One Kiss

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It’s about two men who first met

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



One Kiss

Intro: in the old town of bedford pa something wonderful happened. 

(At the library)

(Boey Jett is sitting quietly reading a book called “too kill a baby”. Then someone Boey never met before walks in)

Boey: Hey are you new here, what’s your name?

Bhristian Boster: My names Bhristian yeah I’m new here I just moved from West Virginia too live with my mom. 

Boey: oh my names Boey nice too meet you, but why did you have to move here?

Bhristian: my dad and his his cousin got in a fight over there divorce and I couldn’t handle it.

Boey: yeah I feel ya. When my dad caught me fucking Santa he got mad bc it was suppose to be his night of fun so he made me take it the next time.

Bhristian: damn your lucky I wish my dad would’ve let me take it.

Boey: yeah it was a good experience but I gotta study so I’ll talk too you later.

Bhristian: wait I need too tell you one thing. I have a split personality disorder so you may not recognize me next time you see me.

Boey: that’s ok just add my Snapchat it’s conradbrett.
Bhristian: thanks I’ll message you later.

(Bhristian goes home and Boey finishes studying and goes home also)

( later on that night at 10:00 Bhristian adds Boey on Snapchat)

Bhristian messages Boey and they start talking about there life’s. 
Then Boey tells him about the curse he got from the Jewish frog. The curse was he could only kiss one person and when he did he could only kiss that person for the rest of his life.

Bhristian asks why he got cursed and Boey said it was because he killed there whole family in his furnace.

Then out of nowhere Boey gets a dick pic from Bhristian and he said it was an accident. Boey knew it wasn’t and he liked what he saw. 

Boey went to sleep and so did Bhristian.

The next day they decided to meet up and smoke some weed. 

Boey: you look different but it doesn’t look bad.

Bhristian: i know it’s my condition but I’ve never done this before so don’t hurt me.

Boey: I won’t hurt you this is crappy weed. 

Bhristian: oh ok you better not be lying too me.

Boey: I would never do that. 

(they both look into each other’s eyes and smile like love at first sight)

Boey: wow you have amazing eyes.

Bhristian: thanks you do too.

(They both smoke the joint and get baked)

Bhristian: wow this feels good I really needed this honestly. 

Boey: I knew you would like it. How do you like this

(Boey grabs his ass very sexually and Bhristian liked it)

Bhristian: that was great.

Boey: I’m sorry but I have too go home now I’ll message you on Snapchat when I get back.

Bhristian: It’s ok I have too go home too I’ll talk too you later bye.

(Bhristian and Boey walk in opposite directions. They both turn around at the same time to check out the others ass. They smiled and began walking again)
The next day they met up too go skateboard 

(Boey rode his skateboard to Bhristians house at sun up. Bhristian was ready too go when he got there and they left)

Boey: it was a good idea too go skateboarding.

Bhristian: I know. I had nothing else too do today so I figured this would be fun(smiles at Boey). 

They rode the skateboards to the fort laughing and talking the whole way

Bhristian: Dont you just love it down here.

Boey: yeah it’s really beautiful. Like you.

Bhristian: (smiles in awe) thanks.

Boey: it’s true. Hey can I ask you something.

Bhristian: what is it.

Boey: do you love me. I think I might love you.

Bhristian: of course I do. I’m tired though so can I take a nap on you.

Boey: here sleep on my jacket ,I’m sorry I need to go to The port o potty.

Bhristian: ok see you soon.

(They then proceed to talk about there what they like and things about themselves)

Bhristian dad drives by looking for him. He then gets out of the car.

(Bhristian didn’t notice him because he fell asleep. And then Boey thinks he is hot not knowing it’s his dad and they fuck in the port o potty)

Bhristian then walks over to see what was taking so long and he finds out he’s fucking his dad

Bhristian: what the fuck dad, and you Boey I thought you cared about me I thought you loved me. You lied to me.

Boey: Is this a lie.

(Boey then goes to kiss him but the scene ends before it happens)


© Copyright 2018 Dixon Butts. All rights reserved.

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