The Stolen Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of the night that changed Avery's life and ripped her world away.

The following story is an excerpt from the book that I am working on.  This part has since been removed, but I still enjoy it as a stand alone and a taste for what I'm working on.  If you like what you see and you are interested in reading more about where Avery went, why not give my profile a visit?

Also, forgive me but I cannot seem to get rid of those obnoxiously large paragraph breaks...


Avery's dreams were so normal that night. The simple musings of a teenage girl, wrapped in the arms of her favorite singer. She was older, and beautiful. A world famous singer herself, and he had just proposed to her...she was so happy. He held her close, and whispered wonderful things in her ear. But then his face was mean...his hands tight on her shoulders, shaking her, mouth twisting in an angry sneer...

She was waking up. Large and stupidly strong hands gripped her by the upper arms, hauling her into a sitting position. Her dreams quickly slid away from her, the clarity of the real world pushing past the blur in her eyes. Panic slammed into her chest, as her normally slow to wake brain zeroing in on one critical detail: strong hands didn't exist in her apartment. She looked up, head craning back even as she tried to scramble down the couch. An impossibly tall man was crouched over her, examining her and waving some blue stick in front of her face. It was glowing faintly, and he nodded, reaching forward and scooping her up like she was made of paper. Avery's throat locked. Energy burst into her body, hot and jarring as her brain commanded her to fight. She tried to scream, beating at his granite chest as her body jerked in an attempt to flail away. But the sounds coming from her mouth were tiny, pathetic, and broken. Her panic was driving her to over force the air from her lungs, bringing with it little squeaks.

Her eyes began to dart around the room wildly, desperate for anything to cling to. Any hint at what was going on. The apartment around her was undisturbed. Everything was exactly the way she had left it, the front door casually opened. Four more of the giants were lurking around it, one of them a woman waiting with what looked like pink putty in her hands.

Her heart was painful in her chest, and her hands began to shake uncontrollably. She tried to spit out whatever words her mouth would allow, but her body wasn't having it. Her chest was heaving and convulsing as her breathing faltered between too fast and hard, and not breathing at all. She was diving head on into the worst panic attack she had ever experienced, the edges of her vision blurring as the giants spoke to each other in a bizzarre and broken language. The giant by the front door pulled her arms together and pulled the pink putty around her wrists. The rubber tightened when she pulled her hands away, and Avery thrashed violently again as they moved out of the unit. The giant holding her muttered something to the one with a clipboard, and down the hallway they went. Why couldn't she make any sound?! Mr. and Mrs. Mason next door had a gun, they would do something. She just needed to scream.

She tried the entire trip to the front door, but still the pathetic little broken sounds were all her throat would make. Tears stung at the corners of her eyes. Frustration, rage, terror. Not real not real not real not real not real not real NOT REAL. She shook her head violently, trying to reject it, to will the situation away. It couldn't be freaking real. The cold winter air hit her like a bucket of ice as the front door was pulled open, and out they went. The shock of the temperature change helped her take in a full, deep breath. It burned in her throat and lungs, making her cough on her exhale. But again she choked in another deep breath as the giant steadily creeped around the back of the building. She tried to scream again, but this time she couldn't even hear the air leaving her mouth. They must have done something. She heard the creaking groan of a heavy metal door a little bit ahead, and swivelled her head to the point of pain in her neck to see. Her eyes strained in the dark, barely making out a very oddly shaped box-like truck thing sitting at the edge of the nearby woods. Double doors were thrown open in the back of it, and she felt her stomach all but disappear when she realized that those doors would be closing behind her.

Tears began to flow freely down her cheeks, warmth quickly turning to more stinging cold as they trailed to her neck. She was brought to the back of the truck, only to see with further shock that various other children and young teenagers were already there. The youngest appeared to be about two. The oldest couldn't have been much older than her. And on first sight, she recognized who she saw from around the complex. She was set on the floor, and the giant pulled back a small door, yanking a chain out through the hole it revealed. The chain was attached to her restraints, and he pulled back and closed the truck. The heavy bang made her jump, and plunged the small group into darkness. There were tiny lights, one for each wall, imbedded in the ceiling of the cabin. She focused on her leg, letting her eyes adjust to the dim light while she swallowed rapidly, hoping her voice would come back to her.

Avery tried to speak, quietly this time, and again found nothing. She forced herself to swallow back the frustration, and looked around instead. Heart still hammering, her eyes settled on the senior girl who lived on the first floor of their building. She was heavily built and a good six feet tall. Maybe she could help them all get out. Her eyes trailed up to meet Avery's, and she looked away. It was clear she had been struck in the face, and was going to have a nasty mark from it. The rest of her looked pale, and the set of her shoulders told her that she had given up. Avery's heart sank, and she looked around again. Save some of the younger kids, they were all female. Her brain skittered over all of the possibilites that could match with this sort of situation. None of them were even close to pleasant. Shocker.

What seemed to be an hour ticked by. Avery gradually calmed down, settling into a quiet and reserved anxiety that she was used to hiding well. She was trapped in the back of some demented looking truck, she was in Missy's PJ's still...she hadn't fallen asleep until nearly two in the morning, but she had started to dream. It had to be somewhere between five and six a.m. She would guess later, but it was pitch dark outside. She had a handful of neighbors who got up for work at this hour. If the giants were taking somebody else, they would get caught. The bizarre truck parked by the woods would be noticed, and she would be free. They just needed to take a little while longer. Seconds turned minutes dragged by, and the anxiety in her chest morphed into an almost painful relief. They were absolutely getting caught. They probably just couldn't see the truck yet. She slumped, cringing at the sharp protest from her muscles. She really needed to stop sleeping on the couch, she thought. When she got out of the police station that day, she would finally set that old TV up in her bedroom and try to start sleeping in there. Her mind allowed itself to wander, and every passing minute brought her further ease. By the time the double doors were pulled open, the perwinkle light of early morning flowing into the cabin, she almost had a small smile.

It was just about shot off her face when she saw that it wasn't a SWAT team opening the door. As before, a giant was holding open the door as another put a squirming and whimpering girl inside, this one a young girl named Steffie that Avery had babysat a few times this summer. Her eyes flickered to the parking lot, barely visible around the corner. Yet still, she saw it. Cars pulling out and off down the road, completely ignorant to the massive creatures taking their children away. A sort of shock was humming under her skin, her blood rushing in her ears as her eyes followed the cars for as long as she could see them. A faint sense of betrayal clung to her, and when they were gone from view her eyes slowly slid back to the giants. They were looking over everybody again, and the one who had deposited the last girl was looking at the stricken girl she had noticed earlier with an intensely creepy look on his face. He was speaking to her in that odd language, large hand stroking over her wounded cheek. Avery felt her face heat up. She couldn't understand him, but she didn't need to. She was sadly far from naiive as far as that went.

The girl in question looked at the giant with pure disdain. Avery watched in horror as she pulled back slightly, and spit right in the giant's eye. Everyone froze, silence ringing out even from those outside the truck. The giant lifted his hand to his face, slowly and carefully wiping the spit from his eye. He looked at the girl, his face stoic and calm. Suddenly, his hand lashed out, a stomach-wrenching cracking sound breaking the stone silence in the air. The small whimper from her neighbor assured Avery he hadn't snapped her neck, but she refused to look up when she heard the two of them begin to struggle.

It turned out to be a good decision. The truck rocked slightly as the giant climbed into it, and she could hear jeering tones from those remaining outside. A few more cracks of a violent hand over skin filled the air, followed by the heavy sound of the girl being assumably pushed to the floor of the truck. Avery tilted her head further away, wrenching her eyes shut and trying to force her mind out of the truck. She didn't want to hear someone die, she couldn't. Not right here, in daylight, outside her home. Not when so many people could see something, say something, stop these evil tree trunk freaks. Avery wasn't brave, she wasn't strong. She couldn't, wouldn't, survive this. Tears sprung to her eyes again as she thought of Missy. Brave, loud, and strong, she would be working a way out of this. She would be fighting. She would be okay.

Avery cringed when a new sound filled the air...and her mind paused for a moment after. The sound of tearing fabric. She could hear the dull banging and shuffling of the girl struggling on the floor of the truck, and she heard ripping fabric again. Avery made herself swallow as she felt her throat close back up, the giant's intentions clear in her mind. Suddenly the images of her brave friend doing so much better in this situation shifted, morphing dark and ugly as new sounds filled the cabin. She kept her eyes closed and tried her very best to imagine herself far away, to force the images of Missy out of her mind. To hear her favorite music, words from her favorite characters in her mind. Anything but what was happening not two feet from her. Anything but the stricking confirmation of just how screwed they all really were.

Avery clenched her fists and grit her teeth and prayed with all of her heart and soul that she would not draw the same attention. The sounds dragged on, and the girl began to cry, loudly and patheticly. Avery found herself wishing she would be quiet, would just wait for it to be over like the rest of them. She hated herself for it, and her tears began to run down her face again. She heard one of the younger girls whisper a question of what was happening, and bent her body almost painfully to make sure her view was blocked. It felt like hours, the freezing air making her body numb as the dreadful sounds filled her ears and spun her stomach. She heard the giant begin to grunt, and felt bile rise in her throat. A few more long minutes crept by, and finally she heard him pulling away, chuckling and muttering something that sounded nasty.

Something warm and slimy was rubbed over Avery's cheek, followed by more laughter. Her stomach rolled again, and this time she couldn't keep it down. She vomitted hard, stomach wrenching and her body jerking forward. It hit the girl on the floor. The girl who already had been through the worst, whose face was pressed to the metal, whose shoulders were shaking. She didn't even react. Avery felt the giant's weight leave the truck, and stared in horror at what she had added to her neighbor's misery. Self loathing burned in her chest, and she turned to watch as the giants slammed the doors of the truck closed again. This time she heard their voices move around to the front, and heard them climb inside. She didn't even have the energy left to panic over where they could be going. Her chest, head, wrists, and throat all ached. Her knees were long numb from the pain of kneeling on the metal floor in thin pajamas, her arms stone at her sides. She could smell the girl next to her, and hear the frightened whispers of those who were able to speak. "What's going on?" They were saying it like a mantra. Avery wanted to answer. She wanted to tell the small voice not to be afraid. Because besides being a coward, Avery was apparently also a hypocrite.

The truck lurched forward, and she could see it in her mind. The odd thing following the treeline, working out towards the river and leaving the complex behind it. She imagined them passing the big tree with the thick, low hanging branches that she had always loved to scramble across. She saw them passing into the hidden clearing, with the long abandoned little forts scattered around it. As the vehicle shifted and bounced, she thought of how safe these woods had always been to her. She knew every corner of them. This place was her escape. If they stopped and brought the girls out into the woods, if she had a chance to run...she might actually make it.

As Avery's mind wandered in memory of her many days and nights spent out there, she could hear her mother's angry voice in her mind. Furious as she pulled ticks from her daughters hair, ranting about how she had taken off while she was sleeping again. Her endless declarations that she was going to get killed out there one day. Avery swallowed and bit her lip, wondering how her mother would even react to her being gone. She would come home that morning and nothing would be strange, Avery should have already been on the bus. Then she would miss the school's message about Avery's absence, because she never checked the voicemail. And when she got up that night...she might assume Avery was locked in her room like normal. She might not even check. How long would it take for her to notice? How much longer to realize she didn't run away? And then, what about after? How long would it take her mother to feel relieved that she was no longer responsible for the daughter she never wanted? A new pain bloomed in Avery's chest, tight and cold. One day her mother was going to quietly admit to herself that she was free.

They sped up a great deal twenty minutes into the ride, and mildly she wondered if they had gotten on the highway. She quickly dismissed the thought - the truck would be too wide for the lanes. Even if they were somehow invisible or something, they would be hitting cars all over the place. She noted the peculiarity with little care, and shifted forward in an attempt to make herself more comfortable as the momentum pulled at her chain. A quiet and broken voice carried out from a corner of the truck, "I want my mommy." And Avery's stupid voice finally burst from her mouth, snapping back.

"At least you had one." The girl to her side wheezed, turning her head to glare at Avery. Even through her vomit matted hair, and the nasty bruises on her face, she looked terrifying.

"Shut the fuck up." Avery looked away, her face instantly heated in the face of reprimand.

Everyone was lurched back a minute later, cries of pain and shock echoing around the cabin. Avery had been in a plane before, and she remembered this exact feeling from take-off. Did this thing fly?! She could hear the wind whipping around the outside, and the whirring of the tires faded away. Just as she convinced herself that they were leaving the ground, the sounds around her shifted and seemed to shatter. It felt like every part of her body was exploding, burst apart by lighting. Her skin tingled and burned, and she could feel her blood pulsing under her skin. Finally, she screamed. High and long and loud, she screamed until her throat cracked. She coughed, gasping, and she screamed some more. The sensation in her body didn't die down, and she continued to scream until she felt herself gradually adjust. It wasn't pain. She whimpered and coughed again, jerking forward with everyone else as the truck suddenly returned to a normal speed. The singing under her skin wasn't pain it was just...really, really, really freaky. A sense of her physical self that was just far too clear, too quickly. There was an intense tingle in the palms of both of her hands, and it crept and trickled up to the pads of her fingers. She unclenched her fists, eyes flickering over them, straining to see some representation of just what was going on. She saw only the pink of her blood easing back into place.

The truck began to slow to a stop, breaks creaking. She heard the sound of a large mechanical door opening outside, and heard a variety of voices echoing in a large room. The humming of the truck's engine cut away, and a quiet ringing kicked up in her ears as she listened for any sounds that might give her a hint of what was to come. She recognized the language they had switched to - it had the halting lilt of Japanese, and years of anime binging helped her pick out a word here or there. So...there was a Japanese kiddnapping ring in the middle of New England? Her brain faltered over the absurdity, struggling to find a better answer. The doors of the truck were yanked open while she pondered this, and she was almost relieved when she saw normal sized men and women on the other side. Two climbed into the truck, both carrying little sticks like the one that was waved in her face that morning. This time they were green, and they weren't glowing. One by one they approached them, releasing their bonds from the chains and pushing them to the door.

The woman who came to Avery made a disgusted face at the mess around her mouth, gingerly releasing her chain and pushing at her back. Avery tried to pull her legs under herself, to rise up onto her knees. They weren't responding, and the impatient woman hauled her up, yanking on her painfully until she could force her legs to plant on the floor. She was pushed to the line waiting to get out, slowly filing forward as people reached up to pull everyone to the ground. The man who reached for her when she got to the edge noticed the puke on her mouth, too, and hauled her out of the truck by her arm instead of her waist. Avery tried to push her legs out and land on her feet, but they were tired and stiff and slow. She hit the concrete below roughly, grunting when it jarred her bones. They chattered at her irritably, hauling her to her feet again and pushing her to meet back up with the line. She slowly cracked the new pain out of her neck and looked around as she moved. They were in what looked like a warehouse - grey concrete floor, gleaming metal walls. The ceiling was one big light, and she idly thought of how she had only ever seen that design in the shows that went around rich people's houses to show them off. There were big, long windows cut high into the wall of the far side, but from the look of the bright light on the other side of the glass, it just lead into another room.

Where in God's name were they?

I know the ending is abrupt but I wound up going with an entirely different direction from here, so. This is all you get. It's not meant to stand alone as a story, just a little peek of the poor character stuck in my clutches. I hope you liked it, and I welcome any comments.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 kissydosi. All rights reserved.

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