The Earthworm Whisperer

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Submitted: February 17, 2018

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Submitted: February 17, 2018



The Earthworm Whisperer


Setting at a park bench last summer, I noticed an earthworm staring at me.

I said, “I don’t like earthworms staring at me.”

The earthworm said, “Well, I don’t like being told who I can stare at or not.”

I asked him how many eyes he had. He said he did not like that question.

I asked him how could talk. And I asked him how many lips he had. He said he did not like either of those questions either. I asked him to tell me what he did like.

He said he liked to not like birds. I said the birds just get hungry. He asked me if I would like to be an earthworm sandwich.

I asked him what he does all day. “Well, for one thing”, he said, “I don’t like to go fishing.” I told him to hide under a rock and watch. “Doesn’t work” he said, “That’s the first place they look”.

He offered to share a bug with me. I said I would like that. He gave me half a bug. I ate it. But I spit it out when he looked away. I really don’t know if he saw me spit it out because I did not know where his eyes were.

He told me he likes to play tennis. I laughed at the thought and that made him mad. Just the thought of how he held the racket made me laugh. But he told me he could really spike the tennis ball pretty good.

He told me he was collecting dew drops and I should collect mine before they dried up and went away. We talked almost every day that summer.

I told him who the president was. He didn’t care. I told him what day it was. He didn’t care. I told him there was a Robin sneaking up on him. He cared. And he wiggled underground.

When he came back up and looked around, he thanked me for telling him about the bird.

Again I asked him how we could talk and understand each other. “You’re an Earthworm Whisperer,” he replied.

I asked him how he could talk to me.

He shimmied up my pants leg and up my shirt and set on my shoulder beside my ear.

Then he said into my ear, “I’m a Human Whisperer.”

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