said. This is your return to feel better. Then we will never return again.” The form sauntered closer and closer with his hands behind his back, looking at him like he is a breakfast plate that is about ready to be served.

“If you don’t then it is a trip to the world that you will never think possible of torture.”

The other two got up from their seats, fixing the wears that are around their collars.

“We will be waiting – and watching.” The being did not blink their eyes when the other two slid out of the room, along with the last that spoke for the rest of them then Lucas Cutter is left alone with thoughts of pure insanity dancing in his mind.

That day, Lucas Cutter is not a prisoner of his seclusion but a prisoner of three beasts that is roving around this tale through all tales in this little blue ball name planet earth. What is the Outerworld? What are the beings of which they came? They are watching, waiting for all to make a mistake when they wait for the sin to happen when all least expects it.

© Copyright 2018 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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