good outcome season 1

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The story talks about a particular person called Micheal....

Failure is a correction to one's life they all told me

Don't be depressed about your failure,Tayo told me.

I could not help myself from crying,i was just crying like a new born lad.

Tayo had 6 C's in his examination subjects and he was offered admission to a prestigious university of his choice,others also made their SSCE examination(WAEC) but I failed my SSCE because I had E8 in was a terrible phenomenon for me...after few hours of consolation by friends,i decided to move on with life because when theirs life,there must surely be a hope.

After few months,my friends went to school and left only me at home thus it wasn't a good experience for me but I endured the pain because I believe the Lord's time is the best.

Now I am jobless at home without doing anything,my mother told me to go out and learn a hand work because youth empowerment is good and reliable.

How can I be learning work from an illiterate? I asked myself bitterly.

I will be on errands 24/7 days,a neighbour told me because he was also an apprentice..

I cried when I heard such words from a neighbor but I am determined to face any experience in life.

To be continued...

Submitted: February 17, 2018

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