On the night of February, So it started. A spark of desire ignited in our hearts, Exploring every bit of it -- of course our fate sealed with a kiss!

Emotions trilled on the haze of moments, Our love blazed like the wild fire of soweto. So young, so free!

But then, All that blew away with the winter's rain, Each droplet our heart it made cold.

Our hearts beat in differ rhythms, Our body spoke in different tongues. In fact, understanding was a far cry of hope.

No early morning treat, No lip to kiss Goodnight, No eyes to behold our Beauty. Age gave rise to pride, As pride to boredom. Now our union so cold!

Of course we know the bigger picture, The future we envision -- the future of forever blazing love.

So, We devalue the wired spark from the cold February night. Only to chase after an illusion blaze!

Only if we knew, We cannot start a fire without THE SPARK

Submitted: February 17, 2018

© Copyright 2022 john praise. All rights reserved.

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