The Chosen

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It's the year 3068. Humans are being scavenged by humanoids.Alex is tensed. Something happened last night. The story unfolds.

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



It’s 3068. Science and technology have taken a leap beyond imagination. An almost extinct race, the human beings have given birth to machines and specially robots and it goes without saying that they have conquered the planet. No emotions exist, thus no war, no hatred. Humanoids don’t eat or sleep. They just work and they have reached beyond perfection at everything they do.

This story is about the only humans who exist, roughly, five teenagers. They are barely leading a life among all the androids and humanoids around. Humanoid President Sophia has announced a jihad against all the humans. The only way the earth can be saved is by finishing the human race, the very race that created humanoids and robots.

Alex, one of the five teenagers, quickly wears the invisible cloak. He is in a hurry. It’s evening and he has to go out for the regular meeting. All of them go out wearing invisible cloaks. His father was a scientist who invented these cloaks to keep away from being visible, thus to keep away from robots. Albeit he could not save himself. Alex reproduced three more copies using his father’s formula, his friends Richard, Robin, William and Smith are also working on his father’s experiments to fight the nuisance created by robots. One more cloak is also in the making.

“Is he coming?” Robin, one of the four members asks. The regular meeting takes place in a basement which the robots haven’t yet identified.

“Call him.” William  says.

Robin takes out his face-call device and thinks of Alex’s face. He gets Alex on the line.

“Coming” Alex replies.

“Alex’s father was a genius. This device is awesome.” Smith replies in amazement.



A loud knock. Smith opens the door. Alex comes in, opening his invisible cloak.

The room is a hundred year old garage. Not too big but enough for a car that doesn’t exist. Humanoids don’t need cars anymore. The walls are dilapidated. There are five chairs and nothing else to offer. The room is still unnoticed by the outside hullabaloos.

The five of them meet weekly to discuss life, an old practice among humans. They are the ones who are planning to make an impact against the ruckus happening outside.

Alex looks tensed.

“What happened?” Smith asks. They are seated on the chairs.

“It’s about last night.” Alex sits.

“What happened?” Robin asks anxiously.

“I saw something, very gory. I…” Alex covers his face.

William gives him a glass of water.

“We are finished.” Alex is in tears.

“Please explain. It sounds like a riddle.” Smith is irritated now.

“I never saw a human being killed so brutally.”

“It’s nothing new.”

“Still, after my father, this was the first time I saw a murder.”

“Okay, please elaborate.” William asks.

“It was midnight and I was sleeping in the basement of our house. I heard a noise. I ignored it initially but I heard it again. I used my dad’s ultra-seethrough-scope to see through the walls. And what I saw was…” Alex takes another sip from the glass. He is sweating.

“What I saw was that Richard was being annihilated by some robots. It was dark and I couldn’t see how many of them were there but I could see that they were emitting rays from their fingers at vital points of Richard’s body and in a minute he was gone!! I don’t know how long we are going to survive. I could not sleep last night.”

“Richard didn’t have that invisible cloak?” William asks.

“It wasn’t finished yet.” Smith tells with a note of regret.

“How do you know that it was Richard? You can’t tell an android and a human apart and it was totally dark.” Robin asks.

“They had those rings which emit deadly rays. I saw that. Sophia has sponsored it for a very few and the chosen ones who are brutal murderers. It seems like only the four of us are left. How long will we survive?” Tears run down Alex’s cheeks.


“Four of us?” Smith asks.

“Do you mean us?” William repeats.

“Well” Robin continues. “Your father was a one of those genius scientists who worked for years creating humanoids which killed them. Sophia has created special androids who have been working on human minds for years to know more about them.”

“Like the way this meeting happens.” Smith adds.

“What?” Alex can’t comprehend.

“Yesterday only two humans were left. Today, it’s only one, not the four of us please!” Smith laughs out loud.

“We have gathered all the patents, all the information about your father’s experiments. Robin had deliberately slowed down the manufacturing process of Richard’s cloak. He was too smart in identifying us.”

Alex is panting.  He is taken aback.

“Good Bye, earth’s only human being. We have studied your emotions, copied your knowledge, we don’t need you anymore.” Robin, William and Smith take out the rings which killed Richard.

What follows is that noise that Alex heard last night.

Sophia’s chosen ones come out of the basement with Alex totally annihilated.



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