Are We Pressured by the World?

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What do we really want from life?

We live in a world where it can be one hundred miles per hour. We’re growing, maturing, developing relationships and setting potential career goals. It’s natural to feel under pressure as you grow, because there will ultimately be added responsibilities and pressures that you will have to think about that you didn’t need to think about as a child. However there is a difference between natural responsibilities and invited pressure.

In today’s day and age, many of us may feel as if we are competing against one another. This may be a job comparison or material possessions. Why do we feel this way? Are we not grateful for the gifts that we already have day to day? We often overlook how much we have and judge it as little based on how much someone else may have.  There’s a pressure to look a certain way, have certain characteristics based on where you’re from and have the ‘perfect’ look based on another individuals preferences. Nobody chose how they looked when they were born or what nationality or race they would be. We still find ourselves being categorised or subjected to special treatment based on who we are.

By choosing to be someone you’re not will only bring pressure onto YOU. The person you’re trying to impress won’t know how you feel deep down, they will only know you by what you feed them. There’s nothing wrong with setting a positive impression but when it leads to lies, it will hurt in the long run and may also damage trust that you have built with someone else. Money and possessions seem to be at the centre of how joyful our lives are. Wealth is certainly a great thing to possess if you are fortunate to have it, but should our trust and emotion fall into that only? People steal, lie and deceive others for money. They risk their livelihoods for money, which ultimately will disappear.

The harsh reality is how we know how long we will be around for to splash the cash, as many like to say. It’s very easy to let the pressures of life overcome us, but we should sit back and ask ourselves: What do I really want from life?


Submitted: February 17, 2018

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