Breaking the Ice- Chapter 5 Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The next step Breccia took wasn't a solid one. Her foot went down....and kept going. She plummeted into a steep slope. Morice followed with Nessa in tow.

It was a quick decent and they landed on a patch of sharp rocks. Grumbling and swearing like an angered sailor, Breccia picked herself up on shaking arms. Another cough spell hampered her as she pulled tiny pebbles from her palms.

“You okay?” Morice shuffled around for the lighter.

“Be better if I could see.”

The search was for naught in the end. With the ligher found floating in a small puddle, their only form of light was rendered moot.

“Your XTransceiver still have battery?” Breccia's question was hampered by another cough.

“I've got a bar.” It suited their needs well enough. Flipping it on, they realized they'd fallen into a shallow chasm. It led deeper into the cave, a fact that troubled both as they feared they'd be stuck in the winding cavern forever. It was possible to climb out, but upon every attempt, they slid down the sides. “We either freeze to death or suffocate. Take your pick.”

“There's till a breeze coming through the passage way.” Breccia said, scrambling to pull Vanessa up along side her. She decided, if she was going to die, she'd rather do so while fighting. Lying down and taking it like a cheap whore was not her prerogative. “It's best we keep soon as you get off my leg.”

“I'm not even touching you.”

“Then what's-” She stole her friend's phone and shined it down, discovering a nest with several, speckled eggs. Of course the mother, a grounded Zubat, was none too happy and let out a frightful hiss.

Breccia hurried to her feet first, regretting so when her head collided with the low handing roof. “Hurry over here, careful not to step on anything.”

“It's a Zubat. What's she gonna do, bite me?” Morice paused when he noticed the light form his phone glowing brighter. It was when he turned the screen to face him that he realized it wasn't coming from his Xtransceiver.

“Move!” Breccia pushed him further into the cave as a blast tore after them. Akin to that of an out of control explosion, the beam propelled from the creature's max, leveling the area above their head. They stumbled down further into the catacomb when the path began to crumble. It fell in on itself and prevented them from tracing back.

“What the FUCK was that?!” Morice had Nessa over his shoulder despite losing all feelings in his limbs.

“I don't think they're supposed to do that...”

“No shit Sherlock.” He wiped a cold sweat from his brow. “Don't mess with mama I guess. You'd think my mother would've taught me that.”

“Did you see the way it sat there? Like it's wings were broken?”

“We can wax poetic about it late. Lets get to dry land before my fingers fall off.”

“Yeah.” Breccia's soaked boots nudged something, causing her to instinctively jet out a hand to stop the man behind her.

“What now?”

“An egg.” She collected it in fragile hands. “It must've fallen down with us.”

“We'll fry it for brunch later, can we go now.”

Breccia gave a scowl befitting the insensitivity. “Give me your pack.” Morice had a fanny pack (or a man pack as he called it). He was so use to it being on his person that it often melted to his clothing.

Tossing out a few empty candy wrappers and a can mace, the egg was nestled in cushion of used napkins. There was no way they could get back to place it in it's nest. If they made it out, maybe someone at the lab could set it in an incubator.

The trek continued, each step heavy and each minute another moment of discomfort. Nessa made no noises or attempts to move. Hope was hard to find for either and after turning left to yet another narrow passage, Breccia's health took a dive. The coat about her shoulders did little for the rest of her and when she took a breath in, she was met with a haggard cough laced with phlem and blood.

“Hang in there.” Morice did what he could to comfort her. “If I had the strength to carry both of you, I would.”

I'm fine.” Breccia's voice cracked like the ice under her feet. She knew it wasn't fine, but she had little choice. Much like a beaten boxer in a ring, it's take more than a little red stuff to knock her out. “Look ahead.” She pointed with a quaking arm. They both saw a splash of faint light at the end. Approaching, the outside breeze hit them and filled them with relief.

When they limped through the opening, they were met with a silver land of pure snow. On the horizon, a jitney broke the plain, it's headlights reflecting a cold, uncaring sun.

“Just in time.” Morice managed, heaving a labored breath.

“Yeah....” The lights and colors began to blur as Breccia unhooked the pack from her jeans. After handing it to her friend, her legs slid free. She cough, spewing red spittle on the ice before the world faded away.


Chapter 5 part 1:

Chapter 6:

Submitted: February 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Richard Mapes. All rights reserved.

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