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this is just a short personal piece i wrote about loss of love and how that might feel like.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



Who would have believed it would be so hard not having you in my life anymore?

I stand by the window, looking outside. The sun shines in a warm, golden light and I see leaves growing back on the trees. It is becoming spring.

I feel betrayed by the weather. It is supposed to be raining, dark clouds should be hanging from the sky. I want it to be as miserable as I feel myself. I want to cry in harmony with the rain.

Instead, the heating is still on a higher setting from winter and I start sweating. How can it be that my heart is so heavy and dark, yet my body feels so alive? My mind is screaming in pain, yet I feel energy rushing through my bloodstream.

Everyone and everything betrays me these days. You left, just like the winter left, just like the tiredness in my bones left.

Why would you leave me in spring? Why make it even harder for me? I stare outside and I see happiness all around me. I cannot access it. When everything was cold and dead, I was shining, I was glowing with your love. Nothing could bring me down.

Now nothing can make get me up. Not the singing of the birds that are pulling on my ears to make me smile, not the smell of freshly cut grass that dares me to run my fingers through it. Not even you, who betrayed me. In this blooming season of new love and hope I cannot find forgiveness.

I know, in the end, there is only time who stands by me. She will make me heal. She will pull me out of bed and show me the sun, the music, the life. She will guide me through seasons, until finally, I can feel at peace with the weather again.

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