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Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



Title: Find Your Passion - Don't Live Another's Dream!

My colleagues were envious of me because I was thriving so well in the marketing industry. They wondered why I was not sweating it at all; how I was always keen to meet up my target goals; always happy to join the other team on a marketing duty. They struggled! They tried to copy my techniques on how I conducted myself towards my prospective clients. They tried to be like me just to achieve the kind of results I got in wooing them (clients). All their trials and struggles ended futile.

I, being a different person among them, there was no day I didn't get clients with ease to patronise our company. My effortless pursuit in the marketing industry always brought me joy and fulfilment in life. And because of that, I was always rewarded with so much commission. At a point, my salary increased by 20%. Wow! The CEO and the entire staff of the company marvelled at the speedy growth of the company and appreciated my selfless efforts. He (the CEO) also encouraged the rest of the marketing team to work hard like I did. He wasn't happy with their little efforts compared with mine. After the CEO left the office for an appointment, the rest of my team quickly surrounded me in a curiosity to know the secret I used in bringing new clients often. They even wanted to know my relationship technique with them. Guess my one word answer to my them - PASSION! Still yet they doubted me, and even concluded I was sleeping around with top clients and so on, just to lure them to patronise our company. Well, I overlooked their unnecessary assumptions. Whatever they said against me didn't bother me a bit. Why? Because my place of pursuit was far more important.

Three months into our probation, the rest of the marketing team were being laid off by the company's boss. It was so sad they lost their jobs. The company could no longer afford their monthly salaries due to their poor target outcomes. I wasn't happy too! I wish I could help them so we could be on the same lane to continue boosting the welfare of the company. Of course, they did their best, but it wasn't enough. If only they had sensed that their heart (passion) and mind (attitude) were not in alignment with their true paths and purposes; if only they followed their instincts that something was lacking in them. Just because they wanted to work and get paid, they failed to discover their true passions and purposes. Just because I was always producing outstanding results without stress in marketing, they felt they too could achieve the same in my area of pursuit. And this continously led to their frustrations and dissatisfaction until they were laid off.

You must have been caught up in this story so far. Were you thinking I was the diligent marketer? No! It wasn't me at all. The tale was composed by me just to help you learn from it. The intent of this message is to remind you that you were born with an original copy of your well packaged and fine-tuned product, which some individuals, organisations, communities, and societies are looking out for, needing your quality in your area of expertise to deliver.

Every individual must discover his/her own original product in life. When you do, stay there! Don't try to be someone else by living a photocopied life.

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