The Real Thing Is Worth Waiting For

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Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



I've been victim, not once, not twice, not even trice, to the ideology that by all means, you gotta be in a relationship. I recall a vivid instance, where one of my spiritual allies told me of the strategy that was used by a prominent figure to woo his wife in those days! Brother, I used it and lady was angry with me.

Listen to me, the fact that a lady stares at you almost all the time, doesn't automatically portray her as thy future wife. Allow me take pride in the fact that a few ladies stare at me regularly. Should I go all up and say hello to them? Give me a break!

I think society have done a lot of bullshit to make folks believe that they just gotta jump into marriage anyway. This is also connected to the prevalence of child marriages everywhere today. Even our parents believe that when thou gettest to a certain age and art not married, thou art a prayer point. Listen folks, the real thing is worth waiting for. Don't rush!

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