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The elevator seemed slow. That was because Rolph LeBlanc was in a hurry. The elevator runs at

the same speed day in and day out, like time. Time runs along unchanging but sometimes it

seems to rush by and at others the seconds drag on forever. When the elevator finally came to a

stop on the penthouse flor of his apartment building he stepped out into the corridor only to find

a crowd of police officials. He cringed. They should have come and gone by the time he got

back. He had made the anonymous phone call at ten am, moments after finding the body in the

garbage shoot room. It was 2:30 am now. What could have kept them there so long?



Everyone was at the end of the corridor looking away from the elevator. Rolph's apartment door

was directly across the hall. He engaged the electronic lock on the door and it slid open.

Somehow he managed to get across the hall unseen, but he picked up a few words before

ducking inside. "She has been murdered. No doubt about it."

Rolph had known that from the one quick glance he had had of the corpse that morning. He

knew who the woman was. Aja Mor from penthouse unit 2011. Not only that, he had a good idea

who had strangled her.



Technically he should march out there and offer his information to the police but how could he

know for sure he was pointing the police in the right direction. No matter how sure he was that

Steven Loan had murdered his fiancé he could be wrong. He had seen the man in the hall way

and knew Aja was entertaining a gentleman the night before, as she often did. It was obvious she

was in that business. Then again it could have been the gentleman who she was entertaining who

killed her. "Maybe I should offer all my information and let the police decide what to do.



But that would mean involving himself, putting himself on the suspect list since there was a good

reason he knew what business Aja was in. She was convenient and there were no strings

attached. It was daring and almost romantic and it helped that he liked her.

"What a tragedy." He whispered just as a knock came to his door. He did not have to guess who

it was. The police would probably interview everyone on the penthouse floor. The only question

was, would he come clean with his info or lie?"



He lied. Partly. He said he had been away all day, which he had been, however, well, I have

already told you what happened. The real lie was when he claimed to know nothing, not even

knowing the woman. But the lie didn't hold. Who would have thought he would have found his

way into her diary. Who would have thought that she had meant so much to her. She said in her

diary that she hoped one day they could be together and she could leave her old life behind.

"The police officer said, "If you knew about her and her chosen field of expertise you may have

been jealous and....."



"Wait." LeBlanc urged. "She is engaged to be married to Steven Loan. He would be a better

suspect than me."

"We have a unit on the way to pick him up. Do you know each other?"

"We have met in the elevator. Aja introduced me to him once. I try to avoid running into him, or

them, for obvious reasons."

"Maybe this time you didn't, at least not her, and you killed her."

"That's absurd. I would have no reason what so ever to kill her. She was a bright light in my life,

a casual occurrence that was quite delightful."



"It is late. I am tired. May I go?"

"Sure, but don't leave the building. I want to talk with you more."

"Impossible. I have a full day of appointments tomorrow. You know where I live, obviously.

You may come round tomorrow evening. I will answer all your questions then."

"Very well but give me your phone numbers just in case I need to get hold of you before then."

Rolph nodded then went inside to fetch some paper and a pen. The police officer remained by the

door and caught it before it closed, keeping an eye on Rolph.

Rolph jotted his cell number, land line number and his office number before retreating to the

quietude of his apartment.



A knock came to the door. It was just before eight am. Rolph was about to leave for the office.

When he opened the door he found a very drunk, Steven Loan leaning against the door frame.

"She's dead, but I guess you know that." He said in an accusatory tone.

"I do know and I was certain you killed her until now, but now I am not sure."

Steven chuckled. "I thought it was you. I read her diary a couple of nights ago. I figured you

went into a jealous rage and strangled her."

"Not me. And apparently not you. So who?"

Steven shrugged his shoulders. "I guess we will never know. I heard the cops say they think it

was a random mugging."



"I don't go along with that. We are not the only ones Aja was.....entertaining. It could have been

any one of her clients. I am sure there were several who would be jealous. It seems she kept her

secret pretty close."

"Nah. She was quite pleased with the grace and style of her business. She actually believed she

kept some of her clients from committing rape. She played their game you know, just like she

played mine and yours. She would be whoever you wanted her to be, except she actually fell in

love with us, you and me."



It all passed over. The death, the murder of Aja Mor went unsolved and it seemed the perfect

murder had been committed.

Rolph LeBlanc sipped his brandy as he eyed the new waitress at the Endeavors Cafe'. He

watched Steven Loan chat her up and the game began again.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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A thoroughly entertaining read, Donald Harry, and I loved the straightforward way you had of telling it. Excellent!

Sun, February 18th, 2018 7:23pm


Thank you very much 22

Sun, February 18th, 2018 1:13pm

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